Startups attend as many events as it's possible, but not all the events are similar - they have different  impact and efficiency. Attending startup is wonderful way to  form friendships with outstanding entrepreneurs and learn lots of things from them. It is a good way to gain the inspiration you need to reach your own goals.  We have carefully gathered together top startup events in 2017, worth your attention.This list is based on the event's reputation and feedbacks from other entrepreneurs well familiar with these events.


  1. The Lift Conference



Lift is the one of most important  European digital innovation conferences. The event is organized annualy with 3 days duration and  more than 1000 participants. It gathers together innovators from all over the world as well, as entrepreneurs and engineers. Various workshops, networking and knowledge-sharing is held there. For more details regarding the conference and tickets price, check their website.

When: TBA

Where: TBA

 2. Startup Grind



Organized in more that 200 cities and 98 countries, by the biggest  startup community, Startup Grind is one of the coolest startup events. It collaborates with Google, along with successful CEOs and innovators. Here you can get known with experts and investors to help you with your ideas and business. Each month an event is organized in different city.
Visit website to see the details regarding this event.

When: TBA

Where: TBA

3. LAUNCH Festival



Want to attend the largest innovation oriented startup conference? Choose Launch festival. It partnering with IBM, WSGR and Microsoft. During the conference its participants get the best practices of 25 angels and VCs’ portfolios, valuable hacks about how to scale their business and more.  

When: 3-7 April 2017
Where: San Francisco, USA

 4. Startup Camp Berlin


Startup Camp Berlin is a tech exposition, where startups are meant to meet one another, pitch to investors, meet experts and get their valuable advice on how to build a company from a mere idea. It is the largest startup event for early stage startups.

When: 7-8th April 2017
Where: Berlin, Germany

5.  ICON

This event is sponsored and organized by Infusionsoft. ICON is a conference, created for small-businesses. Here small business owners can get a valuable lessons from top marketing experts, aimed to help them to become more successful. Past speakers of ICON were  Marcus Lemonis, Pam Slim  and many other experts from the Infusionsoft staff.

When: April 25 to 27

Where: Phoenix, Arizona

6. WEBit Festival 



WEBit festival is more about popular digital and tech gathering. During the festival you will be able to meet  some of the best startups and founders of Europe, world's top enterprise leaders, Europe's top policy makers.

When: April 25-27

Where: Sofia, Bulgaria

7. Collision Conference



Collision is organized by Web Summit  stuff. It is one of the best conferences worldwide for tech startups. During this conference, attendees will see the  founders of  bright and most disruptive companies and be able to  find a co-founders, investors or just friends.

When: May 2nd to 4th

Where: New Orleans, LA

8.  TechCrunch Disrupt NYC



Want to know, which is the hottest conference in the world? Catch this one.  This conference brings together the most influential tech speakers from all over the world in the framework of discussion panels,  famous Startup Battlefield pitch competition and more. The best networking opportunity is guaranteed.

When: May 15th to 18th

Where: New York City, NY

9. Next Gen Summit



Next Gen Summit is designed mainly for  millennial entrepreneurs. The speakers are mainly  young founders, who have built already successful businesses. It is a good opportunity to meet young and bright people for forming a friendship and for inspiration.

When: 1st week of June

Where: New York City, NY

 10. London Tech Week



During London Tech Week  creativity, talent and innovation meet each other. A festival of live events across the city, showcases  best of tech, giving its participants an opportunity of networking.

When: 12-16th June 2017
Where: London, the UK

 11. Women Startup Competition Europe — Final Demo Day



This is the most feministic tech event in the world. It is also the most influential  gender oriented competition in Europe, held in 7 countries. This startup competition, which is actualy the biggest event, featuring women startupers from Europe, has been created to inspire, educate and unite startuper women of Europe.

When: July 1

Where: London, UK

12. International Startup Festival



This fest, gathers together entrepreneurs, investors and all those who are passionate about the innovation, startups and entrepreneurship. Attendees meet mentors, pitch to investors, as in traditional startups events. Last year festival hosted  Reddit and Amazon leaders.

When: 12-16th July 2017

Where: Montreal, Canada

 13. Startup Fest 

Startup fest is the biggest startup festival in Asia. It brings together more than 12000 startups, more than 100 speakers and more than 300 investors & accelerator representatives.

When: August 26–27,

Where: Hyderabad, Telangana, India

14. Techweek, Detroit



Techweek is a  week-long conference, which partners with tech leaders, corporations, and business community for building the  experience for investors, entrepreneurs, and Hero Companies.

When: June 5

Where: Detroit

 15.  TechCrunch Disrupt SF


It is a west coast version of the famous TechCrunch Disrupt, which is a very important for startup founders, entrepreneurs and investors. It's the one of world’s leading startup events, where new technologies are introduced. Disrupt gathers the best and coolest entrepreneurs, investors tech fans and hackers.

When: September 18th to 20th

Where: San Francisco, CA

 16. Lean Startup Conference


This seven-day conference is dedicated to the ideas and concepts of Lean Startup methodology popularized by Eric Ries in his book, The Lean Startup. The event is  designed for those, who are  interested in hacking business models,  and learning from the companies that have used this methodology successfully.

When: TBD

Where: San Francisco, CA

 17. Startup Europe Week 2017



Startup Europe Week is promoted by European Commission.   This event is organized to connect the local ecosystems. Unlike the typical Silicon Valley format events, Startup Europe is  different- regional diversity and local policy making play a big role here. Here, the entrepreneurs are helped to incorporate a company, provided with grants or taxes breaks. 

When: TBA

Where: TBA

 18. Web Summit



Web Summit is the biggest and one of the most popular  tech and business event in Europe. The summit team gathers together a diverse group of executives, political leaders, CEOs and founders to shape the unique atmosphere of this event. 

When: November 6–9,

Where: Lisbon, Portugal 

 19. Slush 



Slush gathers together the top tech representatives from all over the world. Helsinki event is something very special. Described as “Burning Man meets TED”, the event popularized itself reaching 17,500 attendees and 1 million live stream viewers. During the last event it brought together over 2,300 startups, 1,100 venture capitalists, and 600 journalists from 120 countries.

When: November 30 — December 1

Where: Helsinki, Finland 

20.  Startup Battlefield Disrupt London



Startup Battlefield is the brightest startup competition of TechCrunch Disrupt. During the session, 15 teams pitch their products  in front of investores, press and online audience. Then TechCrunch’s editors, entrepreneurs and product experts choose 6 companies for a final. The winner takes it £30,000 check and  Disrupt Cup.

When: December 5

Where: London, UK 

This was the top of 20 startup events you should pay attention to. Sure, you can't attend all of them, but try to focus on some of them. Present your project, communicate with successfull people, inspire and get inspired. 


Sources: INNMIND.COM, Medium, The Bizzabo Blog, Inc.



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