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Ben Heine: Creativity as a Way of Life

Ben Heine: Creativity as a Way of Life

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13 Sep 2017


Ben Heine is a Belgian self-taught artist born in 1983 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Studied History of Art, Painting and Sculpture at Hastings College of Arts & Technology in the UK. Currently Ben lives and works in Brussels. He is best known for his original series Pencil Vs Camera, Digital Circlism and Flesh and Acrylic

His works have been published in some of the most famous newspapers and magazines and his artworks were exhibited in countless fairs and galleries in Belgium, Hong Kong, South Korea, the UK, Russia, Romania, The Netherlands, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, the US, Turkey, Brazil, and Spain. 

In addition to visual art Ben also creates music. His love for music complements his love for painting. He started creating music in 2011 and owns a professional studio since 2012. His current interests include progressive, melodic house and lounge music. Discover his music and find more about him by viewing his website, Facebook, Instagram.


Q: Your art is really creative. This is the word that first crosses people’s minds looking at your work. How do you define creativity?   

A: Creativity is that little extra thing that makes the difference. It's the madness in the structure. The structure in the madness. It can be everything and nothing depending on how we use it. For me creativity means innovation and intelligence. Creativity can be found in all aspects of life, not only in arts.

Pencil vs Camera

Q: As a creative individual, do you believe that you perceive the world differently from other people? Do you believe your work is a result of an unusual thought process?

A: I think it has to be something with an unusual thought process. I think and perceive the world differently, therefore I express things differently as well.

Digital Circlism

Q: When and how did you discover that you were a creative person? How is your personality reflected in your work?

A: I discovered that I was different than my friends quite early, when I was a young child. I try to keep my personality and my personal life away from my artworks but it's difficult sometimes.

Q: Was there any personal reason to choose your career?

A: Just a strong need to express myself. Now that I have more experience and that I'm older, I'm becoming much wiser and more careful.

Ben Heine Pencil vs Camera

Q: What other interests do you have besides creating?

A: I love making music, but that's still in the creative field. I also love doing sports, spending time with friends and family.

Q: When did you realize that you wanted to express yourself this way?

A: I decided to use art as a way to express myself when I was 11 year old.

Pencil vs Camera by Ben Heine

Q: Does it take some effort to be recognized by other people?

A: It takes some effort and perseverance to do qualitative work in the long term, the rest comes or not, it's a matter of luck sometimes. But I think effort and hard work are always recognized soon or later.

Flesh and Acrylic

Q: Have you ever experienced creative blocks? How do you overcome them?

A: Not really, because there is always an alternative. There is always something more simple or that requires less creativity that can be done when I'm blocked with a project. I just do something else.

Marilyn Monroe Circlism

Q: What do you prefer the most? Digital painting or traditional one? What distinguishes you from other artists in that genre?

A: Right now I prefer digital painting/drawing, it's cleaner, faster etc. I'm mixing several forms of art, that's what defines my work. I'm making music since a couple of years and I'm also trying to mix it with my graphic work...




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