How Long Should Your Next Video Be? [Infographic]

How Long Should Your Next Video Be? [Infographic]

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14 Mar 2018

Video marketing has really grown in popularity but sometimes businesses make the mistake of making their videos too long.

This infographic from One Productions looks at the ideal length for a video so you know what to include and not include if your company is making one.

It’s important to keep in mind that people can have very short attention spans so if they go too long people will turn them off – it’s as simple as that. Videos should generally be kept under two minutes as engagement is generally steady up to then. Interestingly, 56% of videos in the last year have been under two minutes and the trend is always towards shorter ones.

Remember that analyzing video performance is also important as you can learn from your mistakes. 35% of businesses are now using intermediate or advanced video performance analytics to keep tabs on video campaigns so consider doing this for 2018.

Check out the full infographic now to learn more about how videos can push your business forward.

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