Brandon Anthony Peressini: Bright Minds Shine Light on Success

Brandon Anthony Peressini: Bright Minds Shine Light on Success

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9 May 2018

“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.”  - Dale Carnegie

What is success? Why does everybody want it? If you love doing something and you do it well, then you need to put all your energy into turning it into something great.

Brandon Anthony Peressini is sure one of those people who enjoy what they do and put in as much energy and enthusiasm as needed. Peressini is a marketer and an artist, who manages to combine these two natures vaguely compatible from the first sight.

He works at Fatmoose Media, a marketing company in Great Falls Montana where he currently lives.


One of the main motivations for finding a career in marketing was his interest in social media during its infancy. He considers himself an early adopter of platforms which have great opportunity to become popular among the masses in the future.

I was one of the very early adopters of MySpace. I used Spotify on the first night it launched in the United States. I was on Facebook at a time when I didn't even have any friends due to the fact that everyone I knew was still using MySpace and most had not even heard of Facebook yet. I surfed thousands of YouTube videos before it was even sold to Google and have participated in the rise and fall of so many other sites that made up the marketing experience we know of today,” - Brandon said.

Brandon mentions managing all the marketing activities of Sip ‘n Dip Lounge as one of his significant achievements to date. The lounge is a world-renowned local establishment which has been featured in many publications, including GQ Magazine.

“If I could change one thing about myself it would be my location.”

Living in Montana can be discouraging for people passionate about tech, which is not at the forefront of the economy. This is why Brandon dreams of being a part of something “beyond the Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone Park”. Though, he doesn’t give up and is sure that there is still time for him to become part of a team that created something impressive.


“Creating videos is another extension of the artist I am”

He has always felt the need of having a certain level of expertise at all major forms of self-expression. And, creating videos became one of those forms for him.

Brandon was one of the very first Renderforest users. He’s used our platform both for work and for his personal YouTube channel.


The artist admits that the video creation process is very time-consuming. 3-5 hours a day he has to spend on creating his list of artists and he follows them across all the major social media platforms to find high-quality tracks. Once he finds a song, he must get in touch with the artists and request permission to use the music in his video and add to his channel. But, then comes the most pleasant part - choosing a music visualization template from Renderforest’s library and creating the video.

There’s a certain line from a novel, that Brandon adds to every video on his channel. Here’s what he thinks about it:

“Death comes to us all and it is best to live this life, giving yourself to something, anything. Not just doing it but being devoted to it. Giving your all to it. That the best can only be achieved through sacrifice and will never come to those who give nothing.”

To continue Brandon’s tradition, we’ll add his favorite line here presented as a lyrical, inspirational video.


We want to thank Brandon for his valuable feedback and ideas which help to improve our user experience. Renderforest will continue supporting him on his way to success, and we wish him good luck in his beginnings.

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