25 Effective Business Video Ideas

25 Effective Business Video Ideas

It’s hard to imagine the social media marketing world without visuals. Video content, being one of the best forms of it, gives an incredible opportunity to boost a business and its user engagement.

Because seeing is believing, and because people love video content more than reading a text or a blog post, you need it to give a push to your digital marketing strategy, keep your consumers on board, and increase your conversions and sales.

According to statistics, by 2023 video content will make up more than 82% of all internet consumer traffic, which is a really terrific number. It shows exactly how important videos are in our lives and how the impact of video marketing on the business world is only going to grow.

Business video ideas - marketing video tips

When making captivating videos for your business, you should first define your target audience, consider their interests, and the message you want them to receive. Practically, put yourself in their shoes, and see, if you’d like the video you’re going to post if it weren’t your brand. 

Does it sound challenging in a scary kind of way? 

No need to panic, you can start with taking a deep breath and going through the 25 effective business video ideas that we have come up with. They will give you and your imagination a strong push toward your next, or first, business video, placing you back on your highway road of video marketing․ Now, buckle up and let’s get right to it.


  1. Time Lapse Video


These videos are a wonderful tool for your business. Although creating time-lapse videos might take some time, remember that people love watching them since they are fast, fun, and fascinating. In a very short amount of time, you see a day or even a year pass, taking you to a certain time and result. This is why people love watching time-lapse videos with their iconic fast-forward style. 

Take your customers from the very beginning of some project to a quick virtual journey, before showing them the result. They certainly won’t be disappointed, and your business video will turn out to be successful.


  1. Company Culture Video


Introduction videos are an effective way to get closer to your audience, earn their trust, and promote your brand at the same time. With these videos, you will be able to show your open-minded and friendly nature, and let your audience feel comfortable in your “world” and community. 

What’s your business about? What do you value most? What’s the inspiration behind your brand and its name? These and more questions can be answered with introduction videos. Add a voiceover to it, captivating scenes, animations, and upbeat music to not bore your audience. And if you still don’t have a brand name, you can use the AI business name generator to come up with one. 

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  1. New Product Demo


64% of users are more likely to buy a product online, after watching a video related to it. Unbelievable, right? Videos are an excellent way to demonstrate your products and get your fans excited about new stuff. 

Here’s a product demo video by Apple, introducing iPhone 12 and its improved functions. The video immediately created hype around this new product, receiving millions of views and comments. So, no need to say more, creating product demo videos is one of the best ways to attract more consumers for both big and small businesses. 

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  1. Team Introduction


Whether you have a small business or a huge one, you have a great team. We know it, you know it, but your customers most probably don’t. Create a video, introducing your staff to your audience, to make them relate more to your brand. Help people to put a face to the name, to create trust factors. 

In the video above, RW Marketing company is introducing its team with a dynamic and fun vibe, which certainly encourages many people to check their website.


  1. Concept Explainer


Complicated concepts, strategies, function updates, or any other new thing connected to your brand will have the chance to be easily and effectively defined with explainer videos. 

For small businesses, explainer videos are practically essential, since they will not only make you look original and creative but also increase your social engagement. 

If you are running an online bookstore, explain a certain ending of a book, promoting it too, as a result, if it’s a bakery, explain the process of baking bread, and so on. Break a certain process or a concept down with explainer animation videos, to make them more authentic and descriptive.  

In this video, Renderforest is explaining exactly how you can create an explainer video with our templates, so make sure to check it out to have a clear idea about what kind of effect explainer videos create for your brand. 


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  1. A Normal Day at Work or a Making Process Video


What’s your usual day at work like? Your audience will be delighted to see you at work, to make sure you know what you’re doing or how a usual working day goes for you. Watching a video of a day at the office is like watching an everyday vlog. 

Your audience will have the chance to know what’s going on behind closed doors and, appreciating your honesty, feel a strong bond with your band. If you don’t feel like showing your audience that part of your business, you can always go with a certain making process.

Have you ever searched and watched the process of making a candle? What about Coca-Cola? More often than not, people enjoy seeing exactly how things are made and function. This is a great advantage for the video marketing of many brands since they can confidently introduce the making process of their products, knowing that their customers will enjoy the whole ride.


  1. Whiteboard Animation Videos


Creativity is one of the things that, without a doubt, help you establish yourself as a business authority among your audience. Whiteboard animation videos convey a message more detailed, which is why they are mostly used as a tool to break down complicated messages and concepts.

why choose whiteboard animation

They make a brand look professional and innovative when combined with a powerful video script and voiceover. So, choosing an important topic for your brand and telling it to your audience with relaxing whiteboard animations, is always an awesome idea. Share them on your social media accounts, as well as your YouTube channel, to find a wider audience. 

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  1. Typography Videos 


One of the video types in great demand is the typography video. Inspire, tell your story, explain, promote your business, and more, with eye-catching and fabulous videos with text. When it comes to typography videos, you can do just about anything, there are no limits or rules.

Make it pop with the beat, turn it into a melodramatic ad, let your voice and powerful message be heard with emotional solutions. Typography videos have the ability to help you adopt every kind of mood and concept. 

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  1. Webinars 


Blow the Internet with online webinars about topics related to your brand, using video. Collaborate with experts in their fields, or even your competitors, to ensure your audience receives good content.  

Business video ideas - webinars

Create a webinar marketing strategy and follow it, to achieve the anticipated result. Webinars allow you to ignore the distance and gather a diverse audience, no matter where they are. They are also flexible and affordable, two important factors that encourage people to want to become a part of it more enthusiastically. All your efforts for creating a good webinar won’t go to waste and will come back to you in numbers. 


  1. Invitation Videos   


Invite your audience and subscribers to join in on a special occasion by sending them short and cute invitation videos. Share them with your followers both on social media platforms and in an email, to make them go “Woah, I want to go to this event”. 

Invitation videos full of scenes, music, and text all together is impressive to watch, but if you don’t have much time for editing a video, shoot a simple invitation video with a fun script, just like the one above. This kind of invites don’t require much time and editing skills, and yet they are hilarious and friendly. 


  1. Holiday Videos  


Virtually celebrate holidays with your customers with heartfelt videos, and let them know just how much you appreciate their support. This act of giving back will bring in new supporters for your brand and ensure their loyalty. 

Be it a Christmas, New Year, or an anniversary celebration video, sharing the day with your audience and announcing special discounts for the occasion, will get you on their good side. 

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  1. Product Animation Videos 


Tell your audience about your new or old products using animations. Explain their function, what they are perfect for, how to use them, and more. It’s a kind of an unboxing video, except this one is more fascinating and informative. 

Or, you can mix customer examples with explainer videos of your products, to create a positive masterpiece like the video above.     


  1. Facebook Cover Videos 


Telling a story and promoting an ad with visuals, is what people on social media want to see. When making videos for any of the social media platforms, you should consider the platform’s unique features, its users, and their preferences.  

When it comes to Facebook, it’s helpful to consider the fact that the organic reach of video posts on this platform is 135% higher than the posts with photos. This means that by posting one great video on this social media giant, you will have a high chance to be a trending topic. Use a video as the cover of your page as well, but be careful with it, and crop and trim the video according to the Facebook cover video standards.

Business video ideas - Facebook cover

Facebook (Hong Kong) is using a video as its cover as well, and it’s hard not to watch it when you stop on their page. 

Note, that the best size for the Facebook cover video is 820 x 462 pixels, so make sure to consider it.  


  1. LinkedIn Videos 


On this platform, your video will have all the potential to reach important brand executives, key people, and more. LinkedIn loves video posts and by making an ad out of a video here, your business and products will receive more recognition and action.

Business video ideas - LinkedIn video


  1. Instagram TV  


This is a relatively new feature on Instagram, which helps you post and boost videos that are longer than one minute. Posting videos on IGTV will allow you to widen your audience on Instagram and have your own kind of tv-channel. The users here are eager to find and watch great content, so start making one. 

Business video ideas - IGTV


  1. YouTube TrueView Video Ads


Enchant new people with your YouTube TrueView video ad, by choosing a compelling poster image for it. These video ads show up in YouTube search results and watch pages, for people to discover and eventually end up on your page, and that’s why choosing a clickable thumbnail for them is important. 

Business video ideas - YouTube TrueView


  1. Event Review Videos


Videos about a business event make your audience a great part of your campaign. People appreciate knowing more about their favorite brand, so using videos to sum up an event with its details, is going to let them be a participant, rather than an outsider.   

In this video above, the team of the famous Coachella Music Festival is summing up the 2019 event, with their best shots and performers. The whole video makes you feel like you’ve been a part of it, even when you are just lying on your living room floor. Doesn’t it make you want to check their website out, and save some money to book a ticket for the next year’s festival? This is exactly what a simple event video can do for a brand. 


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  1. Giveaways and Contests  


Contests and giveaways are a terrific “excuse” to get the attention and interest of your audience. People will be quick to react, once they see the announcement video about it, where you explain the contest/giveaway rules and conditions.  


  1. Video Testimonials 


If you’re not using video testimonials, then you most probably don’t know what they are about, or how to ask for them. Video testimonials are basically a sort of interview done with your customers, where they share their experience and opinion about your brand. Your happy customers are one of the most effective factors for a well-built promo since your new consumers will relate to them more. Video testimonials help you share your message through your customers’ words. 

In the video, you will find a testimonial Dropbox has shared on its social media accounts, where the users are sharing their thoughts about why exactly they love and choose Dropbox for work. 


  1. New Launch Teasers and Announcements 


Don’t just post your new products and other kinds of launches on your social media with simple text and photos. Highlight their features, functions, and more with announcement and teaser videos. These videos are easy to make, and fantastic to watch, due to their short and dynamic nature.  

Build hype around your new products, for people to come back and order your next big hit. It’s an incredible way you increase the number of conversions. 


  1. Collaboration Hints 


Who’s the next face of your brand? Which brand are you going to collaborate with? Raise suspense around your project, or a collab teaser with compelling shots and music. 

Last year a streetwear brand Huffer announced a collaboration with Marvel by releasing a short teaser video. It didn’t reveal much about the line, but the fans of both brands were excited about its release.


  1. Event Teasers  


Make your upcoming event more anticipated with teaser videos full of creative solutions. You can go with a dramatic, active, or any other style, but don’t forget to make it short and exciting. 


  1. Presentation Videos 


Creative presentation videos speak for you, and the outcome is quite surprising. Rather than using long texts and photos, create a video about a certain subject related to your brand, using background music, engaging scenes, and more. It’s another exceptional way to grow your audience. 

Making an epic presentation might sometimes be challenging if you don’t have the basic strategies pointed out. So, make sure to know exactly what your presentation is about, and what your main points are


  1. Recruitment Videos 


What another great way to help you find new team members? Recruitment videos will leave an immediate strong and positive impression on your potential employees, and encourage them to join the family.


  1. Interview Videos 


Interview videos are another indirect way to talk about your business. Invite an expert, or a person you are collaborating with, and ask them the questions you know your audience is interested in. Slip in an indirect ad as well, but don’t forget to make it natural. 

Or, you can interview your own self and make a hilarious interview-ad with fun questions and editing, just like Ryan Reynolds did in this ad for his gin brand Aviation Gin. 

Making interview videos benefits both your audience and your brand, making you one of the expert leaders of the market, and allowing you to broaden the circle of your followers. 

Here’s a video editing toolkit by Renderforest, to help you edit your interview video.  


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As you can see, there are many effective business video ideas to choose from. Running a brand means having the ability to catch the right moment and use it to your advantage: the same goes for your video marketing tactics. 

If you’ve found a business video idea suitable for your brand, don’t wait any longer. Start creating your piece and share it with the world. The result will surely have a great impact both on your audience and your brand. 


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