Create a Branding Platform With Motion Graphics

Create a Branding Platform With Motion Graphics

When creating a branding platform, it’s important to make a design that’s easy for your audiences to absorb. Adding engaging motion graphics to your content can be just as important as choosing the right style and font for paragraphs. Learning how to best include animated visual effects can help you drive audiences to your site and hold their attention.

What Is Motion Graphics?

Have you seen presentations, perhaps for work, that make you want to fall asleep as soon as you view the text or images on the slides? Motion graphics give life to websites, digital presentations, and images to help all of your branding platform needs.

Technically, motion graphics fall into the category of animation, but they also have a specificity to them. Using motion graphics is a way to include movement in on-screen text, objects, or shapes when designing visual media for audiences.

By doing this, you emphasize a central element and give your audience a moving focal point to signal an important message.

When to Use Motion Graphics

This kind of design can take many projects to the next level, but how will you know when to use motion graphics? After all, we have so many technological tools at our fingertips, and it can be difficult to know what will work well in a visual way and what will simply look distracting.

The best way to utilize motion graphics as a visual aid is to understand how they can help you when you want to make a point known to audiences. If you place too many moving visuals onto a website or slide presentation, you’ll lose readers quickly due to the busyness of its appearance. Whether you’re a graphic designer or a video, website, logo, or mockup maker, using motion graphics gives your project visual appeal.

When you decisively choose when and where to place motion graphics, the results can delight and entice others to pay closer attention. Using a template to create advertisements, slideshows, or other designs is the perfect way to ensure that your creation looks neat and clean.

What Are the Top 3 Benefits of Using Motion Graphics for Your Branding Platform?

While there are many benefits to incorporating motion graphics into various projects, we’re going to highlight the top three so that you’re motivated to include them in your next great design.

They Grab Attention

Great motion graphics can make any presentation pop by providing an attention-grabbing moving image to view. When audiences and readers see a motion graphic on a presentation or website, it can spark curiosity to investigate the information even further.

Whether the picture is a spinning word or a bouncing exclamation mark, even simple motion graphics shout “Hey! Look at me!” and visually show the audience that the idea is important.

They Simplify Ideas

Most of us have the best intentions when it comes to sitting through a meeting or scrolling through a dry website, but our brains often become bored with the same old stock images or clip art that we’ve seen hundreds of times.

Because any audience can have a short attention span, the best way to spice up bland or tedious information is with compelling graphics.

After all, many of us learn visually, so motion graphics can help trigger memories of the website or presentation at a later date, possibly prompting us to trust the message or buy the product. This is a win-win marketing technique for brand advertising and sales.

They Make Presentations Fun

One of the best ways to provide audiences with a quick reminder of the most important points of a presentation is with stimulating graphics that will have a meaningful impact.

Reading some sentences about a journey across the Atlantic Ocean may be dull, but seeing a moving cartoon boat in a body of water while you hear the story of the expedition can be memorable and eye-catching, even for adults. Vivid, bright colors that are in motion can add mood and life to an otherwise boring visual.

Create Your Animated Videos

How Have Motion Graphics Evolved Over Time?

The term motion graphics is used to simply apply to making animations for cartoons or designing motionless graphics for advertisements. With modern technology, motion graphics can mean so much more.

Motion graphics studios now deliver digital designs that wow and captivate audiences so they’ll pay attention and remember the animation (think Superbowl commercials). When this is done successfully, the content is remembered for decades.

Because today’s designers are working with advanced technology platforms, motion graphics have become even more impressive. But you don’t need to be a professional graphic designer to excel with motion graphics now.

Design platforms today provide the right tools to allow anyone to create spectacular designs. Renderforest, a one-stop platform for your design needs, is ready to assist you in creating the project of your dreams!


Types of Motion Graphics

  • 2D Animation
    This kind of animation is what most of us think of when we reflect fondly on old cartoons or video games. A 2D animated graphic involves overlaying flat images onto backgrounds and making the graphics move. This style can provide a “cuter” look for animation design, but definitely looks dated. However, the style can sometimes be perfect depending on the project.
  • 3D Animation
    This style naturally gives more dimension to an object or image and can give a more realistic look. A 3D animated image will provide more contrast between objects in the foreground and those in the background. This style works well when viewing objects in a room or landscape. Unlike 2D animation, the 3D style makes objects appear to have more depth.
  • Whiteboard Animation
    This style has gained popularity for businesses and educational presentations. Whiteboard animation can be captivating for audiences since it requires a person to watch closely to see how a story will unfold. This style shows words and images in the process of being quickly written and drawn on a whiteboard by hand so the story moves along and an audience can see it unfold in front of them. This style can be extremely profound and effective and is best used to get short video messages across to highlight brief, important points.

  • Explainer Videos
    This kind of motion graphics is similar to a commercial that highlights the easiest and best features of a product. A business will often use explainer videos on their website’s landing page to provide the company’s main tenets or mission. These videos are short and to the point so that a clear message is shared. Effective explainer videos use visuals that match the tone of the product or message.


1. Question: How can I create motion graphics using Renderforest?
    Answer: In FIVE easy steps!

  • Step 1: Log into Renderforest.
  • Step 2: Choose your template.
  • Step 3: Customize your template by adding pictures, music, and text. Change fonts and colors to your preference.
  • Step 4: Preview your work by choosing one of the following options:
    • Fast Preview
    • High-Quality HD 1080
    • Use Pro to preview the video in your preferred format
  • Step 5: Download your video collage! Your work will be saved in My Projects, so you can access it whenever you need it.


2. Question: What are the best motion graphics templates to use?
    Answer: Choose what’s right for your platform!


3. Question:When is the best time to start incorporating motion graphics into your projects?
     Answer: Right now!


Final Thoughts

Having access to creating great visual design is easy when you have the right motion graphics tools. There are countless easy ways to improve a design to make it more dynamic and visually appealing. Only one question remains: What will you design today?


Start Right Away!


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