How to Create Minimalist Promotional Videos with Renderforest

How to Create Minimalist Promotional Videos with Renderforest

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25 Jun 2018


Minimalism gets more and more popular, and it’s not by accident. Animated minimalistic videos have a huge impact on viewers. They help to focus on important things and remove all the unnecessary stuff to make it easier for people to see what you want them to see.

The main challenge here is that you either make a brilliant minimalistic video or you risk to bore your audience. Making an impressive promo video may seem difficult without professional support, but with Renderforest it is a piece of cake.

You can make your professional minimalist promo video in minutes, literally! So let’s go ahead and learn how to make the most out of minimalism!

Go to our “Video Templates” library, choose the Promotional” template category, and click on the Product or Service Promotion” from the drop-down list.

Minimal Promo tutorial

Choose the “Company Story Promotiontemplate and click on “Create Now” to start editing it. Don’t forget to sign up or sign in, if you already have an account.

Minimal Promo Video Template

This template is professionally designed to keep the attention of your audience throughout the whole video. It is modern, simple, and effective. So, let's go on with editing!

Minimal Promo Video Editor

You need to examine the scenes of the template to understand how to express your main message through them. Then, start adding your texts. 

Minimal Promo Video Texts

Click on the text holder and type your text. When you finish editing the texts, click on the “Music” section to choose the music track of your project. You can pick one from our "Music Library" or upload from your device.

Minimal Promo Video Music

We have a wide range of exclusive music tracks, so you can take your time to listen to them and choose the most suitable one. You can also add your voiceover. Either upload it from your device or record it online by clicking “Record Your Sound”.

Minimal Promo - Add Voiceover

So, your video is almost ready. Let's preview it. Go to “Preview” and click on “Free Preview”. We highly recommend you to preview your video before exporting it in high quality.

Minimal Promo Video Preview

Your video will be ready in a couple of minutes. You can always find and edit it in "My Videos" section. 

Minimal Promo Video Rendering

Your minimalistic promo video is ready. It's engaging, creative, and professional. Besides, it was created by you in only a few minutes.

Check out other minimalist video templates below:


Inspirational Service or Company Introduction


Create Now


New Edge Promotion


Create Now


Create your videos and promote your company or your brand in a creative way. It’s so easy because the only limit here is your imagination!



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