Designmedia Studio: Learning by Doing

Designmedia Studio: Learning by Doing

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25 Jul 2019

Big things often have small beginnings, and only the ones who don’t ignore the small beginnings will achieve even more significant success.

Designmedia Studio, a family-driven company in the center of Stuttgart, started ten years ago as a printing company, producing digital printed campaigns, banners, books, and leaflets in various formats. 

Welcoming every client, starting from students, individual clients, and small companies to much bigger and influential ones, Designmedia Studio soon fitted in with the industry, expanding and reaching new heights of success as it grew.

The company is inspired by a clear mission to become a reliable partner for everyone. A great passion and love of their business kept propelling the company toward their mission. 

“We love the things we do, we love our job, and if clients come again and again, we think that we are reaching these goals.”

Spotting more and more clients returning for their service, the team is now more inspired than ever to move forward. The growing demand for service prompts them to think that they are on the right track.

The enthusiastic team of Designmendia believes to have mastered a lesson; it’s critical to keep learning despite the growth and success. They have set high hopes and goals to learn a lot as their business grows steadily. And so they do. 

Designmedia studio success story

“Learning by doing – being innovative and a reliable partner for every client was the first goal. Doing things slightly different from others the intention. Being a special address today was the effect.”

However, not everything went on smoothly for Designmedia Studio. The team admits that they have been concerned with the inability to maintain the necessary communication with the clients once the size of the company increased, and the number of clients and employees started to grow exponentially.  

“Last year we moved to a bigger production store, and it again gets too small for our businesses. But we have our aim to be as personal as possible but as productive one can be without becoming producing machinery without the necessary attention for our clients.”

Believing in the importance of preserving the communication among the team and clients as personal as possible, the company still keeps the wheels of commerce turning, growing and expanding the business even more.

No matter to what extent the companies expand, whether internationally or locally, the team should always record the growth factors, being well aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

Designmedia studio

Designmedia Studio admits that as a successful and expanding company, they still need to improve their promotion strategies. They were claiming to be uncertain in their promotion strategies until they’ve come across Renderforest

Deeply invested in launching promotion strategies, Designmedia Studio considers the promotion to be one of the most critical aspects of business development. “How should one know about you and your great services? Promotion is the most important thing for having success nowadays,” the company asserted. 

They believe that a business can’t develop without promotion. Even though companies have to deliver good services and products, the promotion is still critical to them. 

How will anyone learn about the company if there is no buzz around it? People should be able to see the worth and value of the service and product provided, shouldn’t they? Even though they strongly believed in promotion, they were crippled by the inability to carry out promotion strategies. 

“We have to promote ourselves. We have many international clients from all over the world. We are very good at what we do, and the world should know that.”

Designmedia studio print

They had hardships in time management, not being able to share good promotional stories in a very short amount of time. 

“We have families and are pulling most of our energies into service and producing for clients. Mostly there is no space for making big stories about ourselves. So we share our works on Instagram or Facebook to have the world around us, tuned in.”

But sharing short messages on Instagram and Facebook turned out not to be enough as the company grew larger. 

Even though they were fond of the video as a great medium for communicating messages, video making sounded challenging and troubled them because they couldn’t spend time on that. 

Designmedia Studio believes that videos work perfectly for promotional purposes because “with videos you get into your clients‘ house anytime without having flyers printed, wall signage rented or anything else. And: videos can be found in the WWW daily and maybe forever.” 

The most successful videos are the ones that make them either laugh or cry. People are easily attracted to videos that evoke emotional responses. “A good video and a wide target can be the best way to get a reaction from the viewer.” 

Managing their time for promotional purposes and tasks such as creating stories through videos was tough for them until they discovered Renderforest, which helped them to get through.

“You need fast and simple tools to work with. You don’t have time to learn that much. Good for you if you have the time. For us, it was a very cool and self-declaring system.”

Designmedia success with Renderforest

Finding out about Renderforest was a great achievement for such a company which couldn’t manage to conduct the promotion of its service on its own. Now, they could do that with the help of a simple and quick tool.

After using Renderforest for a while, they were grateful for quick and easy service and appreciative of its worth. 

“The templates helped us to get some inspiration, and after two or three videos done, I wanted them in high quality because it was fun creating them. Easy work and very affordable in the end.”

“Cool,” – “Great” – “Wow!” – “I want one, too!” these were the reactions that the company would receive from the audience for a tiny clip they would make via Renderforest. 

Now, when they need to make a video within a few days along with several other tasks piled up, they trust in Renderforest, instead of panicking, to render quick and easy videos. 

Cooperating with Renderforest, Designmedia Studio found video promotion to be not that time consuming and tough as they thought it was. 

They’ve decided to continue their journey with Renderforest, encouraging others to learn by doing since “no master fell from heaven.”

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