9 Actionable Event Promotion Tips

9 Actionable Event Promotion Tips

It’s not rocket science, a grand event with no attendees is a failed event.

But how to promote an event in the best way possible and make people actually show interest in it? A well-coordinated event promotion plan might be the right piece of your puzzle. So, whether you are a startup or a rapidly growing business, you need to know how to promote an event on social media and not only.

There are many strategies and tools that will help you succeed in grabbing the attention of your target audience. And the best part is that most of these strategies are at little or no cost to your company!

Here are some creative ways to promote and drive attendance to your event.

  • Study the Major Perks of SEO
  • Use the Power of Hashtags
  • Choose a Simple Way to Sell The Tickets
  • Create Compelling Content
  • Promote On Social Media
  • Use Video Content
  • Share Visuals
  • Turn to Email Marketing
  • Add a dynamic QR code


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Study the Major Perks of SEO

You don’t need a degree or expensive courses to understand how search engine optimization works and what it can do for your event marketing plan. Understanding the bases of SEO will help you find the most searched words and phrases for events, optimize your content accordingly, and bring traffic to your event page. 

Event Promotion Tips - SEO

If you’re ready to take your SEO knowledge to a new level, consider investing in paid tools that will help you understand keywords to target and which ones you rank for. Two of the most recommended tools are SEMRush and Moz’s Keyword Explorer.

However, if you are looking for free tools to help you with keywords for your event, you can turn to Google’s Keyword Planner, a free tool that helps you discover, test, and compare keywords. 

By understanding the more powerful phrases that people search for when they want to find events related to your business and products, you can create targeted and compelling content to support your marketing and promotion efforts.

Here’s a brief SEO guide, where you can start from.


Use the Power of Hashtags

Hashtags are certainly one of the best marketing innovations of the century. They connect social media posts to a certain topic and highlight the information you need people to pay attention to most. 

When using hashtags, try not to fill your whole post with blue. Using more than two hashtags will result in overshadowing the main message and purpose of your post, and make it look like spam.

Another thing you should consider when using hashtags to promote your event on social media is to keep it short and not write a whole lecture for a single-pound sign. The name of your event or a specific short slogan connected to it is fine.

If there are going to be any special guests at your event, ask them to use the same hashtags as well, when posting about it. This will be a great move to reach their audience and spread the word.

Also, don’t just use hashtags for your online posts, but make sure to display these social posts on digital screens during the event. For this, you can use a social media aggregator tool to create a free social wall.


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Choose a Simple Way to Sell The Tickets

People don’t like clicking more than necessary, and you definitely don’t want them to do that either, because of their low attention span.

Don’t make the process of buying your event tickets complex, sell them with as few clicks as possible.

Find the simplest and most suitable way for your audience, and it will certainly improve the number of your ticket sales and attendees. Facebook, for instance, has a feature to add your ticket information to the event page and sell it fast and effectively.

Event Promotion Tips - tickets

Source: Facebook


To make things more exciting, make special offers, such as “buy a ticket now and get a free t-shirt”, a signed copy of a book, or some other merch, a free drink on the house, a snack, etc., the possibilities are endless.

Some tickets can be sold under the VIP status as well, with privileges like no query, two drinks, a special meet and greet, or some other promising perks.

Adding all these “shiny” offers will ensure a wide choice for your audience and a lot of opportunities for you.


Create Compelling Content

Once you have a better understanding of how people are searching for events like yours, it’s time to create appealing content about your event. When you’re writing and sharing, focus on what your event means for the attendee instead of focusing on all of the planning and details you’ve put into the event. 

Instead of simply listing the names of speakers and guests, add some color to each name, highlighting what they plan to teach or talk about. This will give a potential attendee more of an idea of what the event is about.

Event Promotion Tips - statistics

Not sure how to write more than one blog post about your event? There are many ways you can fill your content calendar with ideas for one event. If speakers or guests are a part of your event, consider interviewing them. This could be a blog post, an interview video, or both! 

Choose one specific aspect of your event and have it be the focus of the article. Are you partnering with sponsors? Highlight your sponsors and interview someone from their office. It’s great PR for both of you and you can ask them to share your article on their channels. A win-win for both parties!

Event Promotion Tips - content calendar

Source: Tech4Pub


Make your event details and content go further by pitching your event to other publications and listings who will care. Contact your local media companies – TV, websites, newspapers, etc. 

Other media companies and websites want to report on interesting events and content relevant to their readers, so send an email or pick up the phone and share your event details with others. A simple interview plus the content from your event page and blog will provide a great story for others to share with their readers.


Promote On Social Media

These days it’s hard to imagine promoting anything without using social media. This is exactly where you’ll find your potential audience. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms have a huge audience for you to charm. 

Each platform has its own style and features, and once you learn to use them to your advantage, your event promotion will be successful. Here are some event promotion tips you can use on each of the platforms.

Facebook: Create an event page and invite your followers. People here like to react to events and check the “Going” mark, even if they don’t plan to follow the plan. However, even if they check “Interested” or “Going”, their friends will see the activity on their page and so the word about it will be spread. 

Event Promotion Tips - event

If potential attendees can see others who have RSVP’d on Facebook or see people discussing the event with the hashtag, it can be encouraging for others to follow through and purchase tickets.

So, add your ticket to the event page as well, and keep interacting with your audience, answering their questions, reacting to their comments, etc.

Instagram: With 1B monthly users, this platform has become an awesome place to promote an event with visuals. With Instagram Stories being the hype now, the IGTV, and Reels winning hearts, Instagram offers a large variety of activities for business pages to promote an event, as well as their products.

Event Promotion Tips - swipe up

Making a relatable filter for Stories, short videos for Reels, or sharing event details on your IGTV, all the while using your hashtags or the “Swipe Up” tool, is a great start.

Twitter: With a short tweet and the right hashtags you can do no wrong. Keep the number of hashtags in check, and do real-time updates before, during, and after the event. Sharing relatable memes and short videos are also a great way to help people notice your event.


Use Video Content

People on social media enjoy watching videos. Using video content to promote an event is another incredibly effective method. There are many types of marketing video content that can help you with it․ 

For instance, an event teaser video will excite your audience with dynamic music and shots. 

An explainer video will give the important details of your event and what it’s about. You can introduce your guests in this video as well, and talk about the aim of your event. 

A how-to video can show your audience how to order the tickets step-by-step, while a behind-the-scenes video will give them an insight and bring your audience closer to your brand. 

If you don’t have software to put a promotional video together for your event, you can always create them online. 

Event Promotion Tips - templates

Arrange ticket giveaways, competitions, and guessing games on your social media accounts as well, if you are looking for a way to not only promote your event more creatively but also raise your page activity and follower engagement.

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Share Visuals

Sharing visual content is an amazing approach when it comes to promoting an event. It has an immediate effect on people and can convey your message faster than a simple text. 

You can create impressive graphics for your event either with software or with the help of an online graphic maker, which will help you complete the task fast and with just a few clicks. 

Huge social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn welcome infographics and images with great interest, so go ahead and use these platforms to your advantage.

Event Promotion Tips - graphic maker

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Turn to Email Marketing

Being one of the best marketing tools, email listing is surely going to do wonders for your event.

When developing your email marketing campaigns, be careful with the messages you’re sending to your list. Just like the content you create for blogs and videos, you want your email content to make the event about the attendees and the benefits it will bring them.

Send out special teasers about the event, encourage them to ask a friend to join the email list by offering them a special discount or a prize, arrange quizzes, and announce giveaways, etc.

Event Promotion Tips - email marketing

Additionally, get creative with your subject lines. Remember, a lot of people are reading emails on their phones these days, so make sure your subject line and first sentence (what someone will see in the email preview) are engaging to encourage them to open it.

When you’re ready to press send on your emails, use an email marketing platform to help organize and report on your campaigns. 

Although email marketing is great, people will absolutely appreciate you for not bombarding their inboxes with your emails.


Add a Dynamic QR code

These days QR codes are actively trending. Quick response codes can now be found almost anywhere – on posters, goods, fliers, to name just a few. It’s very easy to find the information linked to the code, all you need to do is scan it with your phone. The simplicity of it makes adding a dynamic QR code for your event an effective and intriguing tactic.

Add your event QR code to your special merch, giveaways, your social media backgrounds, stick it throughout the streets with attractive text, and more. You can link them to your event info, relatable music, countdowns, filters, secrets to unlock, or special ticket sales. 

Event Promotion Tips - QR code

You don’t have to turn to a professional to get a QR code for your links and information, there are many QR code generators to help you out with this. QRCode Monkey, for example, will generate a QR code for you within minutes, absolutely free. You can even change the color of your QR code and match it with your event style, or choose the shape of it. 

A little potion of creativity will boost the reputation of your event more, so make sure to think outside of the box as well and come up with better solutions.



So, when is your next big event? Do you think you and your marketing team are ready for it? We hope this article will help you prepare a killer event marketing plan, and reach your target audience without a problem.

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