100+ Facebook Statistics for 2023 [Infographic]

100+ Facebook Statistics for 2023 [Infographic]

About a third of the global population uses Facebook, the social media giant. What does it mean for your business or brand? Facebook statistics are not just numbers. Instead of looking at them, you should look through them and see how they can be used to improve your Facebook marketing efforts.

Over 140 million businesses have Facebook pages. The competition is tough, isn’t it? But, if you’re armed with effective strategies to drive engagement and attract the attention of your audience, you win. 

How can you keep your audience engaged? Video posts get 6.15% more engagement compared to texts and images. So, make your conclusions.

In this infographic, you’ll find 100+ Facebook stats and facts about the site usage and the demographics of the users, stats for marketers that will help you improve your strategy, Facebook ads statistics, and other interesting stats you should know.

Let’s dive in!

facebook statistics 2021 infographic

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General Facebook Statistics

  • 22% of the world population uses Facebook
  • Facebook has 2.70 billion monthly active users
  • It has 1.79 billion daily active users
  • 78% of Facebook users access Facebook only via mobile
  • Users spend an average of 58.5 minutes of the day on Facebook
  • Facebook Lite has 200 million users worldwide
  • More than 120 million profiles on this social media platform are fake
  • The company removed 2.8 billion fake accounts from 2017 to 2020
  • Facebook is the number one social platform, with 60.6% of internet users
  • Facebook owns 43.3% of all social networking site visits in the US
  • Messenger has over 1.3 billion monthly active users
  • Facebook Stories has 300 million active users daily
  • 100 million hours of video is watched by Facebook users alone each day
  • Videos get 6.15% engagement, while status posts get only 1.3%
  • 85% of Facebook video is watched without sound
  • On Facebook, square videos get 35% more views than landscape videos
  • 80% of users are annoyed when videos auto-play sound


Facebook User Statistics

  • 69% of US adults use Facebook
  • 57% of the global users are male
  • 29.7% of users are 25-34 years old, with the most common age demographic
  • 64% of adults aged between 50 and 64 use Facebook
  • 50% of 18-24-year-old people use Facebook once they wake up
  • 74% of American users are on the site daily 
  • 65% of Facebook users are under the age of 35
  • 74% of high-income earners are on Facebook 
  • 75% of users are college-educated
  • 88% of users are on Facebook to stay in touch with friends and family
  • The average number of friends is 338
  • India has over 280 million users followed by 190 million users from the US
  • 65+ years old users are the fastest-growing group on Facebook
  • According to Facebook, users share over 100 billion messages each day
  • FB has over 10 million groups with almost 1.4 billion users 
  • The number of Facebook users in the US will grow up to 223.2 billion by 2023


Facebook Revenue

  • Facebook net worth as of May 8, 2020, is over $600 billion
  • Facebook’s ad revenue is $17.4 billion as of Q1, 2020
  • Facebook’s net income was estimated at $5,178 billion as of Q2, 2020
  • The platform’s total costs and expenses were $46.71 billion as of 2019
  • 2020’s Q3 capital expenditures reached $ 3,68 billion
  • Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion in cash and stock
  • Instagram is responsible for 20% of Facebook’s mobile ad revenue
  • Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $19 billion
  • Facebook will generate nearly $226 per user in the U.S. in 2021


Stats for Marketers

  • For 67% of marketers, Facebook is the most important social platform
  • 86% of marketers are using Facebook for advertising
  • 32% of Facebook users engage with brands regularly
  • 69% of Gen Z-ers use this social media platform to learn about live events
  • 95.1% of user accounts are accessed via smartphone
  • Posting just once or twice per day on Facebook increases the engagement by an average of 40%
  • The best time to post on Facebook is between 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
  • Posts longer than 1,500 words can have 22.6% more likes
  • 78% of American consumers discover retail products to buy via Facebook
  • There are over 140 million businesses on FB 
  • 80 million small businesses have a Facebook page
  • As of January 2021, Samsung is the most popular brand on the platform, after Facebook App, with over 161 million fans
  • Marketers have less than 2 seconds to draw attention and engage FB users


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Facebook Ad Statistics

  • 93% of social media advertisers use Facebook Ads
  • The best days to post ads on Facebook are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
  • Facebook ad spend increases between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m
  • Facebook’s total Advertising Audience(MAU) is  2.121 million
  • Facebook had 8 million average monthly advertisers as of Q1, 2020
  • 94% of Facebook Ad revenue is from mobile
  • The average cost per click for a Facebook Ad is $1.72
  • The average FB CTR is 0.9%, and the average CVR is 9.21%
  • Facebook’s share in the global digital advertising market is 19.7%


Interesting to Know 

  • Mark Zuckerberg suffers from red-green colorblindness. This is why Facebook’s primary color scheme is blue
  • Facebook is available in 101 languages
  • Facebook has an “English (Upside down)” option in its language list 
  • Facebook has 70+ offices and 15 data centers around the world
  • The number of its full-time employees is 52,534
  • Its user base grows by 8 people per second
  • 55 million status updates are made every day
  • 600.000 hacking attempts are made to Facebook accounts every day
  • In Britain, a woman was given 20 months in jail for creating fake Facebook profiles
  • Facebook’s “Like” button used to be the “Awesome” button
  • The “Like” button has been pressed 1.13 trillion times as of 2016
  • The most used Facebook reaction is “Love”, with 41% of clicks
  • The meaning of the term “Poke” has never been defined
  • Facebook has been blocked in China since 2009
  • 36% of the top Facebook stories are about politics
  • Al Pacino was the first “Face” on Facebook 
  • Peter Thiel, the co-founder of PayPal, was the first major investor to back Facebook ($500,000)
  • Sean Parker, the co-founder of Napster, acquired the facebook.com domain name for $200,000
  • Cristiano Ronaldo is the most followed person on Facebook
  • Facebook-owned apps have over 16 billion downloads all together



  • February 4, 2004, Mark Zuckerberg and co-founders Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes, and Eduardo Saverin launched Facebook
  • September 20, 2005, thefacebook.com officially dropped the ‘’the’’ and became Facebook 
  • April 1, 2006, Facebook for mobile launched
  • June 22, 2007, Facebook Video launched
  • April 6, 2008, Facebook chat launched
  • February 9, 2009, Introduction of the Like button
  • August 18, 2010, the launch of Facebook places
  • August 9, 2011, Messenger launched
  • April 9, 2012, Facebook announces the acquisition of Instagram
  • February 28, 2013, Facebook announced the acquisition of Atlas 
  • February 19, 2014, Facebook announced the acquisition of WhatsApp
  • July 17, 2014, Facebook mentions launched
  • September 23, 2015, 360-degree videos on Facebook 
  • February 24, 2016, Reactions launched globally
  • March 28, 2017, Facebook Stories created 
  • December 4, 2017, Messenger Kids introduced
  • September 28, 2018, Facebook announced an attack on the social network that exposed information on nearly 50 million users
  • October 8, 2018, Facebook Portal and Portal + introduced
  • March 6, 2019, Zuckerberg shared his vision for a privacy-focused social platform


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Do you need to boost your Facebook presence? Pay attention to the above-mentioned statistics and optimize your Facebook marketing strategy accordingly. 

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