5 simple steps to create your Marketing video for your business and Products

5 simple steps to create your Marketing video for your business and Products

Hey you…

Yes, yes, We are talking about you! You just launched your business or you simply want to boost your existing business, but you do not how?

It’s not time to create a new wheel, when it already subsists. Just save your time and money, as we are going to tell you about the best ways of creating a super awesome video content with a broadcasting quality within several minutes. If you are into the business you already imagine, how we=your customers=lazy people, do not like to read. We like to look a shiny interactive contents with inspiring music. By the way if your video is not fascinating, we will close it within 16 seconds or if it is a little bit captivating, we will close it after 1 minute. It is not time to spend our precious lifetime on watching mean videos, reading mean articles and digesting mean information. So this video that you are creating after reading this article going to be something supreme and you will explore the magic of our “WOW”.  Here are 5 simple steps for creating your marketing video for your business and products.

Step 1:  Choose RenderForest

Surely, you can look for video online editor web-sites through all over Internet, you will waste your pricy time on testing them, sometimes you will manage to create something, and sometimes you won’t.  OR simply take into consideration my modest reference and visit RenderForest! This webpage provides you more than 100 templates with the image, music, color editing tools. You can insert in your “newmade” video your “oldmade” images and videos. You can crop and paste your iages, use the existing large library of copyrighted music and Preview the output of your fantasy for free in web quality format.

Choose Renderforest

Step 2: Choose the template

The type of the template that you choose mostly depends on the field that your business in surfing. Starting from your company introduction video and ending with product or service promotional video can be created here  More varieties of templates for your business you can find through the following link: 

Choose a video template

You can find here both flexible and not inflexible templates. Flexible templates enables you to choose the scenes, change colors and decide the duration of your video. Inflexible templates are inspired by our professionals and they include the optimal duration of the video and amount of the scenes. So, that’s up to you what kind of template you prefer for creating your business promotional video.

Step 3: Edit

When the template’s type has confirmed and you started to create your project, it is the right time to choose the scenes you like, write your text in the text holders, insert the images or videos from your Media library or from your personal coputer, choose the appropriate colors and add the music. You can either upload your Music or Voiceover from your personal computer or choose any music from the library. Congratulations you are about to finish your video.

Edit the video template

Do you want to change the text, images or the inserted video? Maybe you want to change the color of the text in the text holders, maybe you need to add some scenes or maybe… stop “Maybe”s, you are the God of your project, edit it as much as you want, until you get the perfection. You can edit your video unlimited times. 

Step 4: Preview

You inserted all images, videos, texts, you chose the colors of the text or background, added the music… i.e. you completed editing, so it is time to Preview your masterpiece. If after previewing you saw that your almost masterpiece needs to be edited again, rush up and edit as many times as you wish.

Preview the video

Step 5: Export

Hey friend, you almost nailed your mission, you need to complete just the last step and your redoubtable will be ready. You Preview your video with web quality format, you clearly see the watermarks on your video and hear the audio claim, but your video still seems awesome? It is time to remove all watermarks of Renderforest and the audio claim and get your masterpiece in a broadcast quality which you can use for boosting your business and products via Internet or TV. In case if you do not mind the watermarks and the audio claim, you still can download your project with them for free.

If you have completed these steps and your masterpiece is ready to receive our “wow’’s, share this with your friends on your social networks and we will honor you 20% discount coupon for exporting your video at higher resolution.

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