32 Geometric Design Tips and Tricks

32 Geometric Design Tips and Tricks

Shapes and patterns are all around us, and it’s not surprising that they have found their way into the design world. Geometric designs vary from simplistic to complex and artistic forms. But which do qualify as geometric pattern designs? Any personal or promotional designs are developed using simple geometric patterns and shapes to enhance, brand, or advertise.

You have creative liberty over the graphic design software you choose to create one-of-a-kind designs.

You might not even realize all the simple line designs, basic shapes, and complex patterns that make the world around you and what symbolism each holds. Many small details matter, how soft or sharp the edges are, what colors are used, and how the text and shapes are positioned.

geometric shapes psychology meaning

Did you ever realize how squares and rectangles make you feel in logos and branding? Microsoft, Lego, BBC, Chevrolet? All those brands attempt to convey stability and long-lasting trust. Isn’t that accurate? Those brands carry a generational value and universal integrity. 

What about triangles? Triangle logos’ ambitions lie in promoting success, growth, and progress. That’s why companies like Adobe, Reebok, HSBC, CAT, and many others prominently feature triangles. 

There is a lot more to analyze about the psychology of shapes; meanwhile, let’s dive into the real-life applications of geometric shape designs.


  1. Choose a Geometric Logo 

Renderforest Logo examples

You can never go wrong with a geometric logo. You can perfectly convey your message, be memorable and easily marketable.  There is no single way to geometric design, and the sky’s the limit in your creative journey. Combine different shapes, create various geometric patterns. Renderforest Logo Maker can generate a logo that works for you or choose the template and customize it to your needs.

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  1. Transform Geometric Designs to Images

Source: Typesetting Magazine via PngEgg

Many digital designers find creative solutions to present their photos and images using geometric shapes and forms. As you can see, cool geometric patterns turn regular visuals into creative layouts. You can combine it with colors, mix and match different shapes, and turn them into patterns. Even textual content can become more engaging just because of different shapes and geometric patterns.


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  1. Try Diagonal Shapes

university open house visuals

A real deal-changer for the graphic design industry has been the incorporation of diagonal shapes into simple designs. Those are super easy to customize, and with the right color theme, they can be used for educational, marketing, and many other purposes. You can edit this geometric design with Renderforest Graphic Maker.

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  1. Create a Theme and Variations

geometric typography pack

When creating branding visuals or developing a campaign, it’s important to keep in mind that the consistency of those matters! Your brand image is the combination of impressions customers get, and the more unison they are, the better for you. Create geometric typography visuals that don’t repeat in design but match in their theme.

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  1. Use Simple 2D Designs

famous logos

Source: MotoCMS

Since the beginning of the marketplace, creating and branding have become more and more important for the maintenance of business strategies. Companies and entrepreneurs strived to stand out starting in the middle ages and still do in the age of digital business practices. Using 2D designs presents a simple geometrical image to the clients and can become iconic as Starbucks, Pinterest, and many others.


  1. Combine Solid Colors and Patterns 

socks mockup

What’s more fun than colorful geometric patterns combined with solid colors? Create radiant combinations and design stand-out geometric graphics for all kinds of products, even socks! Try vibrant colors, simple elements, and other elements that complement your visual content. 

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  1. Create a Geometric Background

geometric background

Source: Barry Tobin via Behance

Geometric patterns are incredibly mesmerizing and inviting. Those add a layer of innovation and modern flare, which is the unpalatable part of modern marketing, branding, and art. Use those as a website background, promotional materials, and feel free to experiment with shapes and colors.


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  1. Incorporate Geometry into Your Videos

Geometric shapes are not only for prints, products, and digital graphics. Easily use them in your video intros, logo reveals, and outros. You don’t need to be a designer to do that. Try out Renderforest Video Maker and see for yourself!

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  1. Select Uncommon Shapes

uncommon shapes

Source: Silvino Gonzalez Morales via Behance

Smaller regular shapes, when added a little bit of imagination, create geometric patterns that intrigue. If you zoom in closer, you’ll see that all the artist has used are circles, ovals, rectangles and has altered them to be unique and authentic. Simple geometric shapes, when combined into a complex pattern, have a striking effect.


  1. Connect Shapes

festival poster

Source: Nastya KFKS ナナ via Behance

Don’t stop on just one shape! Find your creative way of connecting shapes and customizing colors to make it look extra fun. Just take a look at the 168Art Festival brochure. Even though connected shapes don’t translate into a uniform image, they convey the free-spirited and unconventional nature of the event.


  1. Make it Work with Your Brand

Packaging, digital marketing, and your logo all need to match for your branding strategy to be successful. Create a logo online and use it in videos, promotional materials, and more. Choose your customizable geometric logo today!

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  1. Diamonds are Designers’ Best Friends

diamond shape logos

While aesthetically different, diamond shape logos are easy to create and have proven themselves times and times again. This geometric shape conveys stability and flexibility while is also easy to incorporate in letter, abstract or conceptual logo designs.


  1. Experiment with Collages


Source: John Whitlock via Flickr

Being more of an artistic rather than marketing approach, geometric collages and abstract designs are great statement pieces. Those might not work as permanent marketing campaign visuals but can enhance a one-off visual or promotional material.


  1. Choose Creative Packaging Solutions

creative packaging

Source: Structural Packaging Blog

Simple geometric designs and patterns can enhance your packaging solutions. Designs with cool geometric patterns can be an exceptional marketing campaign since so many products come out every day; it’s essential to stand out. Look at what Doisy Dam, a chocolate vendor, did. Different kinds of chocolate have unique pattern designs, which don’t necessarily match in color story or design but still have the same stylistic theme. And that’s what makes this packaging design so iconic and memorable.


  1. Mix in Letters and Shapes

CMYK alphabet

Source: Michael Irwin via Dribbble

Letters are easy to mold into geometric shape designs, and with some imagination and your brand colors, you can turn a universal alphabet into your brand identity. 


  1. Go for Simplicity

liggo logo

Source: Abduzeedo

As Leonardo Da Vinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Learning from the great, you too can apply this wisdom and aim for simple looks that speak louder than complicated designs. Incorporate simple geometric patterns and lines into your logos, brochures, and websites.


  1. Grid Geometric Designs

grid design

Source: Design Center of the Philippines via Behance

Grids are not just convenient tools for layout measurement but also design elements that work! Your geometric design can stand out if you find a way to incorporate grids in. Align with various shapes or purposefully break the barriers. The sky’s the limit or the grid border.


  1. Lines are Also Geometric 

geometric lines

Source: Daily Minimal

One of the most underappreciated geometric shapes is lines. We don’t normally think of them as geometric, while they make all of the shapes known to us. Use them to create geometric patterns, dynamic visuals, and a variety of designs.


  1. Try Psychedelic Shape Patterns

psychedelic design

Source: Hattie Stewart via People of Print

While not everyone’s cup of tea, psychedelic pattern designs are gaining popularity among designers. They incorporate simple illustrations, images, or repetitive patterns with geometric shapes and formations. Combine intricate patterns, interlocking shapes, and other key elements to get a striking design that stands out.


  1. Pair Shapes and Patterns 

shapes and patterns

Source: Zoo Kim via Pinterest

Pairing different elements is not new for graphic designers. This is an effortless technique to create a layout that is unique but also engaging and memorable. The symmetry in geometric shape designs is naturally appealing and satisfying, isn’t it?


  1. Choose Complementary Colors

color wheel and website

Source: TomaszPawlo023 via Dribbble

In graphic design, it’s all about complementary colors and matching those with your personal touch. Look at the main page of the Natural Beauty website. All the colors complement each other and follow the color theory, where colors opposing each other on the color wheel work the best. While the primary color tone matches the wheel, the designer has taken artistic liberty and used pastels to signify the natural and earthly essence of the brand.


  1. Use Shapes to Appeal Visually 

colorful poster

Source: Mr. Marcel School Madrid via Pinterest

Look at posters and brochure concepts from Mr. Marcel School Madrid. Imagine those designs that are aimed at kids without the geometric origami-like animal designs and random geometric patterns.


  1. Try a Border to Enhance Your Design

border enhanced packaging

Source: Anagrama Studio via Behance

Concentrate the attention of your audience on things that matter to you the most; your logo, brand name, description. Create visual depth and enhance your appearance on the market.


  1. Experiment with Hand-drawn Designs

hand drawn design

Source: Pinterest

There is nothing more authentic than the imperfections of hand-drawn designs. Find your ways to combine them with your packaging, digital marketing, and logos, and show that the design shouldn’t be textbook perfect to be good. Try geometric shapes and patterns, and don’t bother with making every line straight.


  1. Engage with Optical Illusions 

optical illusion mockup

Source: Ernst Lindahl via Dribbble

Coming back to more line designs, see how effortlessly modern and elegant curved lines are. Those create optical illusions that can be interpreted differently. A water motion, sound wave, fabric in the wind, use your imagination or leave it to your audience to interpret.


  1. Combine Shapes and Real Pictures 

shapes and pictures

Source: Indulgy

Simple geometric patterns are fun, but have you ever tried combining those with pictures? Shape patterns can be a great mechanism to frame a photo or incorporate the images. Make sure the picture is still visible, and the framing makes sense for it. Don’t try to be edgy just for the sake of it, but make the idea work for you.


  1. Never Go Wrong with Black and White

black and white poster

Source: Christoph Ruprecht via Behance

Black and white geometric designs have been an iconic staple from when color prints were not a thing. It’s sophisticated, cool, and down to earth all at the same time.


  1. Asymmetry and Abstract Design

Scott Albrecht book design

Source: Scott Albrecht

From publishing to digital marketing and beyond, asymmetry and abstract geometric designs keep the visual perception fresh and memorable. Look at Scott Albrecht’s book cover design, for example. He has made those geometric patterns and colors his signature style, and whatever he designs, those are distinctly his creations.


  1. Use Bold Geometric Shapes

bauhaus posters

Source: Design Bundles via Pinterest

When using geometric design, look into inspirations from the beginning of the 20s century, specifically the Bauhaus movement. Back then, designs used bold geometric shapes and weren’t reluctant to combine those for abstract and conceptual prints and more.


  1. Replace Solid Colors with Gradient 

gradient visuals

Source: Danielle Muntyan via Behance

Experimenting with colors doesn’t stop at solids. You can also try to incorporate gradients and add volume to the flat geometric designs. See the project done by Danielle Munutyan, which incorporates lines, geometric shapes, and cutouts and is enhanced by a thematic dual gradient.


  1. Pixels are Cool

pixel image

Source: Andy Gilmore via Designspiration

Pixels by themself, are a kind of beautiful geometric pattern that makes the viewer stop and think for a bit. Use that to your advantage and create geometrical design shapes for your artistic needs.


  1. Try Isometric Cube Patterns

isometric shape

Source: ArtyFactory

We couldn’t have this list without isometric patterns. Those are 3D-like shapes created using light and dark tones to create an illusion. Looking very futuristic, these designs can add a modern flair to your marketing solutions and design needs.


To Sum Up

Geometric patterns and shapes are everywhere. Whichever tip or trick you use, remember to always stay true to your brand and never force trends upon yourself.

There are so many geometric pattern design ideas and styles to look into and find what works best for you. Get inspired by these ideas and use geometric shapes to create images that are incredibly effective.

Creating geometric patterns may be hard if you’re not a designer. This is where Renderforest comes to help. Choose from hundreds of graphic design templates with awesome geometric patterns, simple shapes, typography, geometric gradients, and much more! Click the button below to get started.

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