How to Get More Views on YouTube: 17 Easy Ways

How to Get More Views on YouTube: 17 Easy Ways

There are over 1 billion videos watched on YouTube per day. Most of them are amazing, some disturbing and weird, and some – just “homecooked”. 

The question is – how to stand out in the sea of endless videos.

How to get more views on YouTube by yourself and without any extra money?

With YouTube being the second largest search engine, it’s crucial to have some tricks and tips up your sleeve. You need to keep your audience watching, so even the very first seconds of your YouTube intro are important. 

Here are 17 effective and free ways to get more views on YouTube. Check out the list below and start experimenting right away! 

Let’s go!


  1. Have the YouTube Channel Basics 


To have people coming back for more of your content, first of all, make sure your YouTube channel is nicely set up. 

Your YouTube “appearance” is crucial, no matter what content you’re creating. It gives an idea to your viewer about who you are and what kind of content you’re sharing. 

So, this is what you should do for your YouTube channel: 

  • Upload your profile picture and banner image. Thankfully, YouTube allows you to see the look of your banner image on different devices, such as PC, mobile, TV, etc. 
  • Have a valid “About” page. It’s where your viewer can read your channel description, and get to know you and the kind of content you’re posting. 
  • Updated your contact information. Here you can add your social media accounts, for people to follow you on other platforms. Don’t forget to add your email as well for future collaborations.

YouTube About Page

A professional and creative YouTube channel will encourage people to subscribe, rather than watch a single video and quit.

Your goal is to have more people stay, so to do that you need to have a somewhat organized YouTube account, to let them know you’re a real person. 

You can read more about setting up your YouTube channel from scratch, in our article about how to make a YouTube channel.


  1. Find Your Unique Voice and Target Audience 


So, you want to have more people watch your videos, but do you really know WHO those people are? 

Not everyone is going to be interested in your content, but that’s okay because your videos aren’t for everyone. You have a certain style and YouTube videos that are concentrated on a more precise group of people – your target audience

To target more people and direct them to your YouTube videos, you need to make two things crystal clear for yourself: 

  • Who’s your target audience? 
  • What content will make them stop and watch?


You need to find the precise answer to these questions, so you can start optimizing your YouTube marketing strategy, work on your audience and eventually get 1000 and more subscribers (and thus, views) on YouTube. 

Take this YouTube channel called Nino’s Home for example. He’s a Japanese ASMR YouTuber sharing deliciously beautiful, trendy, and creative food. Now, the ASMR culture is not such a huge deal these days, and there are quite a lot of people out there with this type of content. 

Unique Content on YouTube

What sets him apart from all of the ASMR YouTubers is the way he drags his lovely cats to the screen, and talks both to and about them through subtitles, as he cooks. This makes his content unique and helps his viewers feel like they know him and his cats, even though he never shows his face, and wears a huge bear mask to hide his identity. 

All of these unique approaches to his YouTube content push you to watch more of his content, and this is how he now has millions of views for each of his videos. 

For your target audience, too, to stay and click that play button on your new videos, find your unique voice, your own signature, rather than copy what’s already been done millions of times before. 

And remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. There was a lot of smart planning involved. 


branding YouTube channel


  1. Optimize Your Videos for YouTube Search Ranking 


According to YouTube statistics, this giant platform processes more than 3 billion searches a month. So, how to snatch a top position on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). 

You need to rank near the top YouTube results to introduce your video to a brand new audience, earn more subscribers and views. 

To rank higher on the list you need to optimize your video like any other content, which means you need to get acquainted with YouTube SEO.  

Research and choose the most relevant keywords for your content, with the help of trusted tools like Google Keyword Planner, and use them in your metadata, since YouTube’s algorithms pay a lot of attention to it. 

Video title: Make sure your target keyword is included in your video title, so YouTube realizes what it’s about. Don’t exceed the number of characters allowed, which is 60-70 (including spaces).

YouTube Video Title Tips

Video description: Your main keyword or main two keywords should be in your description 1-3 times. They will maximize search traffic to your video and boost it higher on the result page. 

Make sure you’re not using the keywords in your description more than 3 times, so it doesn’t look like keyword stuffing. 

Tags: Choose the keywords that have low competition, but higher search queries, and use them as YouTube video tags when uploading a video to YouTube. Or, you can research the keywords of your competitors and use the most relevant ones in yours. 

However, the video keywords don’t show up in the video description, but you can right-click on the web page and select “View Page Source”, search (Ctrl + F) “keywords”, and find the list. 

Let’s take the example of the YouTube video above by Nino’s Kitchen, and see what tags he’s used for his video. He’s gone with “nama chocolate, royce chocolate, matcha,” and so on. Search YouTube Video Keyword

Similar keywords will help YouTube see the relevant topics and suggest your videos to the viewers watching your competitors’ videos. 

And you surely need to pop up in the suggestions list, since according to statistics more than 70% of what YouTube users watch is based on their recommendations.

Moreover, YouTube itself can give you both inspiration and keyword ideas. You can see exactly what people are looking for in the YouTube search box. 

Let’s say you want to create a video about boba tea, and you don’t know what you should show in the video. 

Go to YouTube and type “boba tea” in the search box. YouTube will show you the most demanded search results right away. 

YouTube Search Engine

Want a more precise answer? Use the “ * ” instead of a word to see YouTube fill it in itself. For instance by searching “ * boba tea ”, you’ll see YouTube fill the word in, suggesting different keyword options for the search results, such as “how to make boba tea”, “trying boba tea”, etc. 

How to search on YouTube

So based on these search results, our next video might be about “how to make boba tea” or “matcha boba tea”. 


  1. Make Eye-Catching Thumbnails 


A thumbnail for a video is like a cover for a book. We don’t like judging a book or a video by its cover or thumbnail, but deep down we all still do it. 

It’s the first impression of your video, the preview image which helps the viewer make up his mind about watching OR skipping the video. 

A good custom thumbnail speaks about the high quality of your video content. It helps you find your branding style and YouTube video aesthetics. So yes, these days a good thumbnail is quite important if you want to have more YouTube views. 

YouTube Thumbnail Examples

And lucky for us, there are now effective graphic maker tools that can do the job for us without causing a headache.  

Although, don’t follow just any thumbnail advice, since there’s too much of that on the internet. 

What good YouTube thumbnails demand are the ideal size, clarity, some space to breathe, and a style that stands out. You can do the latter with bright colors, close-ups of faces, relatable elements, and text.

Find out more tips about good and high-quality custom thumbnails in our blog post about clickable YouTube video thumbnails


  1. Use Cards and End Screens to Direct Viewers 


Cards and end screens are two of the factors that can influence your audience’s choice and direct them to your next relevant video content. 

An end screen is a frame that you add at the end of your video as a visual CTA (Calls to Action), directly from YouTube. You can choose any of the end screens suggested by YouTube, but because you want to get more YouTube views, you should choose video and playlist suggestions, along with the “Subscribe” option. If they have reached the end screen, it means they are quite interested in your content and will most probably follow the direction you show them. 

YouTube End Screen Example

You can move the elements around on your end screen and place them wherever you think they suit better. Make sure you’re using the grid suggested by YouTube, so your ending screen elements are within the frame. 

Meanwhile, YouTube video cards are clickable and interactive areas that pop up during the video. Using these video cards you can suggest a relevant video or a playlist that you think might interest your viewer.  

YouTube Video Cards Example

However, don’t spam your audience with cards, instead link videos relevant to the content or the moment, that provide additional information, or suggest a topic your viewer might want to check out. 

So, adding end screens and cards to your YouTube videos, is a brilliant way to promote your content, before the YouTube algorithm offers other suggested videos or channels to your viewer. 


  1. Create Playlists to Keep People Watching 


By creating YouTube playlists you can convince people not to move on from your channel, after a video or two. Because of the autoplay nature of YouTube video playlists, the viewer will move on to another relevant video that he might want to watch next. 

And well… scrolling is sometimes done completely automatically, and in this case, it might be to your advantage. It will keep people watching your videos.

YouTube Playlist Example

Besides, playlists help you organize your content and divide them into categories. This way your viewers will realize the essence of your content and keep watching the ones they are interested in.  


  1. Include a Live CTA for More Subscribers 


The more subscribers you have, the more views you’ll get on your YouTube videos. So, it’s important to encourage your viewers to subscribe to your channel at the beginning and end of every one of your videos. 

It is a live-action YouTube CTA and is the best way to convince your audience to do exactly what you want them to do.  

Your subscribers get notifications every time you share a video. So, once you have more subscribers, and move on to publishing another video on YouTube, more people will click that play button and raise the number of your views.

YouTube notifications


  1. Interact With Your Viewers  


Besides being a major video search engine, YouTube is also a huge social media platform, which means you need interactions. 

Engaging with your audience on YouTube is another important step to taking your channel and video views to another level. Just because you’ve successfully uploaded your video to YouTube, doesn’t mean all is said and done.

By liking and replying to as many comments as possible, or pinning the best comments on top, you’re building a special connection with your viewers, encouraging them to come back for more content and comment on the videos they like. 

After all, interacting with the YouTube community will only take you a couple of minutes, but the impact will surely be huge.

Engaging YouTube comments

Through these interactions, your audience will care more about you and your brand and support you with likes, comments, and shares. All of these will help you have more YouTube views and more people subscribing to your channel. 

Note that answering and liking your YouTube comments are not the only way to build a relationship with your viewers, you can also run YouTube contests and giveaways, make reaction videos for some of your funny comments, and ask their opinion about certain matters. 

In short, appreciate and respect the time and energy your viewer spends on your content, and try to interact with them as much as possible. 


  1. Collaborate for a Wider Audience 


To grow more subscribers and introduce your content to a new audience, therefore earn more views on YouTube, both starting and most subscribed YouTubers turn to collaborations. 

Due to each collaboration, you’re exposed to a new audience, most of which might actually subscribe and follow you since one of their favorite YouTube content creators know you and share similar interests with you. 

So, don’t rush into any and every collaboration with another content creator with your eyes closed. You need to collaborate with someone that shares your views, popularity, and passions and is not just a random YouTuber you don’t even like. 

Working together would be a win-win situation for both you and your partner, so most will be eager to take the step if your interests align. 

The collaboration between Nikkie de Jager and Selena Gomez is a perfect example for us. Now, Selena Gomez is a famous star in the world, however, her Rare Beauty brand is just getting started in the industry. 

She’s collaborated with a famous Dutch make-up artist and beauty vlogger Nikkie de Jager, to share her new products with the beauty gurus all around the world that follow Nikkie. The collaboration has helped Nikkie to gather Selena Gomez fans around her channel too. So, see? It’s a total win-win. 


  1. Promote Your YouTube Video Through Social Media


Cross-platform sharing is a brilliant way to grow more followers and views. Now, this might sound easy and doable, but it’s actually a little more complicated than that. 


Well, because if you decide to post your YouTube video link with a text, it will harm your social media accounts. People don’t like seeing too much text and a YouTube link on Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms, so most will just ignore the link. 

Besides, all social media platforms try to keep the user on their page (just like YouTube), so their algorithm is not going to promote your post with a YouTube link.

Another tip, if you decide to post the whole YouTube video on Facebook as a post or share it on IGTV, you’re going to lose potential YouTube views. It will cause more damage than you might think, since Facebook video views aren’t monetizable, and you’ll lose both YouTube views and money.

So, the best way to market your YouTube video and direct your followers on other social media platforms to it is to post a part of your video along with a short text and the link to your full YouTube video. 

Promote YouTube video on Facebook

Additionally, you can also post the teaser and the link to the full-length video in relevant blogs and Facebook groups that align with the topic of your video. Finding inspiration for your next video is also possible in these groups and blog comments, so good luck!  


  1. Add the Subscribe Watermark to Your Videos 


YouTube watermark is an image you choose to appear on all of your videos and when a viewer hovers over it, it shows the “Subscribe” button, that people can press and start to follow to your channel.  

Watermarks help YouTubers make it more visible for the viewer to see the subscribe button and hit it. 

YouTube Subscribe Icon

To add a watermark to your videos, go to your YouTube Studio, “Customization”, and “Branding”. Here you can choose the image you want to watermark your video with (it’s usually your logo) and choose when it should appear: at the end of your video, during the entire video, or custom start time. 

The image should be square, above 50×50 pixels, and preferably transparent. 

By the way, make sure your video has the correct YouTube video size, so the watermark is within its frame. 


  1. Add Transcripts to Your Videos 


YouTube is a huge platform with people from all around the world. Sometimes your videos might not be understood because of the language barrier, or disability, therefore they might be skipped altogether. 

To have more people watch your YouTube video, add captions and transcriptions. Lucky for video content creators out there, YouTube allows you to add closed captions to your videos that are only visible when people turn the feature on. 

Adding transcriptions are great at taking your video to another level and introducing your content to an audience with different language abilities.

Add YouTube captions

To add transcriptions to your YouTube video, you need to create a SubRip Subtitle file (SRT), with the start and finish times next to your text. You can also add your subtitles on YouTube – during or after publishing your video. 


  1. Make Sure the Embedding Feature is Enabled 


For people to be able to share your YouTube video on their websites and blogs, you need to enable its embedding feature. It’ll make the process of people sharing your video easier and help you get more views on your YouTube videos. 

To enable the embedding option, go to your “YouTube Studio”, choose the “Details” of the video and check the “Allow embedding” option. 

YouTube video details


  1. Publish Videos at The Best Time


Publish your videos at the best time and day for your target audience. 

But wait, what’s the best time to publish YouTube videos?

The answer to this question lies in your YouTube Analytics. Check YouTube’s audience demographics to see when your viewers are on YouTube because now this giant platform has made it possible to track.

On the chart YouTube Analytics presents, you can see the peak time your target audience is usually online with a darker purple, and the light purple shows the time your audience is comparatively absent. 

Best time to post on YouTube

However, you shouldn’t post your videos on YouTube at the exact pick time your targeted audience is online. We’d suggest posting the video one or a half-hour earlier than that, so your audience has time to browse and watch more of your content. 

Besides checking the best time for posting videos on YouTube Analytics, pay attention to the watch time of your videos. The watch time tab shows you the average view duration of both subscribed and non-subscribed users. This way you can figure out what interests your viewers, and what makes them abandon the video.


  1. Cross-Promote Your YouTube Videos  


As a YouTuber with a certain theme and style, you’ve probably covered two or more similar topics in your videos. 

Bring your old and relevant video content to the front by sharing the link to it in the description and at the end of your new video. 

Take a look at the following example, pretend you’re posting a video about “how to make a beaded necklace”. In the description of your video, you can attach the link to your old video about “how to attach a clasp to a bracelet or necklace”. 

During your video, you can tell them to check out the link in the description (as a CTA) if they still don’t know how to do that. 

Chances are most people watching your video, will be indeed interested in it and follow the link.  

So, there! Your old video content has your viewers’ attention now too! 


  1. Create an Awesome YouTube Channel Trailer 


Create YouTube teaser-trailers with your best video content to promote your YouTube channel and get more views. 

You can include the various types of video content you post on YouTube, what your channel will give them, and also ask them to subscribe to your channel for more videos. 

You can make the video dynamic, include your brand colors, have fun with text stickers, and more, depending on the style of your content and what audience you are targeting. 

Once your video is ready, go to your channel and click “Customize Channel”, after which you can upload your video with a description and relatable SEO tags. 

After the video is uploaded go back to your channel, click “Customize Channel” again and set the video as your trailer by clicking “For New Visitors”. 

You can share the trailer not only on YouTube but also on other social media platforms, to redirect more people to your YouTube account and encourage them to subscribe and therefore raise the number of your views. 

And in case you don’t have much time to create the teaser-trailer of your video, hey, Renderforest Video Maker is always here to help you make an impressive video. 


  1. Update Regularly 


For you to get more YouTube views, you need to nurture your account and grow it into a beautiful cherry blossom tree. This means you can’t post a video and then disappear for a year or several months. 

This will cause your YouTube engagement to drop and deliver a terrible hit to your subscriber number. 

If you go a month without posting a video and then decide to post 2 or 3 videos in one single week, your channel will not grow and you won’t get as many views as you’d like. Your old subscribers will forget about you, and you won’t have many new ones to support you. 

So, avoid all these “side effects” by deciding on a schedule that will help you grow instead of drowning Update regularly and stay relevant to keep your subscribers engaged and therefore have more views on YouTube.




All things considered, getting more subscribers and YouTube views is not a walk in the park. Although, you can achieve great results with the help of the effective tricks discussed above. 

Start with setting up your YouTube channel basics and optimizing your video for YouTube search ranking. Find your unique voice and target the right audience, and don’t forget to add eye-catching thumbnails to your videos. 

Always interact with your viewers by answering their comments and suggest your new and old content to them through YouTube cards and playlists. 

These and the rest of the points mentioned in this article will give your videos more opportunities to grow and later maybe even help you become one of the most subscribed YouTubers with the most-watched videos. Good luck! 

Ready to create your next YouTube video? Click the button below to choose a template and start your journey right away! 


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