Google Updates: Enhanced Image Search and Featured Stories

Google Updates: Enhanced Image Search and Featured Stories

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28 Sep 2018

Recently, Google reported about the new updates in Search. What can we expect from them?

The demand for visual information has increased over the recent years, leaving the plain text far behind. Thus, to improve the user experience, Google started to include more images and videos in Search.

With these updates, Google aims to enhance the search process, and the new features with AI promise to be more functional and user-friendly.

Now, let’s see what Google has prepared for us.


Featured Videos for Topics in Search

Videos are a very useful way to explore a topic and cover all the aspects. Google is now able to fully understand the content of the videos and can help to find all the most relevant and useful information in its new featured videos update.

So now, the users will quickly get what they’ve been searching for by checking the featured videos. In the featured videos, Google will find and show all the subtopics and related information in video format. This will give a full understanding of the main topic.

featured videos



AMP Stories in Image Search

Google is adding a new feature of AMP Stories to Google Images. This is another step of pushing the visual content forward and helping people to get information from Search. This is a mobile-focused format which easily delivers information and offers a new way of discovering content.

By using AI, Google will create AMP stories more intelligently. The first stories will be added around the facts and information about celebrities and famous people.

The best part of the stories is that you can use videos in them and add call-to-actions to let the users tap on them for more information.

AMP stories



Explore the Images with Google Lens and AI

In addition to the AMP Stories, Google Images will have one more update. Now, the users will be able to explore the visual content by using Lens in image search. Lens’ AI technology will help them detect the objects on the images and find more information about them in real time.

Google Lens

Besides, Google will show captions around images with the title of the webpage where each image is published. This function was introduced on mobile, now it will be added to the desktop.

Google Images


Using Google Updates for Business Promotion

We believe that these changes have benefits not only for the users but also for the businesses and content creators. It goes without saying that the visual content is on the rise. Even Google understands the demand for videos and images and makes it easier to discover and explore them.

What can you do to make use of these updates?

Add more video content which presents your products or services in the best possible way. Google will analyze and push forward the most relevant content. Create explainer videos, tutorials, animated videos, educational videos, app promotion videos, or presentations, depending on your business.

Create Now

With every update, Google is improving the process of finding relevant content and information. So, this process is becoming not only easier but also visually interesting. Visual content helps to understand even the most complex topics and is proved to be more appealing than the plain text. The only thing the businesses need is the ability to adapt to changes and create relevant visual content for the users.



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