Is Green Logo Right for Your Brand?

Is Green Logo Right for Your Brand?

What images pop up in your head when you think about green? Do you think about the endless valleys you’ve seen in a movie, your favorite flower shop, spring, the eyes of a certain someone you know, or do the green logos of Sprite, Subway, or Spotify cross your mind instead? 

If the answer is one of the last three, then these brands have completed their mission of making green their distinctive color. But is there a specific reason behind their choice of branding color? Let’s discover together.  

What color do you think suits your brand – blue, pink, or something else? Choosing the right color for your brand is not rocket science, but it sure can be difficult if you don’t know what message you want to convey with it or what your brand strategy is. 

Once you find the answers to these questions and consider color psychology, you’ll be good to go. Green, for instance, can express growth, harmony, nature, and more. So, is the color green the right choice for your brand? We can find out now. 

  • Green in Color Psychology
  • Industries That Tend to Use Green
  • Green Logo Color Combinations
  • Is Green Logo Right for Your Brand?
  • How to Design a Green Logo with Renderforest?


Green in Color Psychology

It’s common knowledge that green symbolizes nature and harmony. It’s the easiest color to look at because it doesn’t force the human eye to make any adjustments. 

This color is associated with peace, safety, health, and healing. It’s also fresh and youthful, evoking a sense of balance, simplicity, and trust.

green logo - meaning

A study done by academic researcher Joe Hallock distinguished 9 main qualities of green: “courage, fear, frugality, fun, quality, reliability, security, speed, and trustwith different colors”. 

According to the same study, green is also popular among young people, rather than people in their 50’s and above. This means if your target audience is the youth, then you can definitely use green confidently.  

green logo - preference by age

Source: HotDesign


Industries That Tend to Use Green

Research shows that brands that want to build a sense of trust with their consumers, should use cool, less radiant colors. And green is eligible for this. That’s why it’s mostly used in the technology, healthcare, and food industries — trust is the key to success in these spheres. 


One of the most famous music streaming apps, Spotify, faced criticism in 2015 because they decided to change their “broccoli” green logo to a lighter green. 

At first, the public didn’t like the new shade, but Spotify released an explanation claiming that the previous logo was “desperate for an upgrade”, and they wanted to add “a little more pop”

So, yes, they didn’t change it back. Spotify believed it was better for their product, and today, it’s hard to imagine their logo design with any other shade of green. 

Turns out, Spotify made the right choice by making that color its signature feature, and the rise of its users after the change can absolutely prove it. 

green logo - spotify statistics

Source: BusinessOfApps


Of course, Spotify is not the only one in the tech and app world to adopt green. Other famous brands in the industry, like WhatsApp, Android, Hulu, Acer, Wechat, Nvidia, and more are also using green logos. The reason behind this is the need to earn the trust of their users and ensure that they are secure and fast. 

green logo - in tech

Food Industry

This is where green is widely used along with many of its shades. Sprite, Starbucks, Subway, TicTac, Heineken, and more all have green logos. With this, they try to tell their consumers that their brand is natural, friendly, and balanced.  

green logo - food industry


You have probably seen many pharmacies on your way home, now can you remember what color most of them use for their signs? We believe most answers to be green. Pharmacies or organic beauty brands such as the Nature Republic and Flora & Fauna, are also green, hinting at offering pure vegan products, and inspiring calmness, and serenity.

green logo - healthcare

Green Logo Color Combinations

As mentioned above, green is considered to be a cool color, so when choosing a suitable combination color for it, it’s better to go with warm colors like white, yellow, and silver. They go well with green, making any logo design more appealing.


Green and White

When it comes to color combinations white is the most used color, and green is not an exception. Together, green and white are clean, harmonious, and fresh. Starbucks and TicTac logos are great examples of this combo. 

green logo - starbucks

Green and Yellow

These colors go hand in hand perfectly. It’s like summer and spring in one, and together they create a shining duet for a brand. Subway, Sprite, BP company, and John Deere definitely knew what they were doing, since this combination creates a welcoming aura.

green logo - subway

Green and Silver

If you want your brand to radiate a sense of power and seriousness, then gray is the color that can turn that idea into reality, when combined with green. In fashion, this combo can express modesty, class, and individuality. In the tech world, it means seriousness and trust. We can take the Sony Ericsson logo as an example.

green logo - green and silver


These color combinations, however, can be too mellow if you want your brand to express boldness and power. This is why in the fashion and vehicle world, instead of these color schemes, green is mostly used with red, black, or purple. 


Other Color Combinations

A good green and black (also a little red) logo example can be Lacoste’s icon, which is a quite famous design in the fashion industry. This color combination means elegance, mystery, and responsibility.  

When it comes to green and red logos, Gucci and Heineken are probably the first brands to pop up in our heads. Together, these colors give out strong, balanced, and passionate vibes.

Green and purple make a perfect combination for certain brands, inspiring creativity, energy, and royalty. A great quirky (in the best way possible) example of this combo is Scentsy, which is a creative brand of candles, beauty products, and fragrances.

green logo - color combo

Is Green Logo Right for Your Brand?

Answering this question with total confidence can be tricky, because it all depends on the market, what your brand offers, and your target audience. What you need to remember when choosing the right color for your brand, is the origin of your company and the direction you want it to go. 

Green can help your brand look natural, fresh, simple, and friendly. If your brand is involved in the healthcare, technology, or food industries, then green might definitely be your go-to branding color. After all, there are many shades of green that you can experiment with to make the right choice.


How to Design a Green Logo with Renderforest?

Already excited to create your green logo? Renderforest Logo Maker has got you covered. There are two ways to create your perfect logo design within minutes. 

The first option is going to the Make Logo section on our website and then clicking on the “All” option. After typing in “green” (on any other color that you want your logo to be), you will be offered a large variety of green logos, from where you can choose the one you like and start editing.

You can add your company name and tagline to the preset, as well as edit the size, color, style, and opacity of every part of the logo design. 

green logo - create

The other option for you to create a green logo is to enter the name of your brand on the front page of the  “Make Logo” section and press the “Get my logo” button. 

This will lead you to the Description field, where our logo maker will ask you to type the industry of your business and the color you imagine the logo to be

You’ll be able to choose a style you prefer and after that view a wide range of logo designs according to your taste.

green logo - make a logo

Here you can also change the size, the font, the style, and the color of your text and logo, before downloading the final version in your preferred logo file format. 

Still can’t find enough inspiration to start? You can always look through some logo design tips to make up your mind. 



Green is the easiest color for the human eye to catch, which makes it a perfect branding color for some companies. It symbolizes trust, nature, growth, and harmony, as well as stability and wealth. 

Green logos are mostly found in the healthcare, technology, and food industries, and are widely used by famous brands in these markets. Renderforest offers two ways of creating your green logo, both of which are quick and easy. 

If your brand is a part of one of these industries, then green might just be your color. 


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