5 Ways to Utilize Facebook Live Video to Grow Your Social Media Presence

5 Ways to Utilize Facebook Live Video to Grow Your Social Media Presence

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2 Aug 2018

You’ve probably noticed by now that social media presence is crucial to your marketing strategy. With billions of monthly active users, social platforms have become by far the biggest marketing battlefield, so companies invest a lot of human and financial capital to make a breakthrough online.

But the best thing about social networks – Facebook in particular – is that you don’t even have to spend tons of money to raise brand awareness. On the contrary, you only need a good plan on how to utilize free features such as Facebook Live Video. According to the research, almost 80% of online audiences are already watching video on Facebook Live.

Facebook live

Jason Burns, a social media manager at Resumes Planet, recently noted: “Facebook Live Video has multiple advantages over other marketing tactics – it looks more natural than traditional content, it is cost-free, and it can go viral easily”.

In such circumstances, the question is not whether to use this tool or not but rather how to exploit it most efficiently. In this post, we will show you 5 ways to utilize Facebook Live Video to grow your social media presence.


Product Tutorials


E-commerce is getting stronger and more important each year, but it is still suffering from one big disadvantage – customers cannot test products before purchasing. Video production is the best way to overcome the problem, but most product reviews and tutorials seem too polished and insincere.

This is where Facebook Live Video steps in to help marketers. Using this tool, you can demonstrate how your products or services work in the everyday environment. This is the crucial point as prospects trust live action much more than screenplay-based video content.

Facebook live - produc tutorials

This is how Martha Stewart used Facebook Live Video to share her favorite outdoor decorating ideas from The Living Holiday Collections. Martha showed her followers how to use dozens of items to decorate their homes, but she also used the opportunity to mention retail company The Home Depot as part of the presentation.

The results of this product demonstration were staggering:

  • Almost 600 thousand views
  • More than 7 thousand likes
  • Over 1.2 thousand shares
  • 1.7 thousand comments


Raise Brand Awareness


Each brand, however big or small, has to keep investing in raising awareness in order to ensure long-term popularity. It’s not an easy goal to achieve because all brands and products have a life cycle, but there are many ways to prolong it.

Facebook Live Video is one of those tactics that can really give you a boost and help the brand stand out from the crowd of competitors. You just need to come up with a series of interesting ideas to grasp the attention of target consumers.

Facebook live - create brand awareness

ASPCA went live on Facebook to mark the “31 Days of Rescue Dogs” campaign. They organized a walk with pit-bull puppies through the busy streets of New York City, while each member of the team wore an orange shirt. At the same time, dogs had orange handkerchiefs.

The group was obviously a big attraction both off and on-line. The crowd in NYC definitely noticed ASPCA, while the same goes for their Facebook Live Video:

  • More than 34 thousand views
  • Almost 3 thousand likes
  • Over 200 shares
  • Over 270 user comments


Engagement and Infotainment


Social media marketing has several purposes, with engagement and infotainment being among the most significant objectives. Your job is to keep followers informed and entertained but at the same time willing to engage through clicks, shares, likes, and comments. This is how the videos go viral.

If you can produce live videos that really fulfill this purpose, you will create a base of loyal followers who keep coming back for more of the same content. Take Kohl’s for example. The family-oriented retail company made a Facebook Live Video to inspire followers to begin workout sessions in the pre-Christmas season.

Facebook live - increase engagement

Kohl’s made a clever move here because they knew people would hardly go out and exercise during winter. That’s why they organized live broadcast of the home workout session, inviting users to join them. At the same time, Kohl’s used the opportunity to discretely promote their workout wardrobe.

What about the result of this campaign? Here it is:

  • 38 thousand views
  • More than 500 likes
  • Almost 100 shares
  • Over 100 user comments


Host Q&A Sessions


Speaking of user engagement, there is no better way to inspire followers to interact with you than to host a live Q&A session. The process is simple – you go live on Facebook Video and answer questions coming from the comment section. This proves people that you really care about them, showing the willingness to answer all of their inquiries.

Besides that, Q&A sessions increase retention because most users are watching live video in its entirety to see if you are going to answer their questions. Timing is another advantage – users can find the information they need within seconds or minutes.

Facebook live - Q&As

The number of topics is almost unlimited, so you should narrow down the discussion and choose a specific theme for each Q&A video. For instance, you can talk about the future of your company and new products, or invite followers to ask you about existing services.

We recommend you check out the video made by Stephen Amell, the star of the Arrow TV series. This is one of Stephen’s Q&A sessions where he answers questions about the show and tells people how it feels behind the scenes of Arrow.

It’s a great tactic because Stephen is building his self-brand, Arrow is getting more popular, while followers get the chance to interact with their favorite actor. If you are wondering about the concrete benefits of this live video, here they are:

  • Almost 300 thousand views
  • More than 31 thousand likes
  • Over 600 shares
  • Almost 5 thousand user comments


Event Coverage


The last Facebook Live Video tip is also one of the most frequently used tactics among marketers. A lot of companies exploit this tool to cover events and show part of the atmosphere to online supporters. According to the study, events such as conferences, festivals, and concerts are the second most-watched live video content, right behind breaking news.

Facebook Live - event coverage

Back in 2016, Starbucks delivered a 26-minute Facebook Live Video from Rufus King Park in Jamaica, Queens, to celebrate National Voter Registration Day. Their intention was to help increase voter registration and participation so that more people get the opportunity to make their voices count.

This made Starbucks look like a socially responsible company among locals, while the video also served as a delicate means of brand promotion. And it fulfilled its task with:

  • Almost 175 thousand views
  • More than 3.5 thousand likes
  • Over 250 shares
  • 441 user comments




Facebook Live Video is one of the most powerful marketing tools of our age. It’s a cost-free format that looks more natural than other channels of promotion, so it has the potential to go viral quickly. In this post, we showed you 5 ways to utilize Facebook Live Video to grow your social media presence. Did you ever use this marketing tactic? Do you have other interesting ideas to share with our readers?

Warren is a marketing enthusiast and a blogger at Resumesplanet.com, who loves music. If he doesn’t have a guitar in his hands, he’s probably embracing new technologies and marketing techniques online! You can meet him on Twitter and Facebook.

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