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Helmut Ditsch: Exceeding the Reality of Nature

Helmut Ditsch: Exceeding the Reality of Nature


Helmut Ditsch is an Argentine painter, very popular for his large-format nature paintings. His work is best understood under the category of Experienced Realism and focuses on such natural phenomena as mountains, desert, ice, and water. He finds the exact colour-temperature of the intimate reaching not only a three-dimensional effect, but also creating an inner world which exceeds reality. After graduating from Holters Schule he started his career as a painter and later graduated the Academy of Fine Arts in VIenna with honors. Now he is a professor at the Argentinian University UNSAM now.

The sale of the painting Das Meer II for US$865.000 made Ditsch the most expensive artist in Argentina in 2010. The same year he began his free entry exhibition tour "Gira Nacional Y Popular" in numerous cities like Santa Fe, Rosario, Parana, Vienna, Mar del Plata, Mendoza.

In June 2016 Helmut Ditsch began to use his creative talent in music and recorded his first album "Del Final de los Tiempos". The work includes music, lyrics, arrangement and voice. For Helmut his symphonic poems are the melody which you can also find on canvas. "I conceive my paintings through music. In fact the colours have a tonal frequency. Therefore every time when I paint, I create a music score."

Q: How did you start painting?

A: I cannot remember. Probably I started painting before I started thinking. So it was always present.


Q: Is there anything that particularly inspires you?

A: The life inspires me. I was inspired when I was born. I do not know the condition of not being inspired. There are moments which I have to experience and then there are moments in which I have to materialize these experiences (on canvas). But there is never a moment without inspiration.

Das Meer II

Q: It is always interesting to know what materials an artist favors. What paints, brushes and mediums do you prefer?

A: Only oil. In the past also egg tempera.

Kaltenberg III

Q: Your paintings are really great. What are some of the things you enjoy most about painting?

A: I enjoy the possibility of entering into another world. When I begin to paint my mind is not in front of the white canvas but in another world.

Die Zehn Gebote II

Q: What has been the most challenging work so far that you struggled with emotionally, physically, creatively?

A: Some big format paintings like Point Of No Return I and II, Das Gebirge and Das Meer II.

Point of no return

Q: Many years in art, hence many works of art. What are you working on right now? Are there any current projects you can discuss?

A: I am also a musician. Last year I recorded my first music album "Del Final de los Tiempos"

The Triumph of Nature

Q: What colors prevail on your palette?

A: There are commonly blue colours.

Das Gebirge

Q: There are so many professions now. What would you do if you could not be a painter?

A: Artist. There was never any other option.

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