How Long can Instagram Videos be?

How Long can Instagram Videos be?

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3 Mar 2020

Instagram: the famous photo and video app we all know and love. Sharing videos allows us to show more of our lives and makes our profiles more dynamic. But the question remains, how long can videos be on Instagram?

The bad news is, there are some limitations. The good news is, we can use them creatively, even turn them to our advantage. The allowed length varies depending on the type of Instagram video. So, let’s dive right into it. 


Video post to your profile: 3 60 seconds

Story video: Up to 15 seconds

Live video: Up to 60 minutes

IGTV video: 15 seconds 10 minutes (up to 60 minutes for verified accounts)


Video Post to Your Profile

Now, the first type is a video post, shared immediately onto your Instagram feed. The allowed length is between 3 seconds and 1 minute. 

If your video exceeds the set limit you can cut it down to 1 minute by tapping “Trim” then holding and dragging the video to select the 60-second portion that you would like to post. Choose carefully which part you think is the best to share and leave unnecessary parts out.

If you still want to share longer videos we’ve got a quick hack for you. With a carousel post, you can share as many as 10 videos in a single post. 10 videos, each a minute long, and voila, now you can post a 10-minute-long video! Then the viewers can swipe through the clips to watch your entire video. 

Carousel post

Source: Broadcasting Commission


Story Video

Next up are Instagram stories, which can be up to 15 seconds long. Stories are posted in a separate section and expire after 24 hours. They are perfect for displaying smaller parts of your daily life. Instagram gives you fun options with your stories, like creating a poll for your followers.

Instagram poll

Source: Medium

Uploading longer story videos is pretty easy. Videos exceeding 15 seconds will be split up and shared separately. But keep in mind that this only works with videos no longer than one minute in length. If the video exceeds one minute, you’ll have to split it up yourself. You can use Instagram’s trimming tool before you share it to your story.

Instagram stories are also an effective marketing tool. Around a quarter of Instagram users watch stories instead of browsing feeds. No wonder stories are so popular among influencers and business owners. It can be worth your time to enhance your stories and make them more attractive to your followers. 

Trim instagram videos

Source: Howfinity


Live Video

You can livestream a video for as long as 60 minutes at a time. When your time is up, you can end the live video and start another one right after. Make sure to keep track of your time while you are live, so that you know when it's going to end.

When the streaming ends, you’ll have an option to save the live video to your camera roll. Take into consideration that you can't save the comments, likes, and views. After the streaming, you’ll also be given an option to share it, in case some of your followers missed it. If you decide to share the video, it will be posted in the Stories section and will be available for 24 hours.

Live video

Source: The Verge


IGTV Video

Introduced in 2018 as an extension of Instagram, IGTV is relatively new. You can use IGTV within Instagram or in the IGTV app for which you’ll have to set up an account. Your IGTV account is going to be linked to your Instagram.


Source: Master of Media

IGTV is great for longer videos, as the time allowance is from 15 seconds up to 10 minutes for regular accounts. The rule doesn’t apply to verified accounts or accounts with a large follower number, though. Those are able to post up to 60-minute-long IGTV videos. 

If these limitations bother you, I wouldn’t worry too much, because Instagram has announced that it’s going to eventually remove the time limit for IGTV.


Instagram Ads Video

Finally, let’s talk about ad videos. Ads shared on the Instagram feed as regular posts should be from 3 to 60 seconds, just like all the other feed videos. Instagram Story ads, on the other hand, are a bit complex. 

We’ve all seen Instagram influencers continually tell us to swipe up in their stories. When we do, we’ll see an ad, which is made up of cards. Basically, each card can either be a video up to 15 seconds long or one photo shown for 5 seconds. 


To Sum Up

Videos can definitely be a huge part of your success, whether you want to market your product, promote your profile, or just make your content a lot more fun and entertaining. 

Instagram has certain limitations, depending on which type of video you want to share. But remember that you can always work your way around the length limits. All you need are a couple of small tips and tricks.

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