How to boost your website traffic with videos

How to boost your website traffic with videos

Ask any marketing expert or advertising agent: “What is the most important key success factor in your domain?” and the answer will be the large audience and the vast clientele. The relationship between the audience size and the opportunities of success in doing business online is undeniable. Website traffic is an essential constituent of visitor conversion and retention, which is the first place where you and your potential customer meet. The tools and the methods of attracting new visitors and creating a loyal audience change with the development of online media.

One particular method of increasing website traffic is video marketing strategy. Its popularity grows day by day because this may be one of the most efficient ways to achieve the number of views you wish for your website. Today 64% of all traffic consists of videos, and it is about to reach 80% of it by the end of 2019, according to VNI forecast.

However, if you have tried this strategy and failed, you may need to read this material to find out what you were doing wrong. In this article, we will present useful methods for increasing the traffic of your website, and particularly using videos to do it.

No.1. Understand your target

First of all, you will need to understand who your targeted audience is and what platform you use to diffuse your advertisement. Short viral videos going around social websites are very actual and common nowadays. No doubt you have met some videos on Facebook that catch your attention for a couple of seconds.

Facebook Audience Insights can be used if you are seeking a way to understand who your main Facebook page followers are. Here you can choose which viewers you want to learn more information about (e.g. people who have liked your page). You can also find the analysis of the people that have liked your page, in order to understand your target.


If you are using YouTube as a platform, you can start a new campaign or create a video remarketing list, doing the same as you would while starting a new campaign.

Based on the collected data to your target group, you will get a clearer idea of the type of video to create.

No.2. Use videos about your product in order to increase clientele

About 64% to 85% of the visitors tend to buy the product after they have watched a video about it. For this purpose, it would be useful to make some promotional videos about your product. For example, if you are selling jewelry, you could have some videos of people wearing it instead of just posting photos of them. Or, if you are selling an application, show people what the application is all about in a short promotional video about it.

This method is mostly useful for those businesses that are new to the customers and don’t have enough reputation. This is a great way to tell people more about you and to gain their trust. Below you can see some nice examples of explainer videos for products:

This viral video of cost only $4500 but generated 12,000 orders in its first 48 hours. See how many views it has today. 

However, note that if you are offering a variety of products or services, then it would be better if you focused on one product in each video. Why? Let’s jump to the next point.

No.3. Make your videos short

A recent study by Microsoft has shown that the attention spans of people are shorter than those of goldfish, being equal to only 8 seconds!

This means that your video should be short and full of only key information because the longer the video is, the fewer people will be likely to watch it. Using one long video, that has too much information in it, may result in none of the information being remembered by the audience.

No.4. Use animations

Especially when your video is used to explain something, animations are the easiest way to reach your target. They are attractive, funny and easy to understand.

No.5. Use how-to videos

The Internet has become a reliable source for people trying to find solutions to their problems, so presenting what you can offer in order to solve their problems would increase your audience.

This study shows that 3 in every 1000 customers admit that how-to videos have influenced their purchasing decision.

This short video from Vine greatly recaps the previous two points!

No.6. Streaming live videos

Although the videos are on the hype, the main con they have is that they are passive. Streaming live videos will help add interaction between you and your audience. When hosting a live stream, it is very important to keep your viewers engaged with you — and questions are a nice way to do this. Use streams especially in the middle of the week! According to a study, this is when people tend to watch video streams the most!

No.7. Use Blogging

Video blogging is a common and effective way to attract your audience’s attention because it helps you engage with your customers. Both its blog message and visually appealing images make blogs a powerful combination for retaining your viewer’s attention.

No.8. Don’t make much effort for your script

Video communication is mostly based on its visual effect, so in most cases the script is not even needed. This video of a Brazilian bar is a great example:

No.9. Use video ads

Online video ads are increasing dramatically, and according to 72% of the agencies, they have the same effectiveness, if not more, as the ads on TV. They have become a game changer in digital marketing by having the leading role in it. The video ads get more clicks than any other type of ads, according to Business Insider.

No.10. Use keyword labels

Use as much information as you can from search engines to identify your video in search results. Keywords are as important as pictures and graphics. Adding relevant keywords to your video will ensure that your video will appear in search engine results increasing the number of its views.

No.11. Add a video transcript

If there is an audio portion in your video, you could add a transcript of it to make it easier to find for search engines. The information in the audio cannot be searched, while a transcript makes it searchable.

No.12. Use YouTube for hosting your video

The first reason you should use YouTube is it is the second-largest search engine by the number of search queries. Secondly, YouTube belongs to Google, which makes it even better. This chart will help you understand how important that point is. While it is suggested that you should host your video on your own website, for universal search results YouTube is the best.

No.13. Shorten your video load time

First of all, page performance is considered in Google algorithm. Second of all, slow websites affect user experience, which has a negative effect on SEO. A study of Radware shows that 57% of mobile users leave the website if it doesn’t load in three seconds.

No.14. Backlink from your videos

Shares and links to YouTube or other hosting website’s videos may not increase the views of your website, but if you create backlinks for your website, for example by leaving the link in the description, you will add views to your website as well.

Last thoughts

Even though video and YouTube marketing don’t have a rich history, it is considered to be one of the most prospective tools in marketing. Video marketing can be very effective not only in boosting website traffic but also in increasing visitor conversion.

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