How to Create a Converting Landing Page

How to Create a Converting Landing Page

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12 Mar 2019

First impressions make all the difference, and there’s no exception when it comes to your landing page.

In fact, you have about 50 milliseconds to grab someone’s attention. If you didn’t catch that, that’s less that’s a second!

So what does this mean? Well, simply put, it means you have to have a nice looking, and professional website. And your landing pages should reflect this too.

Let’s go into what a great and high converting landing page needs.


What is a Landing Page?

Before we dive into what a high converting landing page looks like, let’s review what it is. Yes, you made it to this page, but it’s not a landing page, nor is the website’s homepage you may have used to get here. But a landing page can be a homepage. Confused yet?

What makes a page a ‘landing page’ is whether or not that particular page is used as a conversion tool. A landing page is usually always promoted by the business, whether that be by Google Adwords, social media ads, or some other channel.

A landing page is created for a very specific purpose used in a marketing strategy. It is used to push a set objective to the viewer, to click on the Call To Action (CTA).

What is a Landing Page?

So if you click a link in one of the ad areas of a Google search you’ll like land on a page with limited CTA’s or clickable buttons, unlike the regular homepage you might find if you scroll down to the search results listed under the paid search results.

To give you a visual. Take a look at these two images. You’ll notice the regular webpage has quite a few other clickable items, whereas the landing page hyper focuses on one (see the highlighted blue areas).

Though, a lot of landing pages may still use navigation. According to Hubspot, 84% of landing pages have navigation on them.

how to create a converting landing page


Do You Need a Landing Page?

The short answer is no. Obviously. But, they are a huge part of many marketing campaigns, because they push your marketing objective.

The thing is, landing pages work because they lead people to their targeted search query. Meaning, if you searched for the term “Email Marketing”, you’re probably looking for a service to help you start an email campaign.

You’ll be able to see a ton of options listed in the results. But, if a particular brand is running a special campaign, you’ll likely see an ad for them, first, and it will likely be a landing page trying to get you to sign up for a trial or to request a demo.

Most of the time this works, because it’s convenient and exactly what the intended search was for.

You’ll find that a landing page can be a lot of things, and click-through page, an informational page, a product page, and explainer page, and of course a lead generating page.


Examples of Good Landing Pages

Here are a few great examples of landing pages that work. You’ll see they have a strong headline, visual appeal, and of course a clear CTA.

ShopifyThis landing page looks clean. They give a visual that showcases exactly what they do and use a headline that reinforces that. They stick to one clear CTA and use the word ‘free’ to further entice clicking.

The overall feel is very trendy, which probably blends well with what most eCommerce stores are looking to do. Thus making it easy for them to see that Shopify can help them create the store they want.

landing page examples

GoToMeetingThis landing page uses a slightly different approach and requires a short form. As you’ll see it doesn’t require a ton of information and what it does require is rather harmless. The main goal is obviously to get people to start a trial, but they offer a second CTA underneath “Buy Now and Save 20%”.

They use a large hero image, that gives off professional vibes, making it easy for people to envision themselves using this product for their business.

create a landing page


5 Elements to Creating a Converting Landing Page

There are many elements to consider when you are creating a landing page. You need to have a vision in mind, and honestly consider what types of people you want to land here.

If you can’t accommodate their needs within the first few seconds, your landing page will flop. Here are a few elements to consider when creating your on converting landing page. You don’t have to use all of these at once, but rather consider what makes the most sense for you.


The Reason

Your headline should be attention-grabbing, informative, and let them know exactly what they are in for without having to search around.

Typically, the viewer will know exactly what you’re asking them to do by as soon as they land on this page. If your reason isn’t clear right away, you might find that people will close the webpage without giving it much thought.

For example, if someone is looking for a coding course. It’s pretty evident that they want to learn to code. Skill Distillery happened to pop up upon this search request, and right away it’s evident what their goal is. And that’s to teach you a new career skill.

high converting landing page


Social Proof

You might need to show that others are doing it too (a download count, testimonials, or that other brands have tried). Some people are apprehensive to try something, this is especially true for technology, software, and services.

You’ll find that many types of businesses use this strategy because it helps them become more familiar. People often like to fit in, and they like what’s known because it’s comfortable.

This can also be a winning strategy used on landing pages as it increases your brand awareness in a way. Since people may then label you as an industry leader once they can associate your name with others.

See how in the example below they list out some featured customers? This tends to make leads feel more comfortable.

landing page elements


Informative Copy

Many people want to know what it is, why it matters, and get a quick glimpse of what they might be working with. This is your opportunity to build trust. is a marketing platform that works on different social platforms.

If someone clicked on the link to this landing page, they get a quick glimpse of what their dashboard looks like, along with some quick facts. That may be exactly what someone needs to see before going on to the next step. In this case, the landing page drives the viewer towards requesting a demo.

effective landing page


Get Visual


Many good landing pages use an image or two to help convey their message. Or just increase the overall appeal of the page. A boring page, after all, is unlikely to convert. It's best if the image reflects the brand or product, in at least some aspect. Even if it's loosely related. You can hire a designer or use image creator tools to get professional images.

Slack does this well. Their tool makes office time fun, and their bold imagery turns up the heat in a traditional office setting.

creating a landing page


Using videos can further amplify what an image does and help to increase the conversion rate. In fact, in a recent study of over 1000 people, it found that video helps increase the amount of time people spend on a page, up to 71%! On top of that, Cisco anticipates nearly 80% of all internet traffic will be video by 2021.

Since landing pages are designed to convert, a video seems like the ultimate powerplay. You may know of Square, the credit card reader for on the go. But if you don’t, their landing page will fill you in with a quick video.

website landing page


A Good Call to Action (CTA)

Landing pages have a specific purpose. This can include any number of things. Like to sign up, make a purchase, download, or to even refer.

A good CTA can make this happen. What do we mean by a ‘good’ CTA? Well, we simply mean one that is clear and eye-catching. Most of the time, you can figure out what you need to do, without actually have to read the text on the page.

For example ‘get started’, ‘request a demo’, ‘refer now’, are all pretty clear call to actions. As in it’s evident what is going to happen once you click the button.

Many referral programs use landing pages to get people to sign up and refer. Here is an example of a referral program landing page from Humble Bundle.

The viewer can pretty much assume that as soon as they log in they are going to be able to refer.

create landing page


Bonus! Use Software

Creating your landing page takes a lot of creativity as you can probably see from the above elements. But, if you want to make it even easier on yourself, you can use a good landing page software or tool to help.

A landing page builder allows you all the freedom to design exactly what you want but in a drag and drop interface.



Creating a converting landing page does not need to be difficult. It does, however, have to be creative enough to get your message across within a split second.

If you have just the right elements, you’ll be able to nail your landing page so that it converts.

Megan Mosley is the marketing specialist at Referral Rock who believes every business has the potential to increase their word of mouth. When she’s not working, she enjoys sipping on coffee and hanging out with her dog, Mollie.

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