How to Create a Viral Video for Social Media?

How to Create a Viral Video for Social Media?

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28 Jun 2018

What is a viral video? It's hard to determine what exactly makes a video go viral but the common thread of viral videos is that they have something inspiring and fun, something that people love to watch and share.

What matters here is definitely the content. If you choose a topic that is interesting to the most part of your audience, the chances are higher that you’ll go viral. The hardest part is to choose the right topic. And, once you pick one, you need to proceed with the creation process.

In this tutorial, you are going to learn how to make viral videos with Renderforest. Why Renderforest? Because you can create high-quality videos in minutes. There’s also an opportunity to use amazing Stock Videos from Renderforest Video Gallery and create your own videos. Upload your media files and edit your video with our easy-to-use video editor. Besides, you’ll have a lot of fun in the process.

The “Social Media Toolkit” can help you make your awesome and professional videos. Maybe this is your chance to go viral.

Let's start!

To start your video creation process, you need to sign up or sign in, if you already have an account. After it, go to our “Video Templates” library and choose the “Promotional” video template category.

Viral Video Tutorial

We’ll pick the “Social Media Toolkit” and click on “Create Now” to start.

Viral Video Template

You can either use the premade stories by clicking on “Load a preset”, or manually choose the scenes of your video from the library by clicking on “Add a scene”.

Viral Video Editor

Choose from the list of our customizable presets and simply make some changes to finish your video. This will save you time and energy. 

Viral Video Presets

Or, select and insert the scenes that best match your story. You can find a wide range of social media scenes with icons and text holders. Use them to promote your YouTube channel or any other social media page. Browse the categories to find the scenes you need to create your video.

Viral Video scenes

Select the scenes you want your video to have and insert them. They will appear on your dashboard in your selected order. Later on, you can rearrange them, delete or add more scenes, so don't hesitate. Click on the text holders to type your text. 

Viral Video - Add Texts

Click on the video holders to add videos. Here you have several options. You can either upload your own videos from your device, insert the video URL, go to the “Media Library” to use your previously uploaded videos, or choose a video from Renderforest Stock Video Gallery.

Viral Video - Add Media

Click on “Stock Videos” and search for your topic. You can hover on videos to see the content, and after choosing the video you like the most, click “Insert”.

Viral Video - Stock Videos

Then, you can edit your video and select the parts that you want to appear in your project by dragging the sliders.

Viral Video - Trimmer

Set your desired duration for the text on the video by selecting the start and the duration.

Viral Video Lower Third

If you’ve finished customizing the scenes and are happy with what you have, it's time to go to “Style” next to the “Edit” button to choose the style from the four options.

Viral Video Style

Then, go to the “Color” section to choose one of the ready-made color palettes.

Viral Video Colors

Choose the colors you want manually in the “Custom Colors” section.

Viral Video Custom Colors

Once you choose the colors, go to the “Music” section to choose one of the music tracks from our “Music Library” or upload your own music from your device. Besides, you can add a voice over or mute your project.

Viral Video - Add Music

Now, it’s time to preview your masterpiece. Click on “Preview” and choose “Free Preview” to make sure you are happy with the result before processing to the paid export.

Viral Video Preview

Your awesome video will be ready in minutes.

Viral Video Rendering

So, here it is! Your social media video is ready. Click here to create your video now.

Now you’re ready to go viral with your unique and impressive video. It’s time to take over the internet!

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