How to Create Corporate Presentations with Renderforest

How to Create Corporate Presentations with Renderforest

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28 Feb 2018

Nowadays more and more companies are using corporate presentations to tell about their company, product or service in an interactive way. This is an effective tool to communicate and build a brand image for a company and a great opportunity for not only making your audience watch your video but also be actively involved in what you are trying to convey.

Promote your business or simply tell something important about your company to your target audience with the help of business presentations.

Creating professional videos may seem difficult and time and effort consuming sometimes but through this tutorial, you'll learn how easily you can create your corporate presentations with Renderforest.

You are offered a wide variety of video templates to create a corporate presentation, infographics or slideshows, everything you need to tell about your business. Just browse the templates and choose the one you like the most. We are going to explore the Company Presentation Toolkit. You can use any other one.

Let's get started!

Go to the "Video Templates", choose the "Presentations" category and pick the Company Presentation Toolkit.

Corporate Presentation Tutorial

Click the "Create Now" button to start! 

Corporate Presentation Video Template

Here you have 2 options: add the scenes manually or use the ready-made video presets.

Corporate Presentation Video Editor

If you choose a preset, you can edit it and customize. This will save you time and will give you some corporate video inspiration.

Corporate Presentation Presets

The template provides many different scenes to build your story with. Start with an intro scene, then go on with video photo and text holders. Click on the images to select and all your selected scenes will appear on your dashboard in your selected order. 

Corporate Presentation Scenes

Here they are! Let's start editing. Click on the text holders to type your text and click on the image holders to upload your images.

Corporate Presentation Add Texts

Upload your images from your device, by URL, or from the "Media Library" if you have already uploaded your images. Everything you upload stays in your personal media library. 

Corporate Presentation Add Images

If you want to upload a video, select scene with a video holder, click on it and go to the Media Library. Upload it from your device or use stock videos from our Stock Video library. Just click "Stock Footage" from the Media Library and search for your topic to choose a suitable video. Click "Insert" to trim the video.

Corporate Presentation Stock Videos

You can select your preferred part by dragging the sliders of the video editor. Yօu can Mute the music of your video, make it lower or mute the general music of the video project by selecting each option at the bottom of the editor. When your video is ready, simply click the "Trim" button. 

Corporate Presentation Video Trimmer

Arrange and rearrange all the scenes till you get your best arrangement and click on "Color" next to the "Edit" button to select the colors of your presentation. Yօu can either choose one of the color palettes by clicking "Color Palettes" and choosing your favorite combination, or you can set the colors manually by clicking "Custom Colors".

Corporate Presentation Colors

Now it's time to choose the music! Click on "Music" next to the "Colors" button and pick the music track you like the most.

Corporate Presentation Video Music

Add your music or voice over by clicking Music/Voiceover to upload it from your device. You can also record your voice over online. Our advanced Voiceover Trimmer gives you an opportunity to add a voiceover to each scene.

Corporate Presentation Voiceover

Done! Click "Preview" to see what you've got! Choose "Free Preview" to be sure you are happy with the result before processing paid downloads. You can re-edit your project as many times as you want before exporting. 

Corporate Presentation Video Preview

Watch your presentation will be ready in minutes. 

Corporate Presentation Video Rendering


Here are some other Renderforest Templates that may come in handy:


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For more tutorials click here. Good luck! :) 

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