How to Create Corporate Presentations Online

How to Create Corporate Presentations Online

Whether you’re trying to present your business to an audience of customers, investors, partners, or employees, you’ll need to do so in a way that leaves your viewer interested and invested in the story of your company. This is the reason why brands lean towards interactive tools such as video presentations and infographics to strengthen their branding and promote their products or services more effectively. 

Any piece of branded content is hugely responsible for shaping a company’s image both online and offline. To ensure a positive, distinctive image for your company, you have to skillfully plan, organize, and present your branded content. 

Creating professional videos can be time and money-consuming, but through this tutorial, we want to show you that it’s not always the case. Renderforest allows you to create top-quality video presentations online in only a few minutes. 

In our video template gallery, you’ll find a wide variety of templates and ready-made presets to create corporate presentations, infographic videos, slideshows, and other promotional videos for your business. 

This article will guide you through the step-by-step process of building your custom-made corporate presentation. Ready to start creating? Let’s begin! 

First things first, let’s find a suitable template for the video presentation. In the video category bar, select “Presentations” and click on the “Corporate” subcategory. Pick any template from the available options, and you’re ready to get started. Renderforest corporate presentation templates

We are going to explore the “Company Presentation Toolkit” in this tutorial. Click the “Create Now” button to start customizing the template.Company Presentation Toolkit

Here you have two options: to select and add scenes manually or use a video preset. Presets are ready-made stories with a pre-selected sequence of scenes. If you’re short of time or don’t want to go through the process of browsing and choosing individual scenes for your video, then presets are the way to go. Add a scene or load a preset

Decided to go for a preset? Choose one of the stories prepared by our team and customize it for your business. You can also use the presets for video inspiration.Corporate presentation presets

If you choose to add a scene and start creating your story from scratch, you’ll be directed to the library of scenes to start assembling your corporate presentation.Choose scenes for your project

Click on the scenes you want to include in your project, then hit “Insert.” All the selected scenes will appear on your screen in your selected order. You can start with an intro scene and continue with the ones that fit your video script

Already have your scenes? Then let’s begin editing them.Edit scenes

All the text holders are editable: click on one to type in your text.Edit the text

Click on the image holders to upload images. You have four ways of adding your image: upload from your device, upload from the “Media Library” if you already have images there, insert the image URL, or choose a stock image from our library. Everything you upload stays in your personal media library.Upload image

You have the same options for uploading a video. Click on the video holder and choose your way of uploading.Upload video

Once you have selected and inserted your video, you can adjust its sound and trim it. Select your preferred part of the video by dragging the slider left or right. When your video is ready, click “Done” to add it to your project.Trim video

Arrange and rearrange the scenes until everything looks right and move on to the “Style” section of the editor. Here you can pick the primary and secondary fonts of your text.Select font

Click on “Color” next to the “Style” button to select the colors of your presentation. Yօu can either choose one of the existing color palettes or set your own color scheme by manually selecting the colors under “Custom Colors.”Choose colors

Now it’s time to choose the music! Click on “Music” next to “Colors” to add a song or voice-over to your project. Upload your track or select one from our music library. If you have a pre-recorded voice-over, you can upload it and attach it to your preferred scenes. Otherwise, feel free to record your voice-over online with our tool.Add music or voice-over

All done? Select “Preview” to see what you’ve got! Choose “Free Preview” to make sure you are happy with the result before proceeding with an HD export. If you find that your project needs more work, you can always go back and re-edit it as many times as you wish. Preview video

While the video is rendering, you can freely leave the page. Your video will be ready in minutes.Video rendering

You can access your project anytime through the “My Videos” page of your account."My Projects" page

Your video needs will vary depending on your business objectives and brand personality. That’s why our ever-growing catalog gives you a wide selection of video templates to choose from. Let’s discover a few that are a perfect fit for corporate presentations of any kind.


3D Explainer Video Toolkit

With 900 interactive scenes, icons, and characters, the 3D Explainer Video Toolkit is sure to meet all your requirements. This charming template is a great choice if you want to give your projects a playful edge. Choose your scenes, style, and transitions and impress your viewers with a lively animated presentation.

Use Template


Whiteboard Animation Toolkit

Whiteboard Animation Toolkit offers 1000 scenes with a variety of corporate and casual characters, thematic backgrounds, and everything else that you might need to explain a topic to your audience. This toolkit is an excellent choice for explainer videos, company introductions, and product promos. 

Use Template


Broadcast Video Editing Toolkit

Take your video production to a new level and create broadcast-quality videos without leaving your browser. The Broadcast Video Editing Toolkit will help you turn any project into a modern, dynamic, and catchy animation.

Use Template


Dynamic Corporate Presentation

If you’re looking for a modern presentation with quick transitions, business scenes, and a minimal style, the Dynamic Corporate Presentation is for you! Share your company vision, explain your business plan, or present your team members with a smooth animation.

Use Template


We reached the end of our corporate presentation tutorial. Best of luck with your company presentation!

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