How to make a slideshow with our simple video editor

How to make a slideshow with our simple video editor


Making slideshows is getting hundred times easier with Renderforest. Create a slideshow ONLY IN ONE MINUTE!! If you need to make a quick slideshow to send your friend or just are running out of time, use this simple video editor. It allows you to skip the step of choosing a scene, photo holders. All you need to do is upload your photos altogether - just for your convenience (later you can reorder them, of course) and choose a nice piece of music. Combine them and get a lovely slideshow without any effort.

Let's go and see how it works step by step:

For the beginning go to and sign up or sign in, if you already have an account.
Click "VIDEO TEMPLATES" on the top of the page:

Video Templates

After that you find yourself in a page with video template categories. Choose Slideshows and find there "Classic vintage slideshow" ( or whatever you want).

Slideshow Video Templates

Now back to creating: once having chosen the slideshow, you click "CREATE" and start the fun part.

Classic Vintage Slideshow

Well, you clicked "CREATE". Now you see this picture, right?

Renderforest Editor Add Media

You know what to do - just drag your chosen photos and drop them here or browse them. If you don't like their sequence, you can reorder them as well.

Renderforest Added Media

Photos are uploaded? Pass to the next step- click "next step" or choose the "add title" from the bar.

As it's time to add a title - write a nice wish or add your company name or what else passes your mind:

Renderforest Editor Add Title

I was looking forward to this part - adding my favourite piece of music ^^
Here you have a choice - either pick a track from our biig track list or upload your favourite one that maybe we don't have in our list.

Ah, forgot to tell you, you can even add your voiceover. Great right?

Renderforest Editor Select Music

Now let's preview what our created video looks like. Click "Preview" next to "Music" section.
(Always preview before purchasing, maybe you skipped any step or forgot to do something :))

Renderforest Preview Project
Now, did you get what you had in mind? We did :) Look what we've got:

You can also switch to the advanced editor and use more tools, if you have enough time and want to have a more saturated video.

That's it. I told you that it's easy and quick, didn't you believe?

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