How to Make Promos for Business Training Courses?

How to Make Promos for Business Training Courses?

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13 Mar 2020

Understanding how to market business training courses isn’t as hard as many people think. To promote your courses, you need to dive in and learn the key aspects of successful promotion.

You don’t want your courses to end up with unfilled places, do you?

To increase your chances of attracting potential students for your courses, use one of the best marketing tools of this digital age — video. A short promo video will help you quickly introduce the key topics covered in your courses and what value it will bring to the participants.

Before creating your video, prepare all your sales and marketing materials that can help you present the value of your courses and write your video script. Then, pick an online video maker tool and start creating your video online.

Have no idea how you can create one? Creating a compelling promotional video with Renderforest is something you should give a try.

This promo for business training courses is created with one of our customizable video templates.

To create a similar promo video, follow the steps of this tutorial. First, sign in and click on “Create Video” from the navigation menu.

Find a huge variety of customizable templates for any kind of project. You can select and use one of them for your video. Hover your mouse over their thumbnails to check them out and pick the most relevant one.

business course promo templates

We've used the “Clean Typography Pack” template for our video above. If you want to use the same template, simply follow the link and click “Create Now”.

Here you’re offered two options: use our ready-made presets or create a completely new video by selecting the scenes manually.

Clean Typography Pack

If you decide to use one of our ready-made presets, click on “Load a Preset” and check them out to find the perfect match.

business course promo-editor

We’ve used the “Business Training Courses” preset to create our video. In case you want to use the same one, click on “Use ready story” and adjust the scenes with your media files, descriptions, and music.

However, if you want to create your project by selecting the scenes manually, click on “Add scene” and choose the scenes of your video from the list. This template offers six scene categories: text holders, video placeholders, photo holders, logo animations, contact forms, checkmarks and x-marks. Select all the necessary scenes and insert them into your project.

Clean Typography Pack-scenes

Once you select the scenes, start customizing them with the help of the tools on the left side of the editor. Type your text in the text holder and click on “Snapshot”. This feature shows how your scene will look like in the video.

Clean Typography Pack-editor

There are several ways you can add images or videos to your project: add your image or video URL, choose from Stock Library, upload from your device, or pick an already uploaded file from your Media Library.

business course promo-file upload

Upload your image with one of the mentioned methods and crop it to match the frame size of the image holder.

business course promo-image crop

As for the videos, the same methods work here. You can upload videos from your device or use our stock videos from the Stock Footage Library. Over 195.000+ videos are available for completely free usage. Type some phrases or keywords to find relevant videos and insert them.

business course promo-stock footage

Once you select a file, trim it if necessary and leave only the parts that you want to see in your final video.

business course promo-trim video

So, you’ve finished the editing process! It means you can go to the “Color” section and choose the main colors of your video. You can use one of the ready-made color palettes suggested by our design team or add your custom colors manually.

business course promo-color palette

Then, go to the “Music” section and add background music to your video. You can either choose one of our music tracks or upload your own file.

business course promo-music library

If you want to communicate additional information through the audio, go to the “Voiceover” section and add your voiceover.

business course promo-voiceover

Awesome! You are almost done with your video. Now, go to the “Preview” section in order to enjoy the final result of your video.

business course promo-video preview

Click on “Free Preview” and your video will be ready in a few minutes.

business course promo-rendering

Your video is ready. Download it for free, or make a single purchase or subscribe to one of our plans to export your video in high quality. 

All your projects are saved in “My Videos” page. Feel free to go back and make all the necessary changes to them anytime you want. 

Put your training courses in the spotlight with the help of a captivating promotional video. Tell your audience the importance of participating in your courses and how you can help them overcome failure on their way to success.

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