How to Create a Video from Your Blog Post with Renderforest?

How to Create a Video from Your Blog Post with Renderforest?

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26 Jul 2019

Let’s admit. You all keep your old content. What if you could give a second life to it? 

It’s good to have evergreen content, but the old articles may serve you longer if they are repurposed.

What can you do with your old blog posts?

One of the best options is turning them into awesome videos! It’s no secret that videos have a greater impact than a simple text. 1200% more shares are generated by social videos than text and images combined.

You might think that it will be a time-consuming process and will cost a lot of money. The good news is - it won’t! 

In this article, we’ll show you how easy it is to make a video from your blog post. Read on!

Let’s take a video created based on one of our articles as an example.

You can check the full article here: Do You Want to Know How to Promote Your YouTube Channel?

So, what are the steps of creating a video from an article? Let’s dive in!

First of all, you need to create a video script. Take the key points from your article that you want to highlight. In our article, we have 6 main points. So, we’re going to build our script around them. Take a look:

turn articles to videos

The texts were taken from the article and transformed into a video script. If you’ve checked the article, you will see that we speak about each point in detail. But when it comes to videos, you should keep it simple and short.

When your script is ready, decide whether you need a live-action video or an animation. In this case, we’ve decided to create a short animated video with the help of our Explainer Video Toolkit.

article to video

Now, we’ll show you how you can make a video from your blog post. Click the “Create Now” button to start. Our video editor provides 3 easy options for video creation.

Create a Video from Blog Post

Create your video by using one of our ready-made video presets. We have so many options here. Pick one of them, edit and customize to get your perfect video.

Video from a Blog Post

Another option is to use our new script-to-animation tool and get your video ready in a couple of minutes. Simply copy your script and paste it to the text area by using a new line for each sentence. Click the “Generate” button to get your video.


And the last option is adding the scenes manually. Click the “Add scene” button, check the scene categories and select the scenes based on your script. We offer scenes from different industries, including but not limited to Internet and Social Media, Technologies and Devices, Real Estate, Education, Finances and Money, Healthcare, Sports and Lifestyle.

Choose from the character animations, character group animations, background animations, logo animations, typography, image and video holders.

videos from blog posts

Now, let’s see how to customize the scenes.

At the left side of the editor, you can find the editing tools. Click on the text holder to add your texts. The number of characters in a field is limited, so make sure to follow the mentioned recommended number. Click on “Snapshot” to see how the scene will look like.

turn your article to video

The same way, pick an image holder and add your file. You have 3 options to choose from: adding your image via URL, choose an uploaded file from your Media Library, or upload it from your device. Each video holder has its recommended image size.

how to turn article to video

To add a video, pick a video holder scene. There are 4 ways to add a video: via video URL, from your Media Library, by uploading from your device, or from our Stock footage library.

make a video from article

There are more than 195.000 stock videos to choose from. Simply type a keyword or topic and find a relevant video. Select it and click “Insert”.

make a video from blog post

You can edit it with the help of our advanced video trimmer. Select the parts you want to keep and click “Trim”.

edit your video

As a final scene, we’ve added our logo animation.

turn articles to videos

Once you finish customizing the scenes, go to the “Style” section. Choose from the 4 available video styles: standard, texture, wiggle, and flat. We’ve selected the flat style.

blog post videos - choose the style

From the color section, pick the video colors. Here, you can find color palettes suggested by our designers or select your custom colors for different elements.

choose the colors of your video

You can add both background music and a voiceover to your video from the “Music” section. Upload your music track or choose from our library. We’ve selected the “Energetic Upbeat Pop” track.

make video based on article

If you have a voiceover, upload it in the “Voiceover” section.

turn your article into video script

Looks like your video is almost ready. Go to the “Preview” section to see how it looks like. Select the “Free preview” and your video will be ready in a couple of minutes.

blog post videos - preview

You can always go back to editing, if necessary. Your projects are saved in “My Videos” section accessed from the dropdown menu at the top right corner of the page.

blog post videos - rendering

If you like the final result, download it for free, share on different social platforms or pay to export in high quality. Subscribe to one of our paid plans or use the single export option. 

Now you know that repurposing old content is not hard. All you need is an article, script and animated video template. You can start doing it right now.

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