How to Easily Make a Video From Your Blog Post

How to Easily Make a Video From Your Blog Post

People love keeping their old stuff, just like we all love keeping our old content. So, what if you could give a second life to it by repurposing your content? One of these content repurposing options is turning it into a video. 

It’s no secret that videos have a greater impact than simple text since 81% of people prefer watching videos instead of reading a post.

Having evergreen content will make it easy for you to turn a blog post into a video, but how exactly do you do that?

You might think it’s a time-consuming process, which also costs a lot of money. But in reality, it’s a total myth. 

Here’s a video we’ve created based on one of our articles, to give you an idea about how a whole blog post was repurposed within minutes.

Now, let’s go through the whole process of transforming your blog post into a video step-by-step. 

First, we’ve chosen the article we want to turn into a video. We’ve selected “How to Define Your Target Audience”, which might be of great help for the newcomers in the business world. 

You can make the video based on a whole article, or just select a part you want to represent separately and keep it short and fun. We’re going to concentrate on the first part and create a video about how to define your target audience. 

Next, we need to create a video script based on our article, which means taking the key points of the blog post and presenting them in a better way. In our article, the part that we need to create a video about has 5 points, so we’re going to build our script around them. Take a look:

Turn articles into videos - video script

When your script is ready, it’s time to decide whether you need a live-action video or an animation. In this case, we’re going to create a short animated video with the help of our “Explainer Video Toolkit”. You can find this and other templates in the “Create video” section of Renderforest. Make sure to sign up or sign in to your account, to be able to create a new project with your files and save it afterward.  

Turn articles into videos - explainer video

After clicking the “Create Now” button, you’ll face 3 options for making your video. 

Turn articles into videos - create

The “Add scene” option will allow you to select the scenes you need for your video yourself and edit them. The scenes are divided into different categories, including but not limited to “Internet and social media”, “Technologies and devices”, “Real estate”, “Education”, “Finances and money”, “Healthcare”, “Sports and lifestyle”. Choose from the character animations, character group animations, background animations, logo animations, as well as typography, image, and video holders.

Turn articles into videos - scenes

With the “Load a preset” option, you will be able to choose one of our ready-made presets and customize it according to your script. 

Turn articles into videos - preset

The last “Type your script” option might be the most convenient one in this case. Just paste your script into the newly opened window and click “Generate project”. Our AI-based tool will suggest appropriate scenes based on your text and present it to you within seconds. This is the option we’ve used to create our video. 

Turn articles into videos - script

On your dashboard, you can change the sequence of your scenes, duplicate, delete, or replace them. Add new scenes as well, if needed, by clicking on the plus icon next to your scenes. 

Turn articles into videos - edit scenes

To edit your text, click on the text holder fields and make the necessary changes. Don’t forget to click “Save and close” to keep the edited version. 

Turn articles into videos - add text

In this project, we don’t have scenes with video or image files, but you can add some scenes with media holders and add your files. You have 3 options to choose from: adding your image/video via URL, choose an uploaded file from your “Media library”, or upload it from your device.

Turn articles into videos - add video

If you feel like you don’t have a suitable video or image for your project, click on the last “Stock footage”/”Stock image” option and select a media file from our library. There are more than 200.000 stock videos and images to choose from. Simply type a keyword or topic and find a relevant file. Select it and click “Insert” to add it to your video.

Turn articles into videos - stock

You can edit your added videos with the help of our advanced video trimmer. Select the parts you want to keep and click “Done” to confirm.

Turn articles into videos - trim video

Your image files can be cropped and rotated as well. There are some filters for you to use and give your image files a different look. 

Turn articles into videos - crop photo

As a final scene, we’ve added our logo animation. If you don’t have a logo yet, you can create one with Renderforest, without leaving the video editor. Click on the “Create logo” option to start. 

Turn articles into videos - add logo

Once you finish customizing the scenes, go to the “Style” section. Choose from the 4 available video styles: standard, texture, wiggle, and flat. 

Turn articles into videos - style

In the “Font” part of the “Style” section, choose a new style for your text. The “Generate” button will help you preview the changes on your scenes. 

Turn articles into videos - font

From the “Color” section, pick the tones of your video. Here, you will find color palettes suggested by our designers or be able to create your custom color schemes.

Turn articles into videos - color

Add both a background music track and a voiceover to your video from the “Music” section. Upload your music track, select one from our library, or record a voiceover right on the spot.

Turn articles into videos - music

Looks like your video is almost ready. Now, go to the “Preview” section to see the final result. Select the “Free preview” option and your video will be ready in a couple of minutes. If after watching the final project you feel like there are changes to be made, you can always go back to edit the scenes. 

Once you’re sure the video is ready, it’s time to download it. 

You have two options to download your new video. The first one is the free option, which offers SD360 quality videos with the Renderforest watermark. And with the “HD export” option you can download your video in high-quality and without a watermark. Find all the details about our pricing here.

Turn articles into videos - download

Now you know that repurposing old content is not hard at all, once you find the tools convenient for you. By turning your old blog post into a video you’ll give it a new life and also have new content to share on your social media accounts. Excited to create more videos with Renderforest? Let’s start right now! 

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