How to Use TikTok to Promote Your Brand?

How to Use TikTok to Promote Your Brand?

TikTok is the glorious reincarnation of a formerly popular app called It has quickly swept over the internet, becoming the fastest-growing app in the world. TikTok has an enormous user base with 800 million active users worldwide. Does this make it the perfect social media platform for business marketing?

Before we jump to conclusions, let’s discover how people use TikTok and how the platform really works.

Most people use TikTok purely for entertainment. Thus, to market your business on the app successfully, you have to make it as fun and casual as you possibly can. If your content comes off as too pushy or promotional, it’ll drive people away. Good marketers are first and foremost great storytellers. So, be sure to tell the story of your brand in an immersive way. 

Before jumping onto your TikTok marketing campaign, we recommend you familiarize yourself with the app to understand the demographic and culture. The overwhelming majority of TikTok users are young adults aged 15-25. TikTok marketing can be hugely beneficial for your business if your target audience overlaps with this age group.

With that being said, let’s see how you can leverage TikTok to market your business. 

  • Identify Your Niche
  • Make Playful and Relevant Content
  • Use Video Descriptions to Your Advantage
  • Build a Community
  • Keep Up With Trends
  • Start Hashtag Challenges
  • Take Advantage of Influencer Marketing
  • Use TikTok Ads


Identify Your Niche

The most popular topics on TikTok are makeup, fashion, comedy, fitness, dance, and food. Keep in mind that the more popular your industry is, the tighter your competition will be. Take your time to study your specific business niche on TikTok and analyze your potential competitors.


TikTok trending topics

Source: Later

Thoroughly contemplate what makes your brand unique and have your TikTok content reflect that. Sprinkle your TikTok videos with originality to ensure they stand out among thousands of others.

Do you want to share typography videos, informative slideshow videos, or do you want to be in front of the camera? Choose a video format and stay consistent with it. This will help you find your niche and shape a unique identity for your brand.


Make Playful and Relevant Content

Given the fact that the majority of TikTok users are teens and people in their twenties, your content should be engaging and fun. Lighten up your TikTok posts with jokes and occasionally throw in
viral memes to keep your content relevant. 

Don’t overload your TikTok videos with heavy, long texts. Utilize the power of visual content, as it makes your information much easier to digest and helps to gain more TikTok followers. Keep your videos dynamic by using filters, sound effects, music, voice-over, stickers, etc. If you still prefer to share your content in text format, keep it short and straightforward. Add colorful text boxes, experiment with different fonts, text sizes, and so on.
Text on TikTok videos

Source: Tech Crunch

You can also add subtitles to your videos to make them more accessible if the video is watched on mute.


Use Video Descriptions to Your Advantage

TikTok video descriptions can be another great way to market your brand. Make sure to write captivating descriptions for your TikTok videos. Making the descriptions too long and crammed is not a good idea. It’s best to keep your captions short yet still informative. Try to include catchy phrases that will spark the interest of your audience.

Add popular hashtags in your captions. The more hashtags you use, the higher your chances of reaching a wider audience. However, lining up a bunch of irrelevant hashtags will do you more harm than good. So, pick the right ones that describe you and your products accurately.

TikTok video descriptions

Source: NBA

To find relevant hashtags for your industry, go to the “Discover” page and search various hashtags to see which ones have more views and are therefore more popular. Alternatively, you can analyze your competitors’ posts to see what hashtags they use most often.


Build a Community

TikTok thrives on user interaction, and that’s precisely what sets the app apart from many others. Having your audience follow your content passively will not get you far on this platform. TikTokers are not interested in being neutral third-party observers of your brand. That’s not exciting! Try to get them involved in your content and allow them to become a part of your brand.

It’s critical that your viewers feel connected to your business through active interaction. This creates a sense of community among your audience, turning them from passive observers to loyal customers. The secret to building a strong community is user-generated content (UGC). UGC is content created by your fans, and it can promote your brand faster than any marketing expert!


Keep Up With Trends

Always keep an eye on what’s trending, whether it’s a specific song, challenge, filter, or hashtag. Have you been stumbling upon trending dances? Take part in them and encourage your audience or employees to do the same!

Closely follow the trends in your niche. If you’re in the fashion industry, it might be try-on hauls. If you have a beauty brand, it might be skincare routines. See what your audience likes to watch and use it as your guideline. 

The “Trending” or “Discover” pages are a good place to conduct your investigation. See what type of content tends to perform best. Search your industry to learn more about your competitors and what sort of videos they post. Not only will this give you valuable insights into the trends within your industry, but it’ll also become a wonderful source of inspiration.

"Business" hashtag on TikTok

Source: TikTok

Speaking of trends, don’t forget to follow trending hashtags, as TikTok gives you that opportunity. You can see how many views each hashtag has. Find those that are relevant to your brand or industry and start using them. Popular hashtags will increase the discoverability of your content, helping you raise brand awareness faster.


Start Hashtag Challenges

Gen Z-ers love challenges! No wonder those are an inseparable part of TikTok. Brands and even celebrities often launch exciting TikTok challenges for their audiences to get more engagement. They use hashtags to spread the challenges and attract larger masses. 

The famous fast-food chain Chipotle carried out this task flawlessly with its legendary #GuacDance challenge. The idea behind it was simple — they challenged their customers to perform a dance dedicated to guacamole. Lo and behold, the challenge got 1 billion views becoming the most successful hashtag challenge on TikTok! 

Creating TikTok challenges is a super fun way to market your brand. Find creative ideas for your specific industry. Let’s have an example. If you own a restaurant, you can share a recipe for a meal and challenge your audience to make it at home. Encourage them to share their results using your hashtag and boom — your engagement is growing!


Take Advantage of Influencer Marketing

Collaborating with influencers has its price, but it can be hugely profitable for your business if done wisely. Dedicate some time and effort to find creators who are relevant to your industry and won’t break the bank. Identify the influencers popular among your target audience. Then, you can send them free samples of your products or ask them to talk about your services.

Influencer marketing can help you grow brand awareness organically. Plus, we have well-known businessmen like GaryVee actively promoting TikTok marketing. His belief is that, unlike Instagram, TikTok influencers are greatly undervalued. The true potential of this platform is not yet fully utilized. You can seize this opportunity to gain a market advantage and be way ahead of the curve. 


Use TikTok Ads

TikTok advertisements
are still relatively new. When it was first launched, the app had no paid ads, which made it unappealing for most marketers. The platform introduced ads in January 2019. To this day, TikTok is experimenting with advertisements, trying to build a reliable system. 

TikTok ads give you an option to choose your objective, whether it’s traffic, conversion, or a different goal. You can define your target audience based on gender, age, interests, and so on. Pricing depends on the size of your ad campaign, starting at $10 per 1000 views. 

As of now, there are four types of advertisements provided by the social media platform:

  • Brand takeovers,
  • Native video ads,
  • Hashtag challenges,
  • Branded lenses.TikTok ad formats
Source: Digiday

Brand takeovers support GIFs or images that direct users to your landing page. Native ads are in-feed videos 9-15 seconds in length. They show up on the “For You” page and are skippable. Your third option is sponsored hashtag challenges. They are quite efficient in creating user-generated content. You can work with influencers to gain momentum for your challenge. 

Lastly, you can promote your business through branded lenses. Similar to Snapchat, you can design a filter using your brand colors and other signature elements. Branded lenses stay active for ten days and appear in the “Hot” or “Trending” tab for the first few days.


Key Takeaways

TikTok is not about refined and overly-edited videos. The charm of the app is its lighthearted, playful spirit that sets it apart from other social media platforms. Most videos on TikTok are raw, and that’s what makes them relatable. There’s a reason the platform goes by the motto “Real videos. Real People.” Be sure to incorporate those qualities into your marketing campaign.

There are multiple ways to use TikTok for promotional purposes. You can create authentic content that is unique to your niche, place paid ads, participate in hashtag challenges, or start your own. The opportunities are endless, and that’s exactly why marketers find TikTok so appealing. Choose your strategy smartly and have fun with it. After all, TikTok is all about fun!

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