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Cassio Vasconcellos

Cassio Vasconcellos

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20 Jul 2017


Cássio Vasconcellos, Brazilian photographer, began his career in 1981 with photographic journalism and artistic projects, specializing in aerial photography.  He has also published books including Panorâmicas (DBA, 2012), Aéreas (Terra Virgem, 2010) and Noturnos São Paulo (2002).

Here is interview with him.

Q: Tell our readers a bit yourself. How did you develop an interest in photography?

A:I started photography very early, only 15 years old. I was still studying at the college but already at that time I began to dedicate myself intensely for photography, always doing personal works and participating in exhibitions.




Q: Photography requires a certain level of inspiration. Who/what inspires you?

A: At first I was inspired by the great photographers, like Henri Cartier-Bresson, Andre Kertesz, Man Ray, Lartigue. I was also very inspired by the movies, especially with Fellini and Bunuel, in the painting with Magritte and De Chirico and in the music with Phillip Glass. This was in the 80s, and besides these I mentioned, I had a lot of inspiration with my father, since he worked with Art, he gave me an incredible visual education. I can say that my university I did at home and my teacher was my father.


Estádio do Pacaembu


Q: Let’s speak a little about technical aspects of photography. What camera do you use the majority of the time?

A: I have already used several types of photographic equipment, as I have been photographing for more than 35 years. One of the most striking I can say was a Polaroid SX-70, and with this camera I did one of my most important works, the series Nocturnes. Currently I only use 35mm digital camera.


Arizona 2


Q: You have traveled a lot. How do your photos reflect different corners of the world?

A: I really have traveled a lot, in fact, like most photographers, since it is something inherent in the profession. I think that more than reflecting anything from some corner of the world, my work, especially the series Collectives, speaks of a globalized world and in this work I show questions that are very similar in different places of the planet. In this series the images are constructed, and reflect much what is happening in the world in relation to the consumption and excesses of humanity, and therefore are not limited to speaking only about a specific place.


A Praia


Q: If you could live anywhere on this awesome planet, where would you build your dream home?

A: The house of my dreams I would do on top of a mountain to always have an incredible view.

Also, visit his website.

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