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Dora Sun - GoWonder

Dora Sun - GoWonder

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15 Aug 2017


Today our guest is the founder of an online community dedicated to helping all women travel, Isadora Sun.

Here is an unedited interview with her.

Q: Tell us a bit about you. Where did you start? Why did you decide to found “GoWonder”, What was your journey like to get where you are?

A: I travelled a lot after uni and found it really hard to meet other solo female travellers. The journey so far has consisted a lot of doing online courses, googling and trying to figure out how to do prioritise.


Dora Sun


Q: In our competitive world it’s either be in the game or be out of it. Working hard is the key. What's the most important thing you're working on right now, and how are you making it happen?

A: The most important thing we are working on right now is our digital conference, #WanderCon, where we have invited 8 industry leaders to share their stories, journey with our audience. This is our first time hosting anything like this so the whole team is very excited but the learning curve is pretty steep too.

Q: You founded a very important Startup: the best community for female travellers. If you weren’t building your startup, what else would you be doing?

A: Working at a start up in London or San Fransisco.


Isadora Sun


Q: As it is said travelling is the only thing you buy that makes you rich. How do you think women travel differently and why do they need your website? I mean we do have TripAdvisor after all… ))))

A: TripAdvisor is great but it lacks female representation and voice. Female travellers have different needs when it comes to travel safety. There are also a lot of things us women need to think about while on the road that TripAdvisor can't provide, such as "can you buy tampons at X country?".

Q: Let’s talk a bit about the figures. What was your grown path and what does your team look like now, compared to when you started? How have the numbers changed?

A: When we first started, the community consisted of myself, my girlfriends and my mum. Now 48,000 members later, we are growing about 1K a week which is crazy number to observe. There are other platforms that are growing much faster I am sure but our goal is to grow consciously and not to loose our ethos of female travellers supporting other female travellers.

Q: There are so many beautiful and wonderful places in the world to see and experience. Is there a place on this planet that you would advise everyone to visit at least once in their life?

A: Indonesia. Every time anyone asks for recommendations, I send them to Indonesia. It is such a beautiful country both in culture and nature, they have so much to offer.


Dora Sun Gowonder


Q: This is a men’s world we live in and it’s not a secret to anyone, that woman needs to work twice as hard to get where man goes easily. You are a great inspiration to young girls and women all over the world. Do you have any advice for them? Where should they start? How should they fight for their place under the sun. I mean we surely have to take a different path and use a different technique than men, right?

A: Absolutely. My advice is get use to failing and learn to view it as one step closer to your goal. If you give up after you fail, you will never get to where you need to.

We play a game of cheering for each fail at the GoWonder HQ, to encourage team member's spirit after they get rejected or something didn't work out the way we planned.

It fosters an environment where risk taking is encouraged.

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