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José Luis Ceña Ruiz: Style that Emphasizes Talent

José Luis Ceña Ruiz: Style that Emphasizes Talent

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7 Sep 2017


José Luis Ceña Ruiz is a Spanish artist born in Malaga in 1982. He is now Head of Media Graphics Printing at Castilla la Mancha University. José has won many art prizes and his work can be viewed in numerous public collections including MEAM, European Contemporary Art Museum - Barcelona, Wetland Museum of China, Rafael Botí Foundation, Complutense Foundation - Madrid, The National Library - Madrid and the Royal Mint Museum - Madrid.

His Distinguishing style in painting makes people interested to know more about his personality so get to know him through the interview we had pleasure to conduct:  

Q: Your paintings are fascinating and easily distinguished by their unique
style, are they more instinctual or planned?

A: The painting has a lot of intuition. That intuition is what gives you the magic, the soul, and it is what sets us apart. But only with intuition is not enough ... I have always defended painting as an intellectual process. There are paintings in which I think much longer than I paint.

Q: What is your strongest memory of childhood, what memories have influenced
your works?

A: I have had a wonderful childhood. Luckily I had a great family and some amazing friends. I am not the prototype of a tormented artist.

Looking for the bird in space

Q: What were the difficulties you encountered first starting painting?

A: The first difficulty you encounter is that no one throughout the career of fine arts has explained to you how the world of art works. No one tells you where to go or how to direct you. No one tells you how to prepare a curriculum or a presentation of your works ... When you leave the studies you are alone. Suddenly you go from
being wrapped by teachers and your peers into a bubble to being alone. That's when you have to decide whether you fight and continue with your adventure or you surrender and you dedicate yourself to other things.

Road to Oblivion

Q: What feelings do you want your paintings to arise?

A: The paintings are a reflection of the artist's feelings. Sometimes you
are higher in spirit and others you are lower and that is something that is noticed in the paintings. I try to create a space for viewers to project their feelings about what they see. It is important to stimulate the imagination of the person who is looking
at the paintings. Leave a gap for them to complete the stories of your paintings.

Thinking about Alicia

Q: Do you paint it for your pleasure or are there people you would like
to impress by your work?

A: I paint out of necessity. It is not for need of money or fame, but rather
for a vital necessity. I can not imagine a life without creating. It's like eating or drinking ...

Q: Tell us a real life situation that inspired you.

A: Life inspires me. Most of my pictures are based on situations that I have lived or seen. If you look at any painting you can see a situation in my life that inspired me at that time.

Looking for Marta Koninsky

Q: What do you think, what is the role of an artist in society?

A: I think the role of the artist should be to make society think. And
let them see that there is life away from shopping malls and compulsive consumption. Empowering culture as a way to create a better society.

Engraved in Red

Q: How do u feel when you are letting your emotions loose on the canvas?

A: It is a feeling that is difficult to describe. Maybe we could call it
happiness. It is a wonderful thing to get home totally empty because you have left everything that you had in your creation

Julia's Room

Q: Have you ever happened to lose your inspiration during the process?
What helps you to get inspired?

A: Inspiration comes and goes, but you can not stop working for it. When
you notice that you are not inspired there are other things you can do and are also necessary for the creative process. Prepare media, search for themes, answer interviews ... :P

Flora IV

Q: What is the question you would like to be asked but haven’t the chance

A: What does it feel like to be a life dedicated to art? I hope the question arrives as late as possible ;)

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