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6 Jun 2017

Photo by Jake Peterson

Moose Peterson is a great wildlife photographer whose passion it has been to portray nature and work towards protecting the wildlife. He has received many honors, among which are Nikon USA Ambassador, Lexar Elite Photographer, recipient of the John Muir Conservation Award, Research Associate with the Endangered Species Recovery Program.

Moose is also an author of many books:  Photographic FUNdementalsCaptured and latest Take Off to name a few.

He is working tirelessly to educate the public on preservation and conservation of wildlife alongside other photographers. He lectures around the country on the subject to thousands of photographers.

We are honored that he has agreed to an interview with Renderforest. Below you can find the unedited interview. 

Q: Today you are an accomplished and famous photographer. How did you get to be who you are today? Where did you start? How did your story as a photographer evolve to be what it is today?

A: I don't think of myself as accomplished or famous at all especially since I still have so much to learn. I got to were I am so far on this journey with lots of hard work, failures and successes both of which I've learned from lots of good luck. I started like all photographers with a passion to be out behind the camera and was very fortunate to make a business out of it that forty years later is still producing. It would be great to say I started with a plan and that's how I got to where I am today but such is not the case. I'm a storyteller and love being a visual storyteller and following that is how I've gotten this far and hopefully, it will keep taking me down the road.

Moose Peterson Road

Q: What does photography mean to you?

A: It means more than I can ever put down in words! It's how I can share the world I'm so fortunate to witness and hopefully inspire through my photography others to get involved with it. 

Mosse Peterson Rocks 

Q: Obviously you have great accomplishments and a very talented Photographer. As a photographer what is your greatest accomplishment?

A: Being married to an amazing lady and best friend and raising a family of two amazing young men who have also taken up the camera to become accomplished photographers.

Yellowstone Winter

Q: Is there anything you always ask yourself/think just before you push the button?

A: Great question! After doing it for forty years, much of the process is second nature so those questions you think should pop up – don't. It's usually not until it's all done do I ask myself what part of the story did I not capture. Photography, I think, is much more about knowing yourself then it is the technical process, because to be successful you must insert your heart into every photograph.

Moose Peterson

Q: Did you ever practice any other type of photography besides nature?

A: I shoot everything that has light but wildlife has always been and will always remain my main passion. Photographing aviation, landscapes, people, architecture, are all part of what I do.


Q: How does nature change through photo camera?

A: It doesn't, what you see is what I saw.

Colibri PhotoQ: What is your greatest weakness and greatness strength?

A: Greatest weakness is the lack of time and the greatest strength is making use of the little time I have.

Squirells PhotoQ: How do you educate yourself to take better pictures?

A: By constantly looking at my own work, looking for the good and bad and learning from both to move forward. 

Clouds Photo

Q: What makes a good picture stand out from the sea of mediocrity?

A: Those with the photographers passion, will always stand out above all the rest.

Alaska Moose Photo

Q: If you had supernatural powers would you change anything in nature and if so, why?

A: I think the proverb that's in every one of my emails sums this answer up best .... Nature can live without man, but man cannot live without nature.

Dark Clouds Photo

Q: What are the difficulties that nature photographers face?

A: Understanding time is the most important ingredient next to passion. You must have both.

Mesa Arch

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