Krauthammer: Bringing out the Best in People

Krauthammer: Bringing out the Best in People

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25 Feb 2019

Touching hearts and minds with fresh beliefs and behaviors and engaging people with new ways of working. This is how Krauthammer leads the way and develops the skills for delivering measurable results. They are consulting professionals who find solutions to unleash your full potential through coaching and training. Whether your organization wants to change the way it’s run or transform itself to meet a vision, Krauthammer ensures that your people are prepared for that journey.

Krauthammer success story

“We are in the business of behavior change training, focused on leadership, management & sales starting from the business strategy of our clients. The main added value we offer is that our learning journeys result in lasting behavior change, where-as corporate training investments in general very often do not deliver on what they promise.”

Maarten Poot, the Marketing Manager of Krauthammer, putts lead generation at the top of his marketing goals. Mainly concentrating on digital marketing, email newsletters, blog, and social media, Maarten was looking for an efficiently-created, yet a professional-looking way to communicate both internally and externally through video.

Krauthammer success

“In word-of-mouth businesses, it's mostly referrals that bring new clients, but as new generations are searching more online, Krauthammer needed to adapt to that.”

Maarten agrees that there is a great potential in video as it allows you to communicate complex and multi-sensory messages to a targeted audience more effectively than any other media.

Renderforest success story

To the question of how he would rate the importance of videos for gaining popularity, Maarten answered. “I see it only increasing. Also, because people who search for information increasingly prefer to watch explainer videos instead of reading text.”   

In the past, Krauthammer did use the services of professional video makers. The group was relatively small and operating in a multi-language environment, and video production was expensive. On a tight budget, it was possible to produce only a few videos a year.

Soon, they made their way to Renderforest.

company success story

Maarten found out about Renderforest when reading reviews on the web.

“Then I tested out several ones to see which one fits best with my needs. Now it was possible for us to make many professional looking videos for internal and marketing purposes at a very reasonable cost.”

He says they received lots of compliments about the videos made with Renderforest and they are going to continue their video creating a journey with us.

“I like the wide range of options and the ease of use. You can make a video in 5 mins based on templates or really customize a video on very specific needs, that broad range is interesting for me. Of course, also the quality of templates and building blocks offered.”

Renderforest client success story

“Whenever you use a new platform, usually people are impressed. But, this effect wears off quickly. What is really good, is usually also really simple. And, that is difficult to make. So, not the special effects, but the magic combination of a great story, with the right supporting visuals that touch people. Easy to say, difficult to make.”

After using the platform for a long period of time, Maarten has a great piece of advice for all our users who are making their first steps in video creation:

“First, take a white paper and think for yourself what you want to communicate and how you want to visualize. Only then start looking around at platforms and providers to see which one best serves your need. Not the other way around.”

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