How to Make Spooky Halloween Invitations

How to Make Spooky Halloween Invitations

It’s Halloween! The spooky season is finally here and you need to get ready for the best Halloween party of the year. Give a good scare to your friends by sending out scary animated Halloween invitations, full of all the things we love: witches, skulls, vampires, ghosts, pumpkins, and more. 

Create a crazy Halloween mood with spine-chilling videos and animations in a couple of minutes. From children’s parties to adult’s wild celebrations, Renderforest offers video invitation templates for every type of unforgettable event. 

Have a look at our “Spooky Halloween Opener” template, and get ready to have a ghostly time with us. 

Spooky Halloween Opener

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Isn’t this exciting? You can combine hair-raising and fun animations with some live-action videos. In this tutorial, you’ll see just how you can do it.

Are you ready to impress your friends with creative Halloween invitations? Follow the instructions below to create a similar video within a few minutes. Let’s start right away, Hocus Pocus!  

For starters, Sign up or Sign in to your Renderforest account, and go to the “Create video” section from the menu. Here, choose the “Video editing” sub-section in the “Animation videos” list, where you will see a large variety of templates. 

First, we’re going to create the animation video with the “Spooky Halloween Opener”, so later we can use it in our invitation video. You can find it by searching the “Halloween” keyword. Once you find it, click “Create now” to add your details. 

Halloween spooky invitation template

Once you’re in the editor, add your party date and time.

Halloween invitation template

Move to the “Style” section to change the font of your text and click “Preview fonts on this scene” to apply the changes.

Halloween invitation - tagline

When it comes to the “Music” section, you can either skip the step, because you are going to need to mute the animation video anyway and choose a music track for your whole video instead. 

Or you can add a music track to the animation video, if you are going to later use it separately, and mute it in your invitation video instead.

Halloween video music

Lastly, go to the “Preview” section, check the video, and download it. Once you render the video with high quality, it’ll be saved in your “Media library” from where you can later choose it for your project.

preview Halloween invitation

Next, close this template and move to the “Broadcast Video Editing Tool” and click on the “Create now” button to get to work. 

Halloween party video

There are two ways for you to create your spooky video: either select the “Add scene” option, to create your video from scratch or the “Load a preset” option. The latter will introduce you to a list of thematic presets, full of relatable scenes. Since we’re going to create a Halloween party invitation, we will choose the second option. 

Create Halloween invitation online

Select a preset you need, “Halloween Video Invitation” in this case, and click on the “Use ready story”, to start editing the scenes. 

Halloween invitation video preset

On your dashboard, you are free to move, duplicate, delete, or replace the scenes, as well as add some new ones in between. 

edit Halloween video preset

There are a few ways to add your media files to your scenes: upload from your device, pick an already uploaded file or paste the video/photo URL.

Halloween preset customization

In case you don’t find your media files suitable for your Halloween invitation, check out our “Stock footage” and “Stock image” library. There are over 200.000+ media files that will make your video look like a movie. Select any video you need and click “Select” to add it to your scene. 

Halloween stock footage

Now, it’s time to add the video we’ve created minutes ago. Click on the video holder of any scene that you want to add it in, and choose the “Media library” option. 

In the “Rendered videos” list choose the spooky Halloween video and “Insert” it in your scene. Note that only videos rendered with high quality will appear in this folder. 

add Halloween outro

Once you add your videos, you can trim them and take the part you need to be included in your project, mute or change the volume of your videos.  

trim Halloween videos

Next, click on the text holders in each scene and type in or paste your text, to make your invitation video more detailed. Don’t forget to pay attention to the recommended number of characters, to not exceed them.  

add Halloween text

Moving on to the “Style”, choose the look of the transitions between your scenes, to make your video more dynamic, or just leave it with smooth transitions. 

select Halloween invitation style

After you’ve chosen your preferred transition style, go to the “Color” section, and select the colors you want your video and text to be in. If you don’t like the presented color combinations, you can always custom your own combo. Then, click “Generate” to apply the changes. 

Halloween invitation - color

Adding a Halloween-theme music track to your video will help you create a more haunting and mysterious atmosphere. Choose a track from our “Music library” or upload your own one.

change Halloween video music

When all the steps are completed according to your preferences, see the result by going to the “Preview” section and clicking on the “Free Preview” option. 

There are two options for you to download your video. The first one is the free option, which offers SD360 quality videos with the Renderforest watermark. You will be able to edit, download, and publish your videos whenever you want. 

With the “HD export” option you can download your video in high quality and without a watermark. Find all the details about our pricing here.

preview Halloween video

That’s it! Your Halloween invitation is ready! You can find it in the “My Videos” section from the drop-down menu and make the necessary changes by clicking on the “Edit” button.  

Your spooky Halloween video will surely make your friends scream in fear and delight. Have a skele-ton of fun!  

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Halloween Scary Night 

Put a spell on your audience by creating a promo, opening, or invitation video, using this eerie and fascinating template. Ghosts, zombies, and witches are waiting for your lead.   

Halloween Party Invitation Template

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Halloween Video Invitation for Kids 

Make your Halloween events for kids more believable and magical with invitation videos. With boo-tiful scenes and music, you can surprise your kids and make them look forward to their Halloween night.  

Halloween Invitation for Kids

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