How to Make Halloween Invitations in a few Minutes?

How to Make Halloween Invitations in a few Minutes?

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28 Oct 2019

Halloween is just around the corner and you need to get ready for the spookiest party of the year. But how to surprise your friends? Of course, by sending scary animated Halloween invitations with witches, skulls, ghosts, and pumpkins.

Dive into the Halloween mood and create amazing video invitations. 

With Renderforest, you can make spine-chilling videos and openers in a couple of minutes. Doesn’t matter if it’s a children’s party or for adults, our video templates will help to make unforgettable invitations.

Have a look at the invitation below that we’ve created with our Spooky Halloween Opener template.

Spooky, right? But don't limit yourself by this short animated invitation. You can combine the animation with some live-action videos. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how you can do it.

Check the video that we’ve created by using videos from our Stock Footage library. Moreover, we’ve combined this newly created video with the animation above to get the most wonderful Halloween video ever.

Did you like it? Let’s not forget that Halloween can also be a fun and exciting time for kids. We’ve created a nice video invitation for kids too. Check it out below:

Want to impress your friends and colleagues with such creative Halloween invitations? Follow the instructions below to create a similar video within a few minutes.

To start creating your video go to “Create Video” from the navigation menu and choose a template for your Halloween invitation from our Template Library.

Halloween Invitations

There are many Halloween templates that you can use to make an invitation. You can pick our Broadcast Video Editing Toolkit template that we’ve used to create our Halloween invitations.

Halloween Invitation video template

Click on “Create Now” to start. Here you have two options: use our ready-made presets or create a completely new project by choosing scenes manually.

Halloween Invitations video editor

If you want to use one of our ready-made presets, click on “Load a Preset” and choose the most relevant one for your project. However, if you want to create a completely new video, click on “Add scene” and select all the scenes you want manually.

Halloween Invitations video scenes

This template offers 19 scene categories: Minimal Lower Thirds, Modern Lower Thirds, Informative Lower Thirds, Logo Animations, Photo Holders, etc. Pick and insert the ones you want to use in your video. Once you select all the scenes, start customizing them with the help of the tools on the left side of the editor. Type your texts, upload your images and videos and click on “Snapshot” to see how they will look like.

Halloween Invitations text

There are a few ways you can upload your videos into your video: by uploading from your computer, by picking an already uploaded file, by using video URL, or using stock videos from our Stock Footage library.

Halloween Invitations - add video

All your uploaded files are saved in the Media Library, so you can use them whenever you want without uploading again. In case, you don’t find your videos relevant for Halloween invitation, feel free to use our stock videos. There are over 195.000+ videos that are completely free to use.

Halloween Invitations - stock videos

Search for videos by typing some keywords and terms, in our case it’s “Halloween” or other relevant words. Watch them and choose the most relevant ones. Once you insert the video, trim the parts you want to have in your invitation.

Halloween Invitations video trimmer

Huh, you’re done with the video. As for the image holders, the same works here. You can upload your image from your computer, pick an already uploaded one from your Media Library, use an image URL, or choose your image from our Stock Image library.

Halloween Invitations - add image

Once you upload your image with one of the mentioned methods, crop and resize it to match the frame size of the image holder.

Halloween Invitations - edit image

Congrats, you’ve finished the editing process. Now, it’s time to go to the “Style” section and select your preferred transition between the scenes.

Halloween Invitations video style

After you’ve chosen your preferred transition style, go to the “Color” section and select the colors you want your video to be in. Here you have two options: use ready-made color palettes or choose custom colors manually.

Halloween Invitations video colors

Now it’s your favorite part, isn’t it? Go to the “Music” section and choose a music track for your invitation. You can choose from our Music Library or upload your own music.

Halloween Invitations video music

You can also upload or record your voiceover to make your video look more personal. Go to the “Voiceover” section and upload it. Besides, there is also an advanced trimmer which is available to our subscribed users.

Halloween Invitations - add voiceover

To see the final result, go to the “Preview” section and click on “Free Preview”.

Halloween Invitations video preview

Your video will be ready within a few minutes.

Halloween Invitations video export

Your Halloween invitation is ready! You can find it in “My Videos” section from the drop-down menu and make any changes you want just by clicking on the “Edit” button. 

After you’ve finished the editing process, click on “Download” and get your video for free. You can also make a single purchase or subscribe to one of our plans to export your video in the highest quality. 

Set the Halloween mood with a creative video invitation and celebrate the scariest day like never before.

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