How to Make a Video Presentation with Renderforest?

How to Make a Video Presentation with Renderforest?

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24 Sep 2018

The purpose of a productive and informative presentation is to deliver your main message to your audience. When you prepare your presentation, you must always put yourself in the shoes of your audience. Will they like it? Will it give any value to them?

Videos can help you make your presentation more engaging and deliver your message more effectively.

Renderforest offers customizable presentation templates. It will take only a few minutes to create your video. But, the result will surely exceed your expectations. So, let’s see step by step how to create a video presentation.

To create a presentation, you need to sign up or sign in to the platform. Then, go to the “Video Templates” page and choose the “Presentations” category.

Video Presentation Tutorial

Here you can find templates for corporate and educational presentations. We will pick the “Futuristic Cube Presentation” template. To edit this template, click on the “Create Now” button.

Video Presentation Template

This is our simple editor, where you customize your video. Click on “Add scene” to choose the scenes.

Video Presentation Editor

Here you can see all the scenes of this template, including logo animations, text holders, photo and video holders. Choose the ones you need for your presentation and click on “Insert Scene”.

Video Presentation Scenes 

After adding the necessary scenes, edit the texts and add your media files. Click on the text editor to write.

Video Presentation Edit Texts

To add your photos or videos, click on the holder. Here you have two options: upload from your computer or choose from already uploaded media files from the "Media Library".

Video Presentation Add Image

Upload your video, or choose one from our "Stock Footage" library.

Video Presentation Add Video 

So, once you’ve added all the texts and media files, go to the color section to choose the color of your video. 

Video Presentation Colors

The next step is choosing the right music. In our Music section, you can find tracks from different genres and recommended tracks for the template hand-picked by our team. Besides, you can upload your own tracks and your voice over. If you don’t need music for your project, simply mute it.

Video Presentation Add Music

Your video is ready. It’s time to preview it. Go to the preview section and click on “Free preview”

Video Presentation Preview

It will take 1-2 minutes to render your video. 

Video Presentation Render

You can always go back and edit your video if you don’t like anything in it. Go to “My Videos” to find all your projects.

Video Presentation Export

Choose from the several options for exporting your creation. The first one is the free export. You can download or publish SD360 quality videos with a watermark. But, if you want your video to have a higher quality you should choose the paid options.

Renderforest offers 2 types of payment: pay per export and a paid subscription, which includes Free, Amateur, Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans. You can check them out here - subscription plans. If you only need one or two videos then the pay per export option would be ideal for you. Here, you are charged for each produced video.

We also offer other templates for presentations. Check them out below:


Abstract Lines Flow Pack

Create My Presentation


Unreal Abstraction Typography

Create My Presentation


Contemporary Art Promotion

Create My Presentation


Digital Hi-Tech Presentation

Create My Presentation


Digital Corporate Slideshow

Create My Presentation


Now you know how to create an awesome presentation. Use this step-by-step guide and make creative presentations by yourself. Click here to start creating.

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