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How to Promote Your Business with Motion Graphics

How to Promote Your Business with Motion Graphics

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13 Mar 2018

Let’s face it. The advent of modern technologies and high-tech solutions has immensely changed the world - and the corporate world in the first place. The worldwide web and up-to-date gadgets provide effective tools for businesses to enhance their sales and profits. While traditional advertising instruments such as billboards and banners are still dominating in the streets of megalopolises and small towns, more cost-effective online corporate advertising solutions are paving their way to mass marketing, and motion graphics are one of them.


What is Motion Graphics?

Motion Graphics is a succession of graphics that create the illusion of motion like an animated video. Motion graphics engage not only visual but auditory receptors and thus are more memorable than just a still image. It is an online tool, but often times you can see it on display media such as televisions, electronic billboards, and screens.

what is motion graphics


How to use motion graphics effectively?

Once you've decided to opt for motion graphics to spread the word about your service or brand, you should ponder over the following things:

  1. Who is your target audience?
  2. What message do you want to convey
  3. How are you going to convey the concept or the message?

Figuring out what you want to achieve and for how long, helps use the motion graphics to the best advantage to your company.


Why should you choose motion graphics to promote your product?

motion graphics

  • They are cost-effective

To create motion graphics, you only need a computer, internet connection, and a creative approach. There is a bunch of user-friendly animation and video creation platforms that you can browse to create promotional motion graphics and videos for your company under USD50 and even free! For example, with Renderforest’s product or service promotional video template you can create a compelling promotional motion graphics for your product within only 10 minutes. Unless you want your video in HD resolution, you can export the video free once you’ve finished. The video could be shown on TV, and then published on your company’s website, social networks, blogs, and any other digital media.

However, if you’re seeking a more flexible motion graphics option, you can order a custom animated video at RenderForest cartoon maker.


  • They are more engaging than still images

promote with motion graphics

Using motion graphics is a way to make your ads more attention-grabbing for your potential customers. They are generally accompanied by audio elements to enhance the impact and build a strong image of the brand or product. The statistics show that online shoppers are 85% more inclined to buy a product after watching a product video. Online retailers’ practice illustrates that when a potential buyer watches their online videos, the probability of the purchase is higher and the order size is bigger.

In short, if you want to convert your visitors into customers, you should use motion graphics in your marketing strategy. With so many benefits and a bunch of animation creator and video production software available now, you will create a high-quality piece at a lower cost than going for traditional advertising instruments such as banners or billboards. Posting the readymade piece on social networks and digital channels, you will enhance awareness about your brand and product among and reach a larger group of potential buyers.

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