How to Create a Music Event Promo?

How to Create a Music Event Promo?

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25 Sep 2019

Have you ever wondered how the best music events and festivals attract so many participants and gain popularity? They surely have a couple of tried and tested strategies.

Their dedicated team of specialists makes sure that the event is properly promoted. And, one of their most effective tools is video. Why? Because video content is the most popular form of content these days. 

Videos are everywhere, both online and offline. So, if you're still hesitating whether it’s worth investing your time and money in video or not, simply try it yourself. Especially, when you don’t need much money to create them. 

Good news - no technical skills are needed! With Renderforest, creating videos is easier than ever. Pick one of our customizable templates and have your video ready in a few minutes.

To make it more clear, we’ll show you how to create a music event promo video step by step. But first, check the video that we’ve created ourselves with one of our templates.

To create a similar video, go to our Video Templates library from the navigation menu and choose a template.

Music event promotion

We’ve created our video with the "Fiery Motion Typography" template. Click on the “Create Now” button to start.

Music event promo template

As you can see, here you have two options: create your video by adding scenes manually or using our ready-made presets.

Music event promo video editor

Presets can be a good solution for you if you have no idea how to create your video and have very little time for it. Pick the one that meets your needs and start customizing it with your own media files, text and style.

Music event promo presets

The video above is created with our “Concert Promotion” preset. If you decide to create your video with one of our ready-made presets, simply click on “Use Ready Story” and start editing the scenes.

Music event promo ready-made video

However, if you want to create a new project, click on “Add scene” and select all the necessary scenes according to your script. This template offers four scene categories: title animations, logo animations, image holders and video holders.

Music event promo scenes

Once you choose the scenes, start customizing them with the help of the tools on the left side of the editor. Write your texts in the text holders and click on “Snapshot” to see how they look.

Music event promo text holder

Besides the text holders, there are image, video, and logo holders in this preset. There are several ways to add your files: via image or video URL, adding stock images or footage, by uploading from your device, or by picking an already uploaded file from your Media Library.

Music event promo image holder

Select an image holder and add your image through one of the mentioned methods. Drag and drop your image and click on “Confirm”.

Music event promo- image editor

As for the video holders, they are very easy to customize. Upload your own video, choose an already uploaded video from your Media Library, or choose a video from our Stock Footage library. There are over 195.000+ free videos.

Music event promo video holder

Here is how you can add a stock video and customize it. Click on “Stock Footage” and type a phrase or keyword to find a relevant video. Look through the videos, turn the pages and select the most suitable one and click insert.

Music event promo - stock videos

Once you add your video, select the parts you want to see in your video and trim it.

Music event promo - video trimmer

After you’ve finished editing your video, go to the “Style” section and choose the style and the preferred font of your promo.

Music event promo style

And, finally, complete your video by adding a background music track. Go to the “Music” section and choose the track you like the most or upload your own music.

Music event promo background music

Besides, you can also upload or record your own voiceover. Go to the “Voiceover” section to add it. You can try our advanced trimmer, which is available to our subscribed users.

Music event promo voiceover

Your video is almost ready. To see the final result, go to the “Preview” section and click on “Free Preview”.

Music event promo free preview

Your video will be ready within a couple of minutes.

Music event promo export

Congrats, your video is ready. If there is something you want to change, feel free to go back and make all the necessary changes to get your desired final result. After you’ve finished editing your video, click on “Download” and get your video for free. You can also make a single purchase or subscribe to one of our plans to export your video in the highest quality.

Are you ready to rock? Create an epic music event promotion and make your audience even more excited. Click the button below to start:

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