Pink Logo: Romance, Femininity, Youth, and More

Pink Logo: Romance, Femininity, Youth, and More

Did you know that 75% of people recognize brands by their logos? This means designing a logo is an inseparable part of building a brand. And while each little element of logo design matters, like the font choice and the subtle symbolism, what’s most memorable in every logo design is its color.

The right choice of color plays a huge role in shaping the intended brand perceptions. A pink logo will give your brand an entirely different character than a blue logo would. Our logo color series is going to explore just that — the psychology behind colors as they’re used in logo designs.  

In this article, we’ll discuss pink logos and what they signify. Let’s find out if a pink logo is right for your brand and if so, how you can create one.

  • Famous Pink Logos and Brand Marks
  • The Psychology of Pink Logo
  • Is Pink for Women?
  • Pink Logo Color Combinations
  • How to Design a Pink Logo?


Famous Pink Logos and Brand Marks

What is common to famous brands that have pink logos or brand marks? Why would they choose pink out of all the colors? Let’s see.

pink logos - victoria's secret-barbie-pink panther


Victoria’s Secret Pink

Victoria’s Secret, one of the famous fashion brands, has several variations of pink in its brand color palette. Even its clothing line targeted at teenage girls and adolescents is called Pink. 



Since the introduction of this popular fashion doll in 1959, Barbie’s logo has stayed almost the same: its brand name is in pink. More than half a century later, the font of the iconic wordmark is the only element that’s been modified.


Pink Panther

Perhaps, the logo color for this media franchise was an obvious choice, but it also seems to have in mind the target audience for its animated series — children.

pink logo - dribbble lyft cosmopolitan



The popular design platform uses a soft shade of pink as its brand color to promote creativity, lightheartedness, and enthusiasm for design. Its handwritten font further highlights these features, making them part of the brand’s identity.



Inspired by its whimsical pink mustache, Lyft’s logo design communicates the fun and playful nature of the brand. It also intends to convey friendliness towards women, inviting them to use the service both as drivers and passengers. 



Cosmopolitan is an American magazine for women. The saturated pink color of its logo is eye-catching enough to draw attention at a newsstand and appeal to its target demographic at the same time.

pink logos-dunkin' donuts-benefit-baskin robbins


Dunkin’ Donuts

With its thick, rounded letters and lively combination of orange and pink, the logo of Dunkin’ Donuts looks as sweet and tasty as its treats. The two colors do look suitable for a donut chain.



The quirky and fun identity of this cosmetic brand is reflected in its pink and white wordmark logo. The divergent italic font of the letter “f” speaks for the brand’s uniquely casual outlook on makeup.


Baskin Robbins

The famous ice cream brand has children as its main target demographic, explaining the playful use of pink and blue in its logo. The pink could also hint at some of its ice cream flavors, the number of which is incorporated into the letter mark itself.

pink logo templates

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The Psychology of Pink Logo

While different shades of pink evoke different feelings, there are some associations common to all of them. Whether used in logos, brand marks, product design, or branding in general, pink often conveys the following:

pink color meaning

Soft shades of pink give off a sense of calmness and innocence. Saturated pink, on the other hand, is energetic, confident, and bold. “Rose gold” pink, popularized by the iPhone 6S of this color is seen as modern and more gender-neutral, while “millennial pink” has become “the new black” in design.

shades of pink names

Depending on your brand identity and type of business, different shades of pink could be right for your logo. Thus, before making a choice, take some time to understand what exactly you want to communicate with your logo design.

Then, find the most suitable shade and color combination to match your specific intention. And, of course, don’t forget to consider your target audience which we’re covering next.


Is Pink for Women?

By now you’ve probably noticed that most brands with a pink logo are either targeted at women or children. Among them are cosmetic lines, fashion brands, girls’ branded toys, children’s TV shows, ice-cream manufacturers, as well as other representatives of the entertainment and confectionery industries.

pink quote dana dalgetty

While many consider pink as an inherently feminine color, it’s interesting to know this wasn’t the case until the 1940s. Before that pink was perceived as neither particularly feminine nor masculine. This started to change with marketing campaigns that color-coded children’s products based on the gender they were intended for.

Still, taking into account the association people already have with pink, it’s hard to reverse this trend around. Thus, if your target market consists mainly of women or girls, and your brand identity is in accord with the color pink, the latter could be one possible choice for your logo.

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Pink Logo Color Combinations

Not all logos use a single color. While pink is great in and of itself, combining it with another color can open up new possibilities. 

Just as different variations of pink give rise to different emotions, so do various color combinations. Let’s explore the most popular ones and figure out what they mean.

Black and Pink

pink and black logo-pink studios

The combination of black and pink in a business logo is a great way to achieve an elegant and, at the same time, playfully bold look. Pink Studios, a digital marketing agency, has a single pink dot in its otherwise monochrome black wordmark. This makes the company appear both credible and inventive in the eyes of its clients.

White and Pink

magenta logo-t-mobile logo color

Thanks to its neutrality, white emphasizes the energetic and playful nature of pink. Whether it’s a pink logo on a white background, or a white logo on a pink background, the impression it leaves is one of liveliness, joy, and inspiration. The logos of Barbie, Dribbble, Lyft, and T-Mobile are perfect examples of this.

Blue and Pink

pink and blue logo-flickr-vineyard vines

Another interesting combination is that of pink and blue. The two colors create associations that are quite different from each other. Blue in logos represents quality, reliability, and trust, while pink infuses fun, sweetness, and creativity into the design. Put the two together and you get the logos of Baskin Robbins, Vineyard Vines, and Flickr.

Pink and Pink

pink logo-dribbble logo colors

How about getting even bolder and combining two different shades of pink? Victoria’s Secret and Dribbble have done exactly that! The former’s signature pink stripes, often used as a background for their logo and found everywhere from products to packaging, are recognizable at a glance. As for Dribbble’s ball icon, it consists of their logo color and a darker shade of pink.

Orange and Pink

dunkin' donuts logo color-pink and orange logo

There’s something very uplifting about saturated orange and lush pink together. Both are bold and strong colors when taken separately. When placed side by side, the effect is doubled.

It does make sense that Dunkin Donuts would choose this particular mix of hot colors to represent its chain of coffeehouses that serve donuts. Somehow, orange and pink make you crave sweets! Don’t they? 

Due to its uplifting quality, these logo colors are great for brands in the entertainment industry as well.


How to Design a Pink Logo?

If you like the idea of a pink logo for your brand, you can create one right now in your browser using our online logo maker. Type a sentence or two about your business and describe what kind of logo you want. Make sure to mention the word “pink” in the text field as well.

Renderforest Logo Maker will then generate lots of suitable logo designs for you to choose from. Customize the preferred icon, changing the color, font, and other elements to fit your business needs.

pink logo maker online

Once ready, download your pink logo in the format of your choice. You can save your file both in raster and vector file formats

Even if you want to design your business logo yourself, feel free to use our online logo maker for inspiration and generate as many pink logo ideas as you need. It’s far easier to build on an existing design than create one from scratch.

neon pink logo templates

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To sum up, a pink logo can be used in a number of different industries. Among them are entertainment, confectioneries, cosmetics, fashion, children’s toys, as well as services with a fun and playful edge.

If you consider the pink color a perfect match for your company, then don’t hesitate and get one. Take into consideration who your customers are and get a logo they’ll love!

So? Are you ready to get creative and design your own pink logo today? If so, click the button below, and get started!

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