10 Great Podcast Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2023

10 Great Podcast Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2023

Whether you’re looking for some new ways to repurpose your content or want to try podcasts to reach a wider audience, an effective podcast logo will elevate your production value and keep your branding recognizable.

Now you might have a question: How to make a podcast logo that really stands out from the others and helps you get more clicks?

In this article, we will walk you through the whole process of podcast logo design production and show you cool podcast logo examples for inspiration. But first, let’s find out why you need a podcast logo considering the fact that podcasts are actually designed to be listened to and not watched!

What is a podcast logo and why do you need one?

A podcast logo is one of the elements of your podcast brand that represents your podcast visually. It makes your podcast recognizable to your audience and helps them easier identify your brand.

Here are the main reasons your podcast needs a logo:

A professional look- No matter what your podcast is about, having a logo will demonstrate how serious you are about what you do. With a logo, you will look more professional in the eyes of your listeners and they will keep coming back to you thanks to the gained credibility.

Effective podcast marketing and promotion- A podcast logo will not only help you gain credibility but will also serve as a great marketing tool. To reinforce your brand image, you can use your logo on all advertising materials and social media channels. It can also be used for monetizing your podcast. Think of podcast merchandise- selling T-shirts, cups, and other products with your own podcast logo design!

Better brand identity- Even if no one is aware of your podcast yet, building a brand is crucial for engaging with your listeners and growing your audience. A unique logo will help the audience identify your brand and build brand recognition.


10 top podcast logo ideas for inspiration



Spotify: For the Record: Spotify podcast logo design differs based on the purpose of its use. When you search for the Spotify podcast logo on Google, you’ll see that different logos appear on the first page. One of them is the logo for Spotify Community, and other represents the Spotify Premium. There is also another logo designed in pink and yellow for kids’ podcasts.

All these Spotify podcast logos have similar shapes but different colors. The only logo that looks way different is the one created for Spotify: For the Record.

Spotify: For the Record shares all the latest news from the company. They take their listeners behind-the-scenes chatting with their employees, artists, and industry experts about music and podcasts.

The logo itself shows what the podcast is all about- a hand unveiling curtains.

Google podcasts

Google Podcasts: Google Podcasts is a podcast app created by Google. In 2018, it was only available for Android users. 2 years later, Google launched its iOS version.

It’s extremely easy to use. Once you upload your podcast on Google, people can search for and play it in the browser or mobile phones, or other Google services.

The Google podcast logo has the same brand colors as the main Google logo. Once you have a look at the logo, you’ll guess immediately that the app belongs to Google. This is a great example of brand recognition through brand colors.

Yellow Space

Yellow Space: Yellow Space has a cute podcast logo that puts a smile on anyone’s face who has a bad day. The topics of this podcast are mostly mental health care and pieces of advice related to relationships and everyday life problems.

Besides including the word “yellow” in their podcast name, the logo is also designed in yellow. A great color to choose for the podcast as yellow demonstrates joy, and happiness and brings about positive feelings!

Out of Hours

Out of Hours: Out of Hours is a podcast about people who find motivation in other projects out of the office and pursue their passion turning it into something great and successful! Just like other creative podcast logo designs mentioned in this list, the logo of this podcast demonstrates the big ideas that podcasters discuss during their exciting interviews and the interviewees’ out-of-the-box thinking.

The laptop caricature of the logo is trying to walk out of the yellow box and pursue its big ideas.

Sports Wars

Sports Wars: Another podcast logo that shows the great effects of fonts in the logo design. A simple but at the same time mysterious background combined with clear typography is one of the best podcast logo examples for inspiration.

This podcast is about the behind-the-scenes dramas that happen in sports and the famous rivalries that people might have missed. The podcasters talk about well-researched events for those who are in love with this industry.


Sports logo

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This American Life


This American Life: This is one of the most creative podcast logos with a clever interplay. The logo consists of the US flag and a speech bubble icon. With this combination, This American Life podcast shows that they focus on the average American.


You're Wrong About

You’re Wrong About: You’re Wrong About is an excellent podcast for those who are interested in politics and history and are looking for entertaining history lessons! The colorful background of the logo shows the fun nature of the podcast. Its bold and decorative font also adds uniqueness to the logo drawing more people’s attention to it.

This podcast logo proves how amazing it is to use unique fonts combined with other design elements like colorful backgrounds for maximum effect.

Call Your Girlfriend

Call Your Girlfriend: Long-distance friends Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman talk about everything from current events to pop culture, books, and social justice in this funny and insightful podcast that makes great background listening for dull tasks. It feels like eavesdropping on a convo between pals because that’s exactly what it is.


Beautiful Anonymous

Beautiful Anonymous: Beautiful Anonymous is a good podcast logo that shows the mystery of the podcast hosted by comedian Chris Gethard. He tweets a phone number then answers one of the random calls and has a conversation with the stranger that lasts about an hour. The strangers usually tell their strange stories, how their spouses cheated on them, or the strange things they experience at their offices.

The shadow depicted in the logo shows the intrigue and mystery of the podcast. Although it had more than 250 episodes back in 2021, the logo and its shadow haven’t changed and remained the main logo for so many years.

Fat Mascara

Fat Mascara: As the podcast is all about the beauty industry, its logo design also screams “beauty”. Designers combined the initials of the podcast name to create the perfect podcast logo and used the most feminine color to make it complete- pink.

This logo is a great inspiration for podcasters who cover beauty-related topics and want to design their own logo in a unique and fun way.


fashion podcast logo

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How to make a podcast logo design with Renderforest

After getting a dose of inspiration from famous podcast logos, it’s the right time to create your own with the help of Renderforest’s podcast logo maker. The latter will let you create professional-looking logo designs even if you don’t have any kind of experience in graphic design.

All you have to do is follow the simple steps mentioned below and create the perfect logo in a snap!

1. Sign up first

If you don’t have a Renderforest account, you can sign up using any of your personal email addresses or Facebook.

Renderforest logo maker

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After you sign up, you will need to choose Logos from the menu above. You will be redirected to Renderforest’s logo maker.

2. Search for podcast logos

Search for podcast logos by adding the word Podcast in the search box and clicking on the search button.

Podcast logo search

After the search, you’ll get all the podcast-related logos. Choose the one you like most and click on it to start editing the logo.

Renderforest podcast logo search

Search logo

3. Customize the logo

Once you’re redirected to the Logo editor, you can start customizing the logo by changing the position of the icon, its size, opacity, logo name, and tagline. You can also change the colors of the text and icon to align them with your brand colors or choose the suggested color palettes.

Podcast logo customization

If you don’t like the icon you’ve chosen, it’s easy to change it by selecting the icon style and searching for the relevant word (for instance, podcast, sport, music) from the left side of the screen:

Podcast logo icon change

4. Preview the podcast logo in 2 modes

Renderforest’s podcast logo maker allows you to preview your podcast logo in mockup mode. The latter is great if you want to find out what your podcast log will look like on real-life objects. All you have to do is choose the mockup mode and try the log on various mockups.

Podcast logo mockup mode

5. Download the podcast logo

Once you’re happy with the podcast logo design, you can take your final step and click on the Download button below. You are free to choose a monthly/yearly subscription plan or download it for free using the first option.

Podcast logo download

Voila! You have a perfect log for your podcast now. Get it in your preferred file format and start promoting your podcast on social media platforms.

Remember that your podcast logo will be saved in your projects. So you can customize or download it any time you need!

Logo projects

To sum up

As you can see, it’s super easy to create a logo for your podcast with the help of a podcast logo maker like Renderforest.

First, have a look at famous podcast logos for inspiration. Then, click on the button “try now” below and browse the library to find the podcast logo template that best fits your industry. A fast, easy and affordable solution for creating a professional podcast logo!

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