5 Practical Real Estate Marketing Tips for Agents

5 Practical Real Estate Marketing Tips for Agents

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18 May 2018

At some point in life, everyone thinks of getting the house of their dreams. As a real estate agent, your job is to match the houses and the buyers to make their dreams come true. To do so, you need to be armed with unique real estate marketing ideas.

No matter who you are: a rookie wondering how to start in real estate world or someone who has already sold hundreds of houses, you need to know the basic real estate marketing tips for showcasing your listings and getting more leads.

Visuals have a great impact on the audience, so in order to catch their attention, it’s better to show all the benefits of the properties instead of plain descriptions. Photos and videos can do it perfectly. Now, open your marketing plan and add our tips that will show you how to be a successful real estate agent.


  1. Impress With High-Quality Photos 

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Photos are by far the easiest way to get someone’s attention. You could use long texts/presentations trying to describe how exceptional the house is, but you can never be sure if everyone reads it or not.

Photos are one of the most effective real estate marketing tools. A high-quality photo can impress in an instant. Let’s define “an instant”. If you put it out there it will be seen, and depending on how breathtaking the photo is, your audience will decide whether to explore your listing or not.

If your photos are bad, people will see a house that looks much worse than in real life. If the brilliance of the house itself doesn’t exceed the unattractiveness of the photo (which in most cases doesn’t) chances are your audience is going to pass without giving any consideration to it.

You must have everything a good photo needs: lighting, angles, quality, etc; all thoroughly considered. This kind of photos usually highlight the best parts of the house and hide what is less admirable about it. This kind is exactly the one that can take breaths away and make people want more of it.  

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  1. Save the Day With the Help of Videos



There has always been something mysterious about dealing with people’s expectations: you should be giving them at least what they expect and, if you are willing to impress them, then you should also add a touch or two.

It all started with photos right? Real estate agents felt the need of showing their estate to the potential buyers without actually taking them to the house. Nowadays, having photos is a prerequisite for selling houses. But there are only so many photos one can take a look at to form his/her opinion about the house.

So if you want your listings to be more effective you should use both your amazingly captured photos as well as videos which will represent the whole house in a few minutes.  
Adjust your video marketing strategy depending on the types of videos you want to create.

There are actually many ways to use videos. Aside from making a traditional video, a very efficient way to consider is a video slideshow. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to spend extra time shooting the video. The only thing you need to do is to put the photos you have already taken into your slideshow. This way you can not only control the amount of time spent on one photo but also add some information right on them.

Another way to insert info into your slideshows is to add a voice over in which you speak about the house and its benefits. But, if you don’t trust your video making skills, don’t worry, there are many online video making tools. Some of them, for example, Renderforest, has real estate video making toolkits, especially for real estate agents like you.  

  1. Go Live on Social Media

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It’s not a secret that if you want to build online presence you or your work should appear in as many places on the internet as possible. Social media is a perfect place where you can instantly reach out to many people and sell your houses. So, make this a part of your real estate marketing strategy.

As we all know, many social networks have this tool called Livestream.

Livestream? Can that be useful in selling your real estate? It surely can. When livestream was just introduced in social media a few years ago, many of us were curious to use it and have that unique experience of being able to share little parts of our lives with a greater audience.

Currently, Livestream can also be used for marketing purposes. That’s because people tend to react to live content surprisingly more than the ordinary one. Live content is more intimate and people watching it feel like they are right there at the event with all other people watching it. And that’s why it is irresistible to click on to at least have a sneak peek. You can use Facebook or any other social channel to go live.

If you need to showcase a house on social media, make sure you have at least a few livestream tours throughout the house. It is pretty simple to do: you just turn on the livestream, walk around the house and tell about it as you walk. You can also answer some questions that may arise in the comments.


  1. Create Your Virtual Reality Tours

Source: La Vista

Just like using photos to present houses to the potential buyers was a new thing a few decades ago, Virtual Reality tours are currently getting more and more popular among real estate agents.

Obviously, you can’t take all clients to the house and with some buyers, photos and videos may not work anymore. However, Virtual Reality is remarkably interesting and an experience worth having with your clients.

Anytime you have a meeting with a buyer let them take a preliminary tour of the house virtually before they will get the chance to pay a personal visit. As strange as it may sound, making a virtual reality tour is not that hard. If just a year ago only specialists could do that, today every single person can make it.

Buying a headset for VR isn’t that hard and you don’t need a manual to do that. But we’ll go ahead and tell you about this very interesting platform called Sansar which enables literally anyone to create a VR experience. So, if you really want to blow your clients’ minds you should consider having a VR catalog of all of your houses at hand and let the buyers take the VR house tour anytime.


  1. Tell the Stories of Your Properties



They say it is easier to fall in love with a house if it has a story behind it. Let’s say, before buying the house you find out that it belonged to a famous person, or that on the land where the house is built on, an important historical event took place. You will be surprised by how many people will be interested in your houses.

Here is a perfect example of this idea.

In 2009, Rob Walker and Joshua Glenn bought 100 extremely cheap objects and asked 100 writers to write a fictional story for each object. The results exceeded their expectations. After adding the stories to each of them, the 100 items worth $128.74 were sold for $3,612.51. That sounds crazy, doesn’t it? And, after all, it is true. Imagine what would happen if you add a story to a house worth $100,000.

It’s time to add some fresh, high-quality visual content to your real estate marketing. If you are interested in showcasing your listings in a way that will attract the dreamers’ attention, you should try implementing these 5 tips. These are very simple but effective ways to boost your sales and satisfy the needs of your potential clients.

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