Red Logo: Confidence, Passion, and More

Red Logo: Confidence, Passion, and More

Although logo design is quite important, the color you choose is what makes your brand logo impressive and memorable. Since red is one of the primary colors that a human eye catches the fastest, many brands use it as their logo color. 

Coca-Cola, Netflix, YouTube, CNN…all these brands use bright shades of red to stand out and impact the viewer’s mind, evoking strong emotions in them. 

But how do you know if red is the right color for your brand?

Stick around to find out more about the best practices of using red in a logo, its color psychology, and finally figuring out if it’s what your logo needs. 

  • The Psychology of Red
  • What Industries Use Red Logos
  • Red Logo Color Combinations
  • Is Red Logo Right for Your Brand?
  • How to Design Red Logos?


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The Psychology of Red 

Red is one of the most eye-catching colors out there. It’s the first color a baby can see other than black and white, which makes it quite unique and “loud”. It’s also the most popular color used on flags all over the world to highlight the importance of this color in different cultures.

Today red is mostly associated with anger, passion, seduction, as well as danger, and adventure. However, the meaning of this color can change completely, depending on where and how it’s used. 

In the design world, when it comes to logos, it expresses youthfulness, energy, passion, confidence, determination, excitement, and boldness.  

Red demands attention and this is why it’s a widely used color in digital and offline marketing. Many main CTA’s like “Order Now”, “Subscribe” and more, have high conversion rates thanks to this dynamic color, proving just how effective it is

red color meaning

It doesn’t matter whether it’s used alone, or combined with other colors, red is a powerful color choice for a logo as well. The intensity this color contains has inspired many brands from different industries to make it their distinctive color, and successfully pull off being unforgettable. More on this in a second!


What Industries Use Red Logos 

According to color psychology statistics, 29% of the world’s most recognized companies use red as their primary color. This makes it the second most used brand color after blue (33%). 

Red having an energetic and commanding vibe is used as a logo color for brands in different industries. Food and entertainment fields are all full of brands favoring red. However, they are not the only ones. 

Let’s see what industries use red in their logos, and why exactly they choose this color out of all the colors. 

Food Industry 

Many food chains and restaurants use red either as a primary color or as a small, completing detail in their logos. Red evokes a feeling of hunger and excitement, stimulating people’s appetite, which makes it a perfect choice for this industry. 

Coca-Cola, KFC, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Pizza Hut, and many other brands in the food industry have made their logos undoubtedly memorable thanks to this color.

red logo - food logo

Fashion Industry 

In fashion brand logos, red indicates youth, free spirit, boldness, and playfulness. It’s the right color to grab the attention of impulse shoppers. It’s associated with excitement, as it has the tendency to increase people’s heart rate and make them want to try new things. 

Red makes a logo or a tagline readable from a distance, as well as leaves a long-lasting impression on the customer. Using red logos, clothing and retail brands hope to stand out in the sea of their competitors and come off as a practical brand, and some did succeed in doing so. 

Supreme, Levi’s, H&M, and Uniqlo are just a few of the most famous fashion brands that have gone for red logos.

red logo - red fashion logo

Technology and Media 

There are so many media outlets and technology companies out there both online and offline, and it’s a quiet struggle to stand out. Some of those companies have come up with a brilliant idea to get noticed with a bright red logo.

Because red stands for urgency and importance as well, it helps the brands of this sphere have a strong influence on people.  

We can all agree that CNN, Time, Rolling Stone, and Adobe are some of the media and technology brands popping in our heads when we think about companies in these industries. 

red logo - media red logo


Netflix, Marvel, YouTube, Pinterest, Lego… what’s the color association you have with these brands? Of course, it’s the juice shade of red.

These brands have taken the brightest tones of red and turned them into one of their iconic features. Today we can’t imagine them without their distinctive red logos, which give them a certain edge and style.  

red logo - entertainment red logo

Red Logo Color Combinations 

As mentioned earlier, red is a multi-functional primary color, that has a number of meanings, including, but not limited to, love, passion, hunger, youth, excitement, boldness, and importance. 

It’s usually combined with much cooler colors, to tone the “excitement” of red down, and make it more pleasant to the eye. 

Here are some of the most famous combinations of red and other colors, and how famous brands have used them in their logos. 

Red and White 

White is not only the most used color with red, but it’s also the most used color when it comes to all color combos. 

When combined with white, red becomes a more laid-back color, that makes a logo look bold, modern, and youthful. Some of the most famous examples of the red and white collaboration can be Supreme, Coca-Cola, YouTube, and Levi’s.  

red logo - red and white logo

Red and Blue 

This combo is majorly used in the fashion industry. Blue as a cool color, inspires more maturity in red, and when combined with the dark shade of blue, red becomes more leveled. 

Dark blue can completely change the energy of red and leave an impression of a comfortable and attainable brand. 

Fila, Champion, Tommy Hilfiger… all of these fashion brands have combined blue and red in their logos, and we are just in love with them.  

red logo - red and blue logo

Red and Black  

We don’t see logos with black and red as much as we see red with white or blue, but when put together these two colors have a powerful and edgy vibe, with a touch of modernism and importance. 

One of the impressive logos with red and black belongs to Netflix. Just looking at it we become passionate about the cinematic world and too impatient to binge-watch our favorite tv-show on this platform.  

red logo - red and black logo

Red and Yellow 

Primary or cherry red works absolutely amazing with yellow and its many tones, including orange that falls between these two colors. Both red and yellow are warm colors, and together they remind us of warm sunrises, cozy sunsets, fire, and fall. 

Their collaboration in logos inspires positivity, enthusiasm, and passion. McDonald’s, Lays, Chupa Chups, and Kodak have combined red with yellow to give their customers a warm and homey feeling.  

red logo - red and yellow logo

Red and Green 

When combined with red, green (dark or light) brings its stability and harmony to the table, making their reunion a balanced one. Together they inspire strength and passion, as well as style and class. 

Gucci, Mountain Dew, and Heineken are the first of the few brands that pop into our heads when thinking about this combination. Partially because of their logos, we trust these brands and can recognize them in any store.  

red logo - red and green logo

Is Red Logo Right for Your Brand? 

Red being the color of boldness, passion, and love is the perfect logo color to help you grab the attention of your customers and earn their trust. 

It can excite your potential consumers, and draw them to your brand. It can help them take you for a youthful and energetic brand, ready to come up with innovative solutions and ideas out of the box. 

So, after all, is red the right color for your brand? To answer this question you have to first consider what your business is about. 

If your brand is food or entertainment related, it will raise people’s appetite and interest, and if it’s a fashion brand, it will awaken the shopaholic in them.

red logo - CTA colors

Source: SearchEngineJournal


This loud and confident color is also a perfect logo choice when combined with cool colors like white and blue. 

However, you should remember that it’s also the color of urgency and danger, so you need to use it sparingly, especially when your business belongs to the finance or the healthcare world.  It’s far from being a calming and reassuring color when it comes to these fields, and you should consider the meaning behind it when applying it to your logo. 

So, if you’re looking for a playful, confident, and loud color for your brand, then red, with its Cherry, Tomato, Scarlet, or even Rose tones, can definitely be your go-to color.

red logo - red color names

Source: Zhuanlan


How to Design Red Logos? 

Are you ready to create a logo using red tones? Renderforest Logo Maker will help you create a red logo for your brand within minutes. 

There are two ways you can create a red logo with Renderforest. 

Type in your brand name and some details, choose the style you want your logo to be, and let our AI-based logo generator perform its magic and suggest relatable logo designs for you.  

red logo - create logo

Or, you can choose the industry of your brand in the “Make Logo” section on Renderforest and look through the variety of our logos. Here you can choose the most suitable logo template for your brand and start editing it.  

red logo - logo template

You can choose a template from the list, and add your company name and tagline to it. Edit the size, color, style, and opacity of every part of the logo design as well, to make it more suitable for your brand. 

And voila! Your logo will be ready with just a few clicks! 

Afterward, you can download the finished product in your preferred logo file format. 


Red is one of the most emotional and eye-catching colors, which makes it a popular branding color. In logo design, it symbolizes excitement, passion, playful energy, and importance.  

Food, fashion, technology, media, and entertainment are full of impressive red logo designs. Famous brands like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, CNN, Supreme, Gucci, Netflix, and many more, use red in their logos to evoke different emotions in people. 

But how do you know if red is the right color for your brand? To answer this, you first need to think about what market your brands belong to, and what kind of feelings you want to awaken in your potential customers. 

Once you’ve decided it’s your go-to color, it’s time to create a red logo fast and effectively. Click the button below to start! 


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