Digital Art Transformation Without Constraints

Digital Art Transformation Without Constraints

Pixel by pixel digital art is transforming into the most unpredictable form of art in the most positive meaning of this word. In this digital age, people have found new tools of self-expression which are as powerful and limitless as their imagination.

Many creatives have discovered this unique form of art and are incredibly passionate about having their contribution to the beautiful transformation and development of the industry.

But, all talents need nurturing. We at Renderforest clearly understand the value of education and the importance of information accessibility. To make digital art more accessible, we decided to start it from the place where our company is based – Armenia.

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The internet is full of educational content in all the possible forms: books, articles, videos, online courses, trainings, and so on. Still, due to some constraints, many people don’t have access to the necessary materials.

One of those constraints is language. More than 55% of the internet content is in English as it’s considered a global language. But roughly 20% of the population speaks and understands English.

Obsessed with the idea of bringing digital art to Armenia and making it accessible to many talented artists, Renderforest made its first step.

To help Armenian students and designers get information on Graphic Design, Animation and Motion Graphics, Renderforest published the book “Digital Art” in Armenian. The theoretical part of the book was taken from the most popular design blogs and translated to Armenian. There were only 1000 copies which were distributed for free among the participants during the book presentation and to different educational institutions in Armenia. The electronic version of the printed book is available here.

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With this book, those who are interested in design, have an opportunity to learn more about design trends and best practices. This will help us bring digital art to a whole new level and nurture our talents.

Meanwhile, our team of talented designers, illustrators, and animators continues developing its skills to create amazing templates and animations for our users.

Learn, inspire, create with Renderforest!

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