Our Long-Awaited Features Are Available Now

Our Long-Awaited Features Are Available Now

We are excited to introduce our new and long-awaited features, which will make using our super easy video editor even easier.

If you’re an active user, you’ve already noticed that we’ve added the “Undo” and “Redo” buttons, the “Recommended music” section, “Music Genres”, and the “Suggest new scene” feature.

If you haven’t seen them, then check out now how you can utilize these new features while creating your next video project.


Saving Your Time With Undo and Redo Buttons

Oops… You’ve deleted one of the scenes of your project and now you have to create it again.

To make your video creating and editing process more effortless, we added the Undo and Redo buttons. Now, you can easily make any changes in your project. If you’ve removed a text, a media file, or a scene by accident, you can simply undo (Ctrl+Z) that action and bring it back. If you decide to have them removed again, just click on the Redo button (Ctrl+Y).

The buttons also work for the Color and Music sections. You can undo and redo choosing the colors or the tracks to compare them and pick the one that suits best.

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Recommended Music for Your Projects

You’ve created all the scenes of your project, picked the color theme, and now it’s one of the most important parts – choosing the right music. The music can make or break the total impression, so you need to choose carefully.

To help you in this crucial moment, we decided to add the Recommended Music section which is available for the popular and trending templates, and Music Genres.

All the recommended tracks are hand-picked by our team and may change depending on the length of your video project and the selected music genre.

So, the next time you create your video, pay attention to our recommended music to find the most appealing tracks from the available genres.

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Suggest a New Scene

If you’re looking for a scene for your project and can’t find it, don’t worry! With our new feature, you have the opportunity to suggest your desired scene. Describe what kind of scenes you would like to have in a specific template, and our design team may consider your ideas and implement them in the future.

Renderforest Add Scene

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Private/Unlisted Options

Your video projects are set as “Unlisted” by default so that you can share the preview link with your friends or clients. But, you can change them to “Private” to close the access to your videos.

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In Renderforest, we believe that convenience is key. With each update, we make it easier for you to concentrate on the creative part and don’t lose track of your thoughts because of the technical part. Make use of our new updates as you create your next masterpiece.


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