Inside the Renderforest Dev Meetup

Inside the Renderforest Dev Meetup

In this dynamic and competitive IT world, it’s crucial for companies to support their talents and contribute to their learning process. Following the latest news and trends in the industry is crucial.

Taking part in meetups and networking events is one of the best ways to stay up to date. Besides, it’s a great opportunity to find like-minded people and discuss common topics.

This is why Renderforest Development team decided to organize the first Reason/React meetup in Armenia. Our speakers were eager to share their experience and knowledge on the main topics of the meetup: ReactJS and Reason React.

Renderforest event

More than 100 professionals from various IT companies and students were interested in joining the meetup. During the QA, the participants had a chance to ask their questions on React, OCaml, Reason, Functional React, Static Types, Functional programming, front-end, and many other topics.

As the number of seats was limited, we decided to go live and make our Facebook community a part of this event. So, those who weren’t able to join the meetup could watch the live stream.

Renderforest company culture

We’re planning to organize similar events on a regular basis to support the developers and students in Armenia and help them develop their skills.

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