The Power of Innovation: Web Summit 2018

The Power of Innovation: Web Summit 2018

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” – Stephen Hawking

Who can deny the fact that we live in an exciting world which is changing day by day bringing new possibilities and transforming our lives?

Everyone is part of this progress.

This is why every year Web Summit gathers the most disruptive technology companies and everyone who’s interested in one place to determine our future and create a better world.

In November 2018, Web Summit opened its doors to more than 70,000 participants from over 170 countries: startups and leading tech companies, speakers from companies like Apple, Samsung Electronics, Microsoft Corporation, IBM,, TripAdvisor, Netflix, Google, Slack, and others.

Being a Silver Partner of Web Summit, Renderforest was eager to present its new AI-based feature which will transform the industry of animated video creation.

By integrating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, Renderforest simplifies the video creation process and makes it more enjoyable. What does it mean? Our enhanced video editor helps to generate animated videos based on the script within a few seconds.

Web Summit 2018

It was an incredible gathering of the brightest minds that strive to change our lives. We had a great opportunity to meet like-minded startups from all around the world who shared their visions and plans for the future.

Our team was inspired by the leaders of the tech world who shared their experience and motivated the future generations to think big.

More than 2,600 international journalists from leading media like BBC, CNN, New York Times, Al Jazeera, and others, attended Web Summit to share the uplifting environment of innovation and all the latest tech news. Below you can see our CMO presenting Renderforest to Al Jazeera (he’s at 00:53).


Nowadays, we have Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, human-like robots. What will we have in the future? Nobody can guess.

But, we have the power to create and innovate. Together we can build the future we want.

Reinvent your creativity with Renderforest!

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