Rhythm Rollers: The Rising Stars of UK Urban Music

Rhythm Rollers: The Rising Stars of UK Urban Music

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28 Mar 2019

Rhythm Rollers started when a group of like-minded music enthusiasts got together and decided to set up an independent record label.  

“Our mission was and still is to bring the very best of UK urban music to the world.”

It was when Grime legend Jamakabi met Ghosty, a professional sound engineer and producer with 20 years of experience, that the team realized they had something special to offer. A unique combination of talented musicians helped the newly started recording company to fulfill its goals by teaching new talents on how to produce a track and promote it.

The team never expected an easy ride.

“If it is easy, be prepared for the worse. No such thing as a free lunch!”

But due to the good music and a very talented and dedicated team, Rythm Rollers soon made their way to the @BBC Radio 1 live lounge, where Jamakabi played Wickedest Ting live. Soon the track was listed in the top 10 tracks of summer 2018.

“We love what we do and have a great time doing it.”

Rhythm Rollers success story

Moreover, the team knew how to overcome negative opinions.

“Always doubters! We just try to do our best, take negative comments on board and come back with something better. There is always room for improvement no matter how good you think you are.”

Then the group started working hard on advertising the company through public relations and radio pluggings. The IT director of the group Rob Rollsit found success almost impossible without good promotion.

“No matter how good your product is people won't buy if they don't know about it.”

On the digital side, they used organic SEO and paid social ads to either get the ball rolling or sustain and maintain the current promotion.

But they needed to provide more engaging content that would support the music and promote it at the same time.

Renderforest success story

Day by day video was gaining more importance, and, though the music was still their primary source of revenue, video was of massive importance for gaining popularity.

It was then, that Andy Clarke, the Managing Director of the group found Renderforest.

“We chose it because it did what we wanted in the correct style. Nothing else came close.”

Now the team uses professionals to film, direct and produce the music videos but when it comes to turning audios into a music video very quickly, Renderforest is always there.

“Very easy to use and templates are a big selling point. We love the record spinning! Visualizing music is the most important thing for us. It's a great way of quickly turning our music into a video which attracts more attention.”

The videos had a great deal of success and now the team uses our music visualization templates to create video ads for the socials to promote the music tracks that don't have a professional video yet or need a different angle.

“People like it. So far so good!"

To the question whether they are going to create more videos with our platform or not, Rob answered: "Yes, we intend to create!"

Our team wishes Rythm Rollers all the best and good luck for the future. We know for sure that Rythm Rollers with their resilience, hard work, and persistence, will achieve even more.

Let's enjoy one of their music tracks visualized with our video template!

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