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Rusty Cooley: The Master of Shred Guitar

Rusty Cooley: The Master of Shred Guitar

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16 Sep 2018


"Enthusiasm is everything. It must be taut and vibrating like a guitar string." - Pele

So hey there! All the music enthusiasts and guitar shredding lovers come together. We have a motivating and inspiring story about one of the fastest guitarists in the United States - Rusty Cooley.

Rusty is an American guitarist from Houston, Texas, United States. He is mostly known for his highly refined guitar technique and is regarded as a master of the shredding technique of guitar.

Let's check out his interview below.

R: When did you get your first guitar? Do you still have it?

RC: I got my first guitar for my 15th birthday and no I don’t have it anymore but I do remember that it was a Peavey T    -27 and Decade amp.

R: What was the first song you learned to play on guitar?

RC: The first riff I learned how to play was Smoke on the water by Deep Purple and it was completely the wrong way lol one finger on the low E string.

Rusty Cooley

R: You’re known as one of the fastest guitarists in the United States, which is the hardest song you play?

RC: Well they are all hard but I would have to say the most technical song I have ever written is probably The Butcher from my self-titled instrumental cd released on Lion Music in 2003.

R: Do you play any other musical instrument?

RC: Nah not enough time in the day because I approach everything with the same level of intensity. I can fake the bass for demos but I don’t consider it bass playing at all.


Rusty Cooley

R: Which musician had the greatest influence on you?

RC: I only get to name one? There are so many. Randy Rhoads, Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, Shawn Lane, Jason Becker, Allan Holdsworth, Paganini, Chopin, Mark O’Connor.

R: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

RC: Performing, recording, teaching, practicing, living eating and breathing music.

Rusty Cooley

R: Do you have a life goal? Is there something standing between you and your goal?

RC: Well it’s not written down but the general idea is to be the best I can be, stay healthy and fit. To be there for the important people in my life my family and friends and to continue to excel as a musician and guitar teacher and to leave a legacy of music that inspires people to learn from.

R: You’re offering guitar lessons trying to transmit your skills to beginners. What about the interaction with fans? Do you meet them?

RC: Yes I do I give private lessons to people in The Woodlands, Houston, Spring area as well as skype lessons to students all over the world. I love the fans I meet them at every show and try to answer every email that I get. The fans are the most important part of it.

R: What piece of advice would you give to someone who wants to follow your footsteps?

RC: Make sure that you want it more than anything it’s not an easy path. Be prepared for extreme ups and downs, many sleepless nights and a lot of isolation at times. So if you’re going to do it give it everything you have and don’t look back live life with no regrets and most importantly because you love it more than anything in this world.

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