Renderforest Update: How to Do Keyword Research With Semrush Integration?

Renderforest Update: How to Do Keyword Research With Semrush Integration?

Choosing the right keywords has always been one of the keys to driving organic traffic to your website. How great would it be to create a website that not only looks modern but also gives you the chance to optimize your content for search engines?!

Well, here is great news for you!

We are excited to announce our partnership with SEO toolset provider Semrush. From now on, you can use the Semrush integration Keyword Magic Tool on our website builder to delve deeper into your topic and find the right focus keywords without leaving our editor. 

Here’s all you need to know about the new integration:

  • Renderforest and Semrush integration: Why do you need to use it?
  • How can you improve your website with Semrush Keyword Magic Tool?
  • How do keyword research with Semrush integration?
  • Frequently asked questions about the Semrush integration


Renderforest and Semrush integration: Why do you need to use it?

If you’re not familiar with Semrush, it is a marketing SaaS platform that provides SEO-related data. Semrush analyzes millions of keywords, ads, and URLs each day. 

With the help of this integration- Semrush Keyword Magic Tool, you can instantly get recommendations on SEO, content marketing, and advertising that will help you improve your online visibility in a short period. It will allow you to get real-time SERP analysis for your website without leaving the Renderforest editor. 

By refining the core topics (commonly referred to as “keywords”) you give your site a better chance to rank on the search engine results page (SERP), target qualified traffic, and ultimately bring in more revenue.

Main benefits of using the Semrush SEO tool

  • You will be able to find multiple relevant keywords to approach your content from different angles.
  • You can check the SEO metrics of a particular keyword without leaving the Renderforest editor.
  • You will be able to add high-performing keywords to your content with a few simple clicks and rank higher on SERPs.
  • You can get new ideas to improve your content with the help of related keywords.

How can you improve your website with Semrush Keyword Magic Tool?

The Semrush tool in Renderforest will help you increase the online visibility of your website with the help of the SEO metrics that really matter. 

You can carry out your keyword research on the Renderforest editor and create a strong content strategy. We all know what the latter brings- higher rankings on SERPs and happy visitors to your website!

  • Search intent

Intent demonstrates the user’s purpose of a search in a search engine. The keyword intent is read by search engine algorithms to showcase the proper results and SERP features. Search intents can include the following queries:

  1. Informational: The user is searching the keyword to get some information and/or an answer to their question.
  2. Navigational: The user is using the keyword to directly search for a specific page on your website.
  3. Commercial: The user is searching for specific brands,  products, or services.
  4. Transactional: The user is looking to convert their search into a potential purchase.
  • Search volume

Keyword volume shows the average number of monthly searches for a given keyword. You can use the Sort icon to display results in ascending or descending order on the Renderforest editor.

  • Search query trend

This metric will show you how your target keywords are trending during the period of 12 months. It is based on changes in the number of queries per month.

  • Cost per click

This metric shows the price in USD advertisers pay for a user’s click on an ad triggered by a given keyword (Google Ads).

  • Competitive density

This metric will help you find out how many advertisers compete for a certain keyword in paid search and set up a successful PPC campaign based on the demonstrated data. Competitive density is shown on a scale from 0 to 1.00 with 1.00 being the most difficult to rank for.

  • Keyword difficulty

Keyword difficulty will help you analyze the traffic competition for your chosen keywords and pick the low-hanging fruit opportunities.

  • SERP features

You can discover which results appear on the results page for a particular keyword and create an effective strategy for your content to rank higher.

How to do keyword research with Semrush integration?

It’s super easy to use the Semrush SEO tool even if you’re not an expert in SEO. All you have to do is follow the below-mentioned steps and you will be able to discover the core topics that will give your website a better chance to rank on the search engine results page and target qualified traffic:

1. Click on the “Settings” button

The first thing you need to do is go to Renderforest’s website builder page. If you don’t have an existing website yet, you are free to browse the website templates and start a new site with Renderforest. It takes a few minutes to create a website using the existing templates.

Once you choose the template, you will be redirected to the editor page. Click on the Settings button from the bottom left corner. The new Semrush magic tool option will appear in the marketing integration tab.

Renerforest Website Builder Settings

2. Connect Semrush integration

Now it’s time to connect your Renderforest account to Semrush. First, choose the Semrush Keyword Magic tool from the marketing integration tab and click on the Connect button to complete the action.

Semrush integration with Connect button

3. Once authorized, click on the “get keyword” button

After the successful authorization, you can dive deeper into your keyword research. Click on the button Get keyword and start digging for the relevant keywords.

Get Keywords with Semrush Integration

4. Search for the keyword and country database

To start your keyword research, type it into the search bar. The great thing about this SEO tool is that you can also filter the database by choosing the country you are going to target. Remember that the results of your research will vary based on the location you chose.

Next, click on the Search button to display the keyword research for your target location. 

Semrush keyword search

5. Sort your keyword preferences 

Now you are free to sort the keywords based on their types: questions, broad matches, and related phrases. You can easily copy the selected keywords by clicking on the Copy icon next to each keyword.

Sort keywords

6. Pin the editor for easy access

You can always pin the tool to the editor, especially if you think you will be using it often. Pinning to the editor is a faster way to get to the search page instead of starting the whole process through the settings page. 

Semrush Keyword Magic Tool Pinned

The next time you go to your website, you’ll see the Semrush tool shortcut at the bottom right corner. It will bring up a sidebar version. You can use the sidebar for quick searches. For more in-depth SEO research you can always bring up the full-screen page from the settings page.

Semrush Integration pinned 
Keep in mind that you will have the ability to run 10 keyword search requests in a 24-hour period if you’re using the free version of Semrush. If you already pay for Semrush, your access is dictated by your Semrush subscription.


Frequently asked questions about the Semrush integration

1. Can all the users implement the Semrush tool?

Yes, everyone can use the Semrush integration once they start a website with the help of Renderforest’s website builder. 

2. Can I use this SEO tool without a Semrush subscription?

For the keyword research, you will need at least a free Semrush account. If you don’t have it yet, you can create one in a few minutes using your Gmail or any other email service provider. 

Go to Semrush, type your email and password in relevant fields and click on the button Create an account to sign up for free.

3. Do I have to start a Renderforest website to access the Semrush keyword research tool?

Yes, you should use the website builder to access the Semrush Keyword Magic Tool. Select a website template from our library and connect the Semrush SEO tool from the marketing integration tab. 

Once you log into your Semrush account, you can start the keyword research following the above-mentioned steps. 

4. Which Renderforest plans will have access to the new Semrush keyword research tool?

All plans have access to the new SEO tool, including the free users. Just keep in mind that you’ll need at least a free Semrush account to connect.

5. Is the Renderforest website builder free?

Yes, you can create a website for free with Renderforest’s website builder. However, some advanced features, like creating multilingual websites, are only available for paid subscribers. 


To sum up

We’ve worked hard on this update to give you what you were looking for- a website builder that helps you create SEO-optimized content without having to leave the editor. 

Remember that quality content is one of the components of your website that makes the user’s experience seamless. So, head over to Renderforest’s website builder and create a website that ranks!

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