Twitter Video Tips: How to Use Videos on Twitter?

Twitter Video Tips: How to Use Videos on Twitter?

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31 May 2019

75% of all internet traffic including both buyers and senders accounts for just videos alone this is a research conducted by Cisco. From 2017 to 2022 this same number, the number of people using videos to buy or sell a product or service online will be 82% according to their research.

If given the opportunity to choose between reading an 8–10-minute article and watching a 4-minute video, we know right off the bat that the majority will watch the video. Major corporations unanimously acknowledged that achieving a rapid ROI was more convenient utilizing videos as a marketing tool.

Video marketing is here to stay…!

Also according to statista, 57.7% of downstream internet traffic is directed to videos.

Twitter video

You wouldn’t be able to find countless articles on the internet promoting free video templates as a marketing tool if it wasn’t successful. The best part is that on your marketing page or Twitter marketing profile, you can even use videos to increase your SEO rankings. Even if your videos are hosted on YouTube, it will still improve your on-page SEO if you have a video on your landing page.

Experts advise that one of the best ways to get ahead of the competition is to upload the video to Twitter for marketing purposes.

Here is the complete guide to uploading videos on Twitter through Android phones.

It is only understandable that there is a lot of competition in your specific field of business, but a personalized video highlighting your best features will ingrain memories of your customer’s mind. Before the video is over, both the vendor and the customer will know if this is going to be worth it or not.

Let’s look at some of the other justifications why applying videos to your profile or home page are conducive for business. We will also advise practical methods and techniques for using videos on Twitter.


Proactively Using Videos on Twitter for Sales Conversions

Videos can help achieve some excellent business and marketing goals for organizations in the shortest period. 82% of Twitter users watch video content and 70% of them watches the videos discovered on the platform.

Suppose you have an affluent client browsing your website who is in urgent need for one of the products listed on your website. The only thing that deters this potential client from purchasing is whether it contains a specific feature, which is a requirement or not.

Twitter video length


The client watches a video describing the product’s characteristics and realizes that this could be the answer to his problem. And it does contain that feature which he is looking for. Just like that, you have a sale!

There has been a lot of research on the subject of a Twitter video format delivering what it promised. All the studies concluded that if a product actually delivered what the videos promised, clients will automatically bring in more sales by word of mouth.

Those satisfied customers will automatically refer to other customers who could genuinely use your product. The best part is that all the subsequent sales will be just as easy as the first one! No questions asked.

When you think about productive email conversions using video are just that - a successful attempt at scoring, using our most powerful sense of sight.


Understanding the Objectives of a Resourceful Video

What is the best way to get viewers to actually watch the entire Twitter video length from beginning to end and get your point across at the same time? This is the central question which the marketing plan needs to answer. For a video to be both profitable and entertaining, it needs to tell a story.

Just like you see those ads on TV which tell a story for a detergent ad, your video needs to tell a story. The story needs to incorporate the use of the features of your product. Telling your viewers about the elements of a product in the form of a demo video will not at all entice your viewer’s interest in the product.

There are four principal things to consider while creating a good Twitter video:

  • The first factor is to grab the viewer’s attention. Establish the grounds of a need for the product which you are about to introduce to the viewer. Present the audience with the pertinent background information for the scene and the product which will be introduced.
  • The second factor is to educate. In order for the video to be successful in accomplishing its goals, the video needs to administer practical information about the product, including its qualities and features in form of a demo video. The subsequent two points might seem insignificant, but these two factors will be the turning point for skeptical clients.
  • The third factor is to entertain. The client is watching the video, but if the manner of speaking is excessively formal, something like a classroom setting and a teacher speaking. This will only help to put the client to sleep instead of persuading them to buy your product. So, choose the right tone of voice and manners of speaking.
  • Try not to bully the customer in your videos. The fourth and final point is to customize the video to match your target audience. If you are selling a product for newborns, your targeted audience will be the parents, not the newborns themselves.


Twitter Marketing Strategy Implementation with Accomplishment

A well-perceived marketing strategy can become the groundwork of success for a business. A marketing strategy determines the difference between the firms who eventually do achieve profits and the businesses which become has-beens. Avoid being a crowd writer, writing simply to please everybody without having any unique valuable content.

upload video to Twitter

With the absence of a marketing strategy, businesspersons will be wasting their time and investment undertaking their business in an uncoordinated devil-may-care manner. This will take them to a point where it will become challenging, just to determine or quantify the success of their financial profits without a marketing strategy.

A successful marketing strategy needs to define short-term goals, long-term goals, current assets and the methods of achieving those goals. No marketing plan is perfect. Let’s look at the different ways entrepreneurs can use Twitter to achieve their marketing objectives.


  1. Twitter Bio Optimization

Twitter bio is only 160 characters. But before you start posting any videos or anything remotely related to a sales pitch, the bio must be tweaked. A lot needs to be covered in the bio.

You can check out how your competition has devised their Twitter bio just to get some ideas. Here are 28 funny Twitter bio ideas to get the ball rolling. The Twitter profile is the one thing that will stand out when somebody searches for your name. Try including a link to your landing page or company website in your bio.


  1. Getting Coworkers Involved

It will not be easy trying to become an influencer from day one. One of the best ways to expand your business venture is to start from within. Your business might have managers, employees, business partners and coworkers who are popular on Twitter.

Connect all of them on Twitter. There are many different activities, which you and your subscribers can do online. Ask all your managers, employees, business partners, and coworkers to add as many new people as they ethically can. This will give everybody a chance to meet new people, both online and quite possibly in the real world as well.

The main goal at this point should not be to achieve overnight stardom. The main goal should be to make as many real connections as possible.


  1. Discovering Influencers and Local Celebrities

Every business field has its business tycoons. Not only are these people experts in their field of business, but everybody knows them. Being associated with these types of people will give your entire profile a PR boost.

Using tools like Followerwonk and Topsy can help you find friendly online business celebrities, influencers, and even customers. Starting from the most influential and the most closely situated to your locality, make a list of all the stars. Before you go ahead and add them to your network, try to have a friendly conversation first.

Try to build a mental connection before you connect online. Who knows, maybe you both could help each other out. Here is a list of 93 free Twitter tools and apps.


  1. Tweeting Frequently

If you start thinking that you are continually disturbing everyone by tweeting every once in a while. You will never get famous. And if you stop tweeting regularly, people will start to think that you no longer exist.

One tweet every day is not too much to ask for. You can include videos in your content each day, but it is essential to diversify your tweets. Don’t make all your tweets follow the same run-down pattern. Always check Twitter Analytics to see how your tweets perform.

Twitter marketing

Source: CoSchedule

This will disturb your audience. Have a say for all different types of subjects. If there is a subject nobody is talking about but is on everybody’s minds, have the audacity to talk to about it. Being shy is not for social media enthusiasts.


  1. Following the Latest Fashion Passions

This is one of the easiest ways to give your entire profile a much-needed boost. People might not be looking for your profile specifically. However, they will be searching for news on the latest trends.

Put up some information regarding the latest trends and add relevant hashtags. This way, when someone searches for information regarding one of the latest fashions or trends using a specific hashtag, your profile will automatically be a part of the search results.

Twitter video marketing

This is also a great way to attract new people to connect to your profile. The latest trend or fashion will connect the new people to your profile, but it is up to you to help maintain that connection by having engaging videos on your profile.


  1. Employing Twitter Analytics

Using Twitter Analytics is one of the best ways to find out how to upload videos on Twitter that reverberate with your audience. The analytics dashboard is the most helpful tool to find out which days are most favorable for tweeting. The analytics dashboard will also help identify which type of content is most popular with your audience.

In other words, with the analytics tool, you will be able to identify if something is missing in your videos or if it was just a bad day for everyone. The tool will also help determine which types of videos are more popular with your audience. Once you find out what works, keep transcribing replicas of that super-secret formula.


To Sum Up

Adding videos to your Twitter campaign is part of the journey to achieving fame. All the other activities discussed in this article need to be done simultaneously with uploading videos. Ignoring any one or all of these aspects could deter your success on Twitter.

Author Bio: Stella Lincoln is a single mother and works as a contributor at Academist Help. She also provides part-time marketing consultation services at Educator House. She has developed a reputation for delivering candid practical advice to her students.

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