From Good Video Script Writing to Mind-Blowing: 8 Steps

From Good Video Script Writing to Mind-Blowing: 8 Steps

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6 Sep 2018

Professional marketers need to wear many hats nowadays, which can be great because it keeps things from getting stale, but it can also be frustrating. And while writing a piece of content or designing an infographic might be simple enough, creating an awesome video which showcases your brand or product isn’t.

In case of written content, you can always hire one of the cheap writing services or a freelancer to help you out, and the same goes for design. Making a good marketing video in 2018 is much more complex.

You need to take care of video, audio, music, voiceover, and perhaps additional graphics. And even if those turn out to be fun, you still need to have a starting point - a perfect video script. How to write a script which will resonate with your audience? Even though your favorite marketing videos seem effortless and as if the authors are just winging it, they are based on an airtight script.

According to Tim Nelson, who is the head of marketing for cheap essay writing service EssayWritingLand, the following 8 steps will help you write a brilliant video script. Keep on reading to learn more about those steps.


  1. Keep Your Videos Short

Video Script Writing

Keeping your videos short and to the point is essential, especially in the age where most people are relying on their smartphones to do their searches, shop, and even watch videos. 

According to research, only 33% of the viewers will keep watching a video once it reaches past the 30-second mark, and as much as two-thirds of them prefer videos which are under 60 seconds long.

When it comes to writing a script, try to avoid using jargon and overly long and convoluted sentences. Simple, conversational language and short sentences packed with information are the way to go. It’s also a good idea to have someone outside your company or niche check your video before it is uploaded and provide constructive criticism.


  1. Find the Right Tone to Address Your Viewers

When addressing your target audience, you want to come off as personable and down to earth, and not just some talking head for a faceless corporation. By all means, address them using personal pronouns like “you” and “your”, which will help you engage them and establish a connection.

Choose topics which your audience cares about and which might help them solve an issue. Sure, your new product may have helped you boost your revenue by 15%, but your audience is interested in how it can benefit them.

Think about your target audience before writing a script. Are they male, female, or both? What is their age? What sort of problems do they have? Answering all of these questions will point you in the right direction when it comes to deciding on the best tone in which you should address your viewers.


  1. Focus on the Needs of Your Audience

Now, even if your product or service is completely amazing, you should avoid boasting about how great it is. Make no mistake about, you will have the opportunity to talk about your product or brand, but at this stage, you should focus on the pain points of your audience members.

The main reason why they are looking at your videos is that they are looking for a solution to their problems. Write your video script so that it provides at least some valuable information which your audience can take away and use.


  1. Tell a Story

how to write a video script

Writing a script for a marketing video is not all that different from writing a movie script. In both cases, you need to tell a story. Dividing your script into list items or bullet points is great from a structural point of view, but it still doesn’t do much for the narrative arc.

In order to engage your audience, capture their attention from the start by introducing an emotional hook, whether it’s a personal confession, anecdote, or some surprising fact.

Also, make sure to focus on a single message per video. This will keep your videos focused. Finally, you should provide your audience with a payoff which makes them feel like they have spent their time wisely by watching your video.

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  1. Don’t Improvise

Improvisation is responsible for some of the greatest acting scenes and performances of all time. But, while that might work for movies, it’s not going to cut it when it comes to marketing videos. Movies are supposed to be works of art that will make the viewers think or feel. Marketing videos are supposed to engage the viewers and get them to subscribe, follow, or make a purchase.

Create your script based on your research and target audience personas in order to get optimal results. Even if your improvisation does work, you won’t even know why, and it’s unlikely to work the second time around.


  1. Begin with an Elevator Pitch

We’ve already established that your videos should be around 30 to 60 seconds long in most cases. But, that doesn’t mean you have 60 seconds to capture your audience’s attention. In reality, you only have a few seconds before you lose them forever.

The solution would be to open your videos with an elevator pitch, which means condensing your entire message in five seconds. Obviously, it is pretty difficult to cram everything into such a small period of time, but if you can manage to do it, you should use it as your opener.


  1. Get Your CTA Right

writing a script

Once you have your intro and the middle of your video figured out, you need to drive the point home with a compelling outro or conclusion. The right call to action makes all the difference in the world, and it can greatly influence the outcome of your videos.

While you should definitely show the logo of your company, before that, you should provide your viewers with clear instruction about what they should do next. You may want them to subscribe, like, share, sign up for a trial version of your product, or make a purchase. Your entire script should lead them to the desired action.


  1. Edit Your Script Several Times

Once you feel like you have a good first draft of your video script on your hands, it’s time to over it yet again and edit mercilessly. Remove every sentence, word, or phrase which isn’t absolutely essential to the message you are trying to convey. Even those parts which do belong in your video can be perfected and made more impactful.

Replace long words with simpler ones, cut out excess information, and analyze if all the parts of the video script are in the best possible order.

If you really feel like you can’t compress all of the information you want to share with your audience into 60 seconds or less, you might want to consider splitting your video into two or more shorter ones. But, it is absolutely essential that you provide enough useful information in the first video, so that they don’t feel like their time has been wasted.



Creating a compelling video script might not be the coolest thing about making an effective marketing video, but it is the foundation of every successful one. Once you lay the groundwork, recording, editing, and publishing it will feel like a walk in the park. And because you have taken the time to plan everything out, your results will be stellar.

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