What Tools do Marketers Use to Make Videos?

What Tools do Marketers Use to Make Videos?

Day by day the videos and marketing are getting more and more interconnected.

Thus, we’ve reached out to professional marketing specialists to find out the answer to a very important question: How to choose between video maker tools and a professional animation team?

Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. Check out their answers below.

Q: – Do you use any kind of video maker tools to create videos for your video marketing campaigns? Or, do you prefer to hire animation specialists? Why?


Donna Mortiz

Donna Moritz

Founder at Socially Sorted

“When it comes to video marketing I tend to create my own videos because the tools we have available to us are so amazing!  I use tools that are easy to set up and start capturing and editing video. I primarily create screencast tutorials and short social videos, so my can’t-do-without tools include the following:

  • I create a lot of vertical videos so I use my mobile phone for capturing video for Instagram Stories and InShot App to edit video on the fly.
  • For screencasting I use tools like Loom and Screenflow – I like to do a lot of tutorials about how to create visual content so being able to record my screen easily is important.
  • Wave.video is my go-to social video creation tool – I love that I can access thousands of stock video clips and photos. I can add my own video footage, music, edit transitions and add text effects.  It also allows me to easily switch between dozens of sizes including vertical, landscape and square formats across multiple platforms.

Using a mix of tools, allows me to easily transition between square, landscape, and vertical formats so that I can create native and optimized content for the platform I am posting to.”


Kristina Centnere

Kristina Centnere

CEO of eKATDevelopment, Founder of Total Wellness Connect

“We do both! For clients and projects that are best represented by animation, we outsource to an animation specialist who we’ve worked with for years. Recently, we have hired an in-house cinematographer who is highly skilled in post-production as well. As the video media becomes exponentially more popular and with the rise of video-centric platforms like IGTV, using your resources to create eye-catching videos is crucial.”


Ashley Faulkes

Ashley Faulkes

SEO & WordPress Specialist at Mad Lemmings

“If I am making a short and personal video or something for my Youtube channel, I use Adobe Premiere combined with ScreenFlow for screen capture. It gives me all the tools I need to edit and create an amazing video. There is quite a bit of a learning curve of course, so if you want something simpler you may want to try iMovie or the Windows equivalent (forgive me, but I gave up on windows 5 years ago so have no clue what that is :>).

If, however, you want to create a nice explainer video or a more sexy animation I would hire a specialist in the field. The graphic and video design skills needed to do such a thing are way beyond my skills and I have no time to learn something I will only need once!”


Brian Carter

Brian Carter

CEO of The Brian Carter Group

Keynote Speaker at Keynote Speaker Brian

“For our marketing clients, we’re always looking for tools that will help us create engaging videos quicker. As much as we’d love to do killer custom animation for everyone, it can be prohibitively expensive.

And that custom animation spend is a risk: is that investment really going to get us THAT much bigger of response from customers? Or is $10,000 spent on a custom animation better spent getting 1 million more ad impressions? Because that’s how the math works out! We might hire a custom animator in special cases if the budget is there and the client is trending that direction, or if the brand is drowning in so much competitor content noise that only a dynamically different video will break through. But without that big video budget, we can’t choose to do nothing- we must have content or we can’t grab attention and engage customers.

So we love finding new tools and services that help us create good videos quickly. We’re always on the lookout for new tools and probably try at least one new video creation a month, just to see if it helps us create easier, faster, or higher quality. There are a lot of business niches right now where companies aren’t executing content marketing at all, so just having any video is a win in some categories. And tools that let you write custom copy with stock video allow marketers with writing skills to powerfully persuade customers at a relatively low cost.

Do You Need an Animated Video?

Julia Campbell

Julia Campbell


“My two favorite video maker tools to create videos for marketing campaigns are Animoto and Lumen5.

Animoto – Free trial

Paid versions start at $16/month (the annual subscription can save you 50%)

Recommended by Facebook guru Mari Smith and other social media marketing experts, Animoto easily turns photos, graphics, and video clips into an animated video slideshow.

Animoto tends to work best when creating short videos for social media platforms Facebook and Instagram because it can easily convert the slideshow to a square format.

Lumen5 – Free

Paid version starts at $49/month

Lumen5 turns your blog or long-form content into a video. Trust me, this one is a game-changer. I uploaded my blog post “10 Simple Ways Nonprofits Can Prepare for A Successful #GivingTuesday” into Lumen5, edited the text on the slides, chose some photos to go with the text, chose some music from their library, and voila! Off to the races.”

Here’s the video I created:


Lillach Bullock

Lilach Bullock

Founder of Lilach Bullock Generate Leads That Convert

“I definitely prefer using video creators – after all, why not leverage all of this awesome technology? It’s quite fun, it’s cheaper than hiring someone, and in some cases, it can even be faster – depending on what you want to create and the tool you use.”


Keri Jaehnig

Keri Jaehnig

Founder of Idea Girl Media

“We don’t do a lot of videos, but occasionally we will for a larger project.  We’ve tried and used many of the popular video creators designed for social content videos. That would include explainer videos, video ads, holiday greetings, promotional videos, product videos, and more.

For some projects, the quality of the imagery or the goal of target audience warrants bringing in a partner with expertise in video production.  So, occasionally we will hire a specialist. However, to date, not for animation.”


Stuart Davidson

Stuart Davidson

Founder of Social Media Marketing Resources

“For corporate videos, I would always hire a specialist company – nothing is worse than seeing a promotional video that is poorly done, doesn’t reflect the brand values or tell the companies story effectively. If video is being used for social campaigns then a more informal approach can work well. I guess it depends on the resources available and the campaign goals.”


Marji J. Sherman

Marji J. Sherman

Founder of marjijsherman.com

“Video maker tools can be effective in a pinch, but I do not use them as my first choice when it comes to producing a video for social media campaigns. It is best to hire a professional animation specialist who has more expertise in the field. This will ensure flawless video and save resourcing time so the social media team can focus on strategy development and execution, as well as community management. Just as I would not assign social media to someone who is not an expert, I also would not want to use a tool as a non-expert in video to produce our videos.

Whether using a video maker tool or an animation specialist, the most important thing is to be clear about the goals you are trying to achieve through video. If you are not clear on why you are creating videos, your video will not be effective whether it is produced by a tool or a specialist.”


Tim HughesTim Hughes

Co-founder at Digital Leadership

We don’t use any video maker tools and we don’t hire any specialists.  Hiring such people is often used as an excuse not to do anything.

All you need is an iPhone and you shoot all videos from there. We recently shot 60 videos in a day, all of which get 4,000 views plus as well as driving inbound.

Video marketing works, it’s free and gets results.  No excuses.”


Aris Santos

Aris Santos

Marketer at NinjaOutreach

“We use Camtasia to create our videos and we do it ourselves. We don’t hire animation specialists because we prefer to learn the ins and out of video creation in order to better understand how we can use it to achieve our goals, and so far our videos are rather simple because it is tailored to engage with a specific audience – our existing users and our potential users.”


Dmitry DragilevDmitry Dragilev

Founder of JustReachOut

“I am in LOVE with Wistia Soapbox – it’s a crazy simple way to make a video with screen sharing and it works so well for sales, for support, or even for giving feedback to someone. I love it. I also use iMovie.

In general, I’ve always felt that the focus should be on the content in the video itself first and foremost and not the tools to use to create it. It important to create videos only if you know the textual version of this content engages your customers and drives traffic. The folks at Buffer have used this process many times, they analyze their Google Analytics for what type of content works best in text form and then create videos about it. Here is how they do it.

Here is a good example of a company called Loganix doing a great job of presenting content textually on their homepage, they are testing it now, and if it works well to convert visitors will most likely create a video to add to the page very soon.”


Tim Schmoyer

Tim Schmoyer

Founder of Video Creators

“I have two video editors on my team who do all the editing. One uses Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, the other uses primarily Final Cut X. They may use some assets from other sources, but we create all of our own animation and video production because it allows us to create exactly what we need right when we need it. Templates were great back when I was a one-man-band, but now we create custom motion graphics to do what we need.”


Adi Suja

Adi Suja

Founder & CGO of www.growthetics.com

“We use iMovie and Keynote (apart from Lumen5 for quick text & image explainer style videos) for all our video creation. Almost all the video creation work for our #ArtofGrowthHacking series on LinkedIn is done through iMovie and Keynote (for animations)”


Douglas Karr

Douglas Karr

CEO of  DK New Media

“We use both professional animation companies as well as some video maker tools. One tool that we enjoy for short and sweet videos that promote our content is Lumen5  As we write articles, it develops a video that we can update and publish easily to YouTube and our social channels. For explainer videos, we love the animation studios we work with that really fine-tune the branding and messaging our clients demand. And for other videos, we have local videographers who specialize in certain types of video.”


Amandah Blackwell

Amandah Blackwell

Savvy Writer Guidelines at savvy-writer

“I’ve tested Camtasia and other video maker tools like it. But I’d prefer to hire an animation specialist so that I can focus on executing the plan and strategy and writing the content. Since I’m already doing more than one task, it makes sense for me to hire someone who could put everything together into a video campaign.”


GIna Schrek

Gina Schreck

President and Chief Hooligan at SocialKNX

“We love video and recommend using as much as possible to shorten a sales cycle and build that KNOW-LIKE-TRUST factor faster. Video is great in blog posts, on social media posts, live streaming or pre-recorded, raw and unedited or polished and professionally produced. There are many types of videos and each has a place in your marketing. Explainer videos that are animated can do a great job of simplifying the complicated. Raw and live stream video is great for establishing relationships and building trust. You can’t hide much when you are LIVE.

A professionally produced video is great for showcasing a product or service as well as in educational situations where you may want slides or pieces woven in that help deliver the message. There are so many wonderful tools to help you create great video content, there is no excuse not to jump in. We love apps for recording, stitching together pieces and bringing in photos with the videos. There is VIDEOSHOP and MAGISTO that you can use on a mobile device with little if any experience. You can now add professional touches like stock video footage to your own videos so easily and tools like Rederforest make adding a professional touch to any video so simple.”

Create My Promo Video

Jason Firch

Jason Firch

Founder of Nonprofits Source

“Creating video content can feel like an uphill battle, especially if you’re on a shoestring budget. However, there are plenty of ways your organization can create amazing video assets without breaking the bank.

First, I highly recommend a screen capture program. Any will do, but I use screencast-o-matic, which is $15.00/year. This is particularly useful if you’re demoing a software or a video tutorial for how your product/service works.

If you need to film a use case of clients or your service in action then I recommend pulling out your iPhone X (or similar phone) with a high-quality camera and a stabilizer. I’ve seen this work particularly well in the nonprofit industry where funds to hire a videographer or animation specialist don’t exist.

Next, I prefer to use Adobe Premiere to edit audio and video clips, which is about $20.00/mon. I will point out that I also outsource my audio clips to a sound engineer for about $30.00/hour. This makes a HUGE difference in the quality and can easily set your video apart from the competition.

Finally, not all video content has to be live or animated. For example, you can create a slideshow presentation in Canva or Piktochart. Once created, save the presentation as individual image files and add them to your Adobe Premiere project. Next, add the audio clip(s) with a few video transitions and you’re all set. It’s that easy.

Of course, this is assuming you’re able to create video content in house. If not, I recommend outsourcing the video assets of the project. Platforms like Upwork or Fiverr offer a number of experienced freelancers at an affordable rate.”


Joan Stewart

Joan Stewart

Publicity expert and founder of The Publicity Hound

“If you want to create a fast and easy screen capture video without all the bells, whistles and expense of programs like Camtasia and Vegas Movie Studio, try Vidyard GoVideo. You can record yourself or your screen, share your videos with anyone through email and on social networks using the link they give you, and track the viewing activities of each individual viewer so you can follow up. You can’t edit your videos so keep them short. If you make a mistake, start over again.  This is a super tool for newbies who are intimidated by video.”


Ana Farr

Ana Farr

Community Manager of Ecommerce Platforms

“We use Lumen5 for most of our video creation. These are simple text and image slide videos that you can use to embed in your content and drive some additional traffic. Besides, having videos within your content makes it much more engaging and increases the on-page time. We’ve covered the entire process here with the actual video we created.

For our over the shoulder e-commerce review videos, we use a simple webcam and some quick video editing using After Effects or iMovie. It does the work and is pretty simple to use. I would recommend using animation specialists or explainer video companies for home page explainer videos to clearly show your product’s features, but I wouldn’t recommend using them for day-to-day video marketing. People prefer to see real human faces than animations, and animations don’t usually work for regular video marketing or vlogging.”


Krishna De

Krishna De

Founder of krishna.me

“I create and edit videos every week myself for my own business (I create multiple videos each week). I always use tools that are readily available from apps on my phone when I am on location at events, through to desktop tools when I am editing and re-purposing my live streams.

I definitely encourage the delegates on my programs (typically marketing and communications professionals) to develop capabilities in-house to create and edit video content, especially for their social media posts, to supplement the creative content developed by their agencies. Many tools allow you to set up branded templates so you can use a watermark, your brand colors, and fonts.

However, there are times that working with a professional creative team is definitely the preferred route, as you can access their creativity and it’s often faster for them to create the video content, for example when creating video infographics and animations.

The great thing today is that we have a choice of tools we can use to fit within our budget from free mobile apps through to professional video creation tools on the desktop.

With all these options available, there are no excuses now not to include video in your marketing and communications.”


Jubaer Prodhan

Jubaer Prodhan

Search Marketing Specialist at Vendasta

“As a digital marketer, I see the value of videos in my daily life. From marketing content to a simple blog post, a video can increase the engagement by many times. And it’s not only me but 52% of marketers believe that video is effective for brand awareness.

It’s always best to have a professional videographer-animator to create videos. But that’s not always possible to keep up the speed and scale the production in a cost-effective manner.

That’s why our content team and I often use video creator tools to create quick videos for most of our content. Some of my favorite tools are Lumen5 and HeadlinerApp. These tools have the features to turn an audio or text content to a video in a matter of minutes. And they are no-brainer tools for people like me who have very few knowledge of videography.”


Rebecca Hicks

Rebecca Hicks

Marketing Director at Arkivum

“In answer to your question, well it depends. For example, we’ve hired a creative agency (Wyzowl) to provide a short animated video to introduce Arkivum and what it does. Though we’ve also created videos just recording people on our smartphones. These types of videos are great because they capture the moment of what’s happening and you can produce, and share, some great content quickly. There is also various screen capture software available making it easy to be creative yourselves, allowing you to record your own product demos if you work in software as an example. I’m a big fan of Camtasia.  

As a tech marketer it’s important to move quickly and try things, then learn what does and doesn’t work so well. If you wait for everything to be perfect, you’re unlikely to get anything done and your competitors are likely to have your customer’s attention by then.”


Andrew DeBell

Andrew DeBell

Creator/Founder of Water Bear Learning

“Yes, I have used a few different video maker tools for marketing campaigns; mostly Vyond. Animation specialists certainly bring a higher level of quality and uniqueness to your video marketing campaign. You have more control to create a compelling piece of content that has a better chance to cut through the clutter. The issue that most clients have is the price tag that comes along with it. By using a video creation software, you can reduce costs over 80% from what a custom animation specialist would cost you.

As an experienced digital marketing consultant, most clients I’ve worked with opt for using a video creation software rather than a higher-priced animation specialist. It’s certainly a lower risk investment. And if you hire a good storyteller for your video campaign, you can create an effective and engaging campaign with any software.”


Mike Khorev

Mike Khorev

Founder of Mike Khorev Digital Marketing Services

“In my experience, Vyond is a very cost-effective solution to create animated videos. It has a library of animated characters, video effects, buildings, and interior/exterior elements you would need. You will only need to write a script and can start the animated video production right away.

There are also many similar alternatives to Vyond, and most of them offer free trials. So, you can experiment with these different tools and find the one that will suit your needs.”


Sam Warren

Sam Warren

Director of Marketing at RankPay

“When it comes to marketing videos, we almost always prefer to hire animation specialists.

There are a handful of reasons, but it really boils down to reliability.

While pretty much all of us here on our marketing team can handle video editing and animation software on a basic level, there are frequently going to be situations where a more skilled touch is required.

Rather than spend a lot of time trying to improve our own skills to a point where they’re “good enough”, we spend a little more money up-front to know that we’ll get a timely and high-quality delivery without the stress.”


Jared Beckstead

Jared Beckstead

Digital Marketing at SEO.com

“The answer to these questions entirely depends on the client and the usage of the video. If the client is alright with it and the constraints of the video can be met within a video maker software, then, by all means, it makes sense. They can increase the speed and lower the cost of production for these videos. If you need a more intensive video or the client prefers it then absolutely get involved with a specialist to do a more detailed job.”


Jeffrey Sass

Jeffrey Sass

CMO at CLUB Domains

“We regularly use Animoto and Reevio to make videos. I’ve personally used Animoto for over 10 years. The cost/time savings and creative tools are great for acting quickly on an idea or breaking news.  

If it helps, here are examples of videos we made with each:

Animoto: https://video214.com/play/afq9Zj08tobqqsGuENlrZA/s/dark

Reevio: https://youtu.be/JDTRnbHG4t0


Toby Heelis

Toby Heelis

CEO at Eventopedia

“We don’t use any video tools to create our videos as great communication requires some creativity as well as technical skill. Creativity is a very human character and the tools that I have seen do not help with this.

See our animation: https://www.eventopedia.com/page/about-us


Nick Leffler

Nick Leffler

Owner of Exprance

“For simple campaigns with little money spent on them, we use Rocketium. This is great for videos that correspond to blog posts we publish. For more complex topics that require more than words and pictures, we will hire out to an animation specialist.”


Andrew Bull

Andrew Bull

Founder of Bright Arts Agency

“I spent 18 years (before starting my agency) working in the film, advertising, and post-production industries — so my technical knowledge and understanding of editing software are a little different to most marketers.

When I create videos I prefer to keep things simple! Although having a nice opening and closing graphics helps to: raise brand awareness, drive a call-to-action, differentiate you from the competition.

At the moment, I’m using videos for two purposes:

  1. Hosting live training sessions in Fashion Brand Builders (my Facebook group) — these videos also get repackaged for YouTube. To do this, I use Ecamm Live(for its Facebook integration), Adobe Premiere, and After Effects for creating opening and closing titles.
  1. Creating commercials for YouTube and Facebook Ads — I shoot these on an FS7, offline in Premiere, grade in Resolve, and online in Premiere.

Why am I doing all of this myself? Because I’m still at the messy stage of growing my agency. Doing all this stuff enables me to create a strong offering and grow my business without breaking the bank – but it’s unsustainable in the long-term.

Over the coming year, I’ll be putting the systems in place, that allow me to bring in quality freelancers and clever software to help with the workload, so I can concentrate on the big picture – helping my clients grow thriving, sustainable businesses.

It’s time for other people to shine!”


Chris Lee

Chris Lee

Founder & CEO RankXL

“I am a complete beginner when it comes to video. I’ve played around with tools like Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro, and my head felt like it was going to explode. So I outsource all of my video work to specialists. I’m aware of tools that make it easier to make videos for people like me, but it just seems easier to hire someone rather than spending an entire day to learn a new tool. “


Briana Booker

Briana Booker

Founder of From Girl To Girl

“Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to generate more web traffic and increase conversion rates to products and services. For the best results, I recommend creating thoughtful, interactive, and intuitive video campaigns. Be sure your videos offer content your users would be pleased to share with their network.

My favorite types of video content are intro videos, explainer animations, animated infographics, and promotional videos.

When it comes to video making, I prefer working directly with animation specialists because there are no limits to what we can do. They also have the expertise to pull off excellent video projects.

I have a habit of creating a storyboard even before video development. This is carefully edited and approved by all parties involved, including feedback from the animation specialists of what is the best means to engage viewers and properly sell the messaging.

The animation specialists I often collaborate with use Adobe Premiere Pro. This video maker tool can process various video formats, including animations and audio files of any format. It is also fast and easy editing, even for video rendering.”

As you can see, there are different types of video creation: some people use video maker tools, some people hire an animation artist or just create videos on their phones.

Among this huge number of video creating options, Renderforest offers you a simple and fast way to create your professional videos right from your browser.

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