What Kind of Videos Can be Used on Social Media?

What Kind of Videos Can be Used on Social Media?

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7 Jun 2018

When people face a problem, the second place they go to is social media (after Google, of course). Social media is filled with content, and people got used to the idea that every business has its accounts on different social networks.

Content appears in many different types and forms. All of them have their audiences, however, some are more catchy than others. And the most catchy ones, as you may have already guessed, are videos. And, that brings me to the question.

Why is everybody so obsessed with videos? Why can’t wе just ignore them?

Our guess is that social media videos are too engaging and informative. And, frankly speaking, this is excellent news for businesses. Check out some statistics about video marketing. Social media video marketing has been a part of the marketing strategy of many companies, from startups to enterprises.

There are numerous types of videos you can create and share. Let’s go over some of them and understand which videos are suitable for social media.


Videos with Fun Content


Videos on your social media don’t always have to present your product or service directly. To generate traffic, it is a good idea to post videos with fun content. These can be very simple videos and they can actually tell any kind of story. Let’s take a look at Daily Mail’s Facebook page as a case study.

This is Daily Mail’s main page. If you take a closer look, many of their videos aren’t even actual news. For example, they have videos of little babies doing something crazy and funny. Who wouldn’t watch it? Well, there are some people who wouldn’t. But, most of us would watch just because they are so cute and adorable. And, here is what we’ve found out about videos of animals, mostly the pets.

Did you know there are many people who just entertain themselves by watching animal videos? And, they can sit for hours and watch how someone’s cat or dog runs around, bounces up and down, or plays with someone or something else. So, if people intentionally search for those videos to watch, don’t you think they are going to watch your videos and generate free traffic for you? They will.

Let’s get back to the Daily Mail. Video content was so successful and popular that, aside from their main page and tens of other pages they own for different regions, they have also created Daily Mail Video only for videos. This, of course, doesn’t mean that you have to create separate social media accounts just to publish videos but if you keep your video content fun and engaging, you’ll enjoy some freely generated traffic.

Wait a minute, not all of us are video making professionals. In another universe that might be a problem, but not in this one. We can all shoot videos even on our phones and easily edit those videos online without even installing a video editing software.


Behind the Scenes Videos


People love secrets. Have you ever noticed how someone’s focus and attention automatically rise when you tell them: “Can I tell you a secret? But you should promise not to tell anyone.” It feels like they are special. You could have shared it with anyone but you chose them to share it with.

These videos show what is happening inside your company or how the product is made. Present as many details as possible. It is always interesting to understand how the product they use is made or what kind of company they choose to work with. So, share your “behind the scenes” videos on social media and see how people react to them.


Live Videos

Live videos are one of the most powerful types of videos on social media so far. People can’t help but watch it. How many times did you pass by a “Live” video without stopping and watching it for at least a while? In January 2018, a post from Adam Mosseri (the head of News Feed at Facebook) revealed that live videos get 6 times more traffic and therefore, more interaction with the audience and higher conversion rates. As Forbes states, according to Daniel Danker, Facebook’s Product Director, 50% of mobile traffic is driven by video content. This number is expected to increase by up to 75% in the next 5 years. But the most interesting part is that 20% of this video content is live.

Does the fact of Live videos driving 20% of Facebook traffic in 2017 tell you something about the value of real-time videos? If not, let us clarify. It is highly effective. And, you should definitely use it more often, if you want to increase the engagement on social media.


Create Unusual Videos

Let us introduce Claus Pilgaard who is well-known in Denmark as Chili Claus. His background is in music and he sells different chili sauces on chiliklaus.dk. What makes him famous is the extraordinary way of talking about chili peppers. He uses his YouTube channel to do that and periodically adds music videos of chili tasting combining both of his passions. One of his most popular videos is chili tasting with an orchestra.

This video alone has over 4 million views which are in fact more than half of the Danish population. In an interview, he mentioned that he wanted to talk about chili peppers the same way people talk about raising wine. So, he started taking videos where he talks about different things while tasting chili peppers with others.

The same thing can actually be done for any product or service. You just need to find an unusual way of talking about what you love and what you do and share it on social media.


Instructional Videos

It is interesting what changes the world has undergone. Not that long ago, to explain to someone how a product works one would think of traveling around and showing it to them personally. However, today, when faced with that kind of problem, we think of making an instructional video instead of traveling.


Create My Video

You can create any kind of videos for social media, but it is almost crucial to have animated instructional videos or at least to have animated elements in them. Before you jump to conclusions, let us explain why. Animations are more flexible than traditional videos. In instructional videos, the #1 objective is to help the customer understand how to use your product. Cameras can’t actually take everything you may want to explain in your videos.

For example, what if you talk about solar panels, about how solar energy is received, how it is processed and transmitted to the end user’s house. If you use traditional videos, it will look like a simple video portraying the solar panels. However, if you add animated elements, they will help you demonstrate the things that the camera couldn’t. You will be able to illustrate the whole process and give your customers the chance to see how it flows. This is another type of social media videos which can be both informative and engaging.

If you are having a hard time figuring out how to create a video like that, you can leave your worries aside, because there are free online tools to help you do that. For example, Renderforest offers hundreds of tools to make instructional video creation process as easy as it can be, while giving the opportunity to get your message delivered the best way possible.




Webinars are very trendy these days. And, people love it. Why? That’s because they just sit at home and enjoy the helpful information, plus sometimes they don’t even have to pay for it.

If you want to generate leads, you should definitely pick a topic related to your audience’s interests and conduct a webinar. This will let you connect with each of the participants individually. The live chats will give you that opportunity. It is also a great way to create communities as you can actually let the people attending your webinar have a discussion.

You can create a short demo video to promote your webinar on social media. It is impressive how much buzz you can get around your brand, solely by holding webinars from time to time.

In case you’ve never watched a webinar, you can check out “How to Use Video Marketing to Drive More Client Value” webinar by Hubspot.

Along with the types of social media videos mentioned above, you can use interview videos with influencers who are interesting to your audience. Customer support videos are popular too. You just pick a question that is frequently asked by many users and make a short video answering to that specific question. There is much more you can come up with.

Try to use some of these suggested types of videos consistently on social media and you’ll see how the number of your generated leads and the engagement with your page increase. Good luck with your social media video marketing efforts.

You can try creating one right now. Check out the video templates, choose one of them and create your video.

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